Saturday, December 26, 2009

Attempted Terrorism on Plane?

My first thought upon hearing this news story? Richard Reid the Shoe Bomber. What a character!

This was earlier reported as a case of a passenger setting off fire crackers on the plane. So, I thought at that time possibly someone who had been drinking to much?

One report I saw mentioned the alleged terrorist name had been spelt in different ways.
That is always interesting.

This is curious-
According to US Senator Peter King, Mr. "We'll take care of the counting", the would be terrorist's name was on an intelligence watch list, but his name never made it to the no fly list.

Peter King confirmed that the man, identified as Nigerian citizen Abdul Mudallad, 23, probably had terrorist links as investigators discovered his name in the intelligence agency's list.

However, the man reportedly has not appeared on the U.S. Government's "no-fly" list.

More curious-

Officials in the Netherlands said an initial investigation showed that routine security procedures were followed at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam with no irregularities. Mutallab's name was on the passenger manifesto that was forwarded and approved by U.S. authorities before takeoff.

So we have the Senator informing the populace that this man's name appeared on an intelligence agencies list as having 'terrorist ties'. However, his name is not on the 'no fly' list.

He passed through all routine security at the airport. His name was on the passenger manifesto and the list was approved by US authorities before takeoff? But, we are supposed to believe that he was on some intelligence list?

Upon having more time to read, this one is the son of a Nigerian banker. The father feared that his son may have been the one on the plane that detonated the firecrackers/explosives, because he had been to Yemen!

"I believe he might have been to Yemen, but we are investigating to determine that," said the elder Mutallab, who served as chairman of First Bank of Nigeria from 1999 through this month.

Intelligence and anti-terrorism officials in Yemen said they were investigating claims by the suspect that he picked up the explosive device and instructions on how to use it in that country. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak to the media.

Is there more then one Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab?

University College London issued a statement saying a student named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab studied mechanical engineering there between September 2005 and June 2008. But the college said it wasn't certain the student was the same person who was on the plane.

The connection to Yemen? How fortuitous for the US. Now they can publicly justify what they have been doing, rather under the radar, for a while now. Killing civilians

I am sure this was scary for the passenger, however, reading eyewitness accounts, the fire was put out with bottled water.

She said three men leaped out of their seats to restrain the man and put out the fire, using water bottles and their bare hands.
One more thing-
I have a tough time seeing a parent take this type of action.

The investigative file was opened after Mr. Abdulmutallab’s father warned officials at the United States Embassy in Nigeria of his son’s increasingly extremist religious views, the official said.
If as a parent he was concerned about his son's "extremist" religious convictions, why would he notify the US embassy? Wouldn't a parent who was concerned about a child's religious conventions talk first to the child? Other family members? Another religious figure?
Family Doctor? Psychiatrist or Psychologists? Why would anyone notify an embassy, particularly a foreign embassy?

This is just to fishy.

I am including a map of the region including Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia and Gulf of Aden.


  1. Just some nutter I bet. Probably on psychotropic drugs as in all cases involving mass shootings.

  2. he could be on drugs but imho young muslim men don't fly around from nigeria to amsterdam to the US with explosives, avoiding teh terrorist lists and all manner of security, unless it has been "arranged" (wink wink wink). and now we have more civilian heroes and greater security and fear fear fear and renewed interest in Yemen, where he got his instructions and firecrackers. thank GAWD the US special forces are already there hmm?

  3. Doug, I have to disagree.
    While it is possible it is a mentally deranged or handicapped individual as was the case with Richard Reid, this is being spun to the advantage of the US.

    A Peasant, it is geopolitical intrigue, Yemen is right there at the Gulf Of Aden. Right there.
    IMHO this is to control the water passage ways to control energy resource flow to China.

    The links this fellow just happens to have to Yemen, are simply to covenient at this time to be ignored.

    PS: check out the additional information I added to my post.
    I didn't have the time earlier to spend on it I had wanted to do.
    Peter Kind is very interesting, a blast from the past.

  4. No doubt there was an agenda in putting him on the plane. We all know that excercising terrorism will not get us anywhere.

    But he had to be a nut too.

  5. Maybe we will see more of these types of things as an excuse to increase the police state so that gov can get moner control now that carbon tax is falling apart.

    Penny, you make a point about the waterways to China, but this act would have been more significant if that was the case IMO.

    I think its just random nutters used to dial up the fear and make the watchers more watchful.

  6. Isn't the ICTS responsible for the security here? The same folks who did security for all the 911 'hijackers'??

    I'm glad I missed this...

    Another day another play...

  7. Doug it is the fact that this alleged terrorist got his training in Yemen, that is the meat and potatoes of it.

    Anyone ever notice Alqueda always shows up when the US needs to justify an attack?

    Afghanistan, Iraq, they were in Somalia, now Yemen.
    that is some shit luck!

  8. maggie, are ye back in cyber space?

  9. you know, the more i look at this i think the kid is not the actual asset, mudallad. did you see the story about the indian guy who got the kid on the plane? i have the links here:

    maybe they just paid this poverty stricken kid (who does not sound like a banker's son) to do this thing, he was very easily subdued according to the passengers, and now they will give him his terrorist pedigree. one thing for sure, it doesn't add up.

  10. hey all don't miss this by chris floyd, so grimly funny and accurate:

  11. Jones interviews a lawyer who was on the plane. He saw the suspected bomber get on board with the aid of an older man who had to discuss the boarding of the younger man with management- because he had no papers. He was privy to the coversation between the man and the boarding agent.

    This was the last hour of Jones on Tuesday of this week. Anyone curious needs to listen to this play-by-play breakdown of what happened. Jone starts at noon and cycles very 4 hours. Listen to this last hour.

  12. A peasant and doug, will check that stuff out.
    Thanks for the heads up!