Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Polluters (OIL) to reap the BENEFITS of climate deal

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So much for that theory that there is no money for these hugely profitable players in the carbon trading scheme.

-Big energy and engineering companies will reap most profit from a climate deal due in December, as they use their financial and intellectual clout to grab low carbon subsidies

-Utilities and oil companies, among the biggest polluters, are using their market awareness to stay ahead of a climate race, manoeuvring to own the most viable low-carbon technologies.

-In addition, they are a natural magnet for government incentives (not a surprise)

-CCS(carbon, capture and sequstration) is receiving billions of dollars but may take a decade to develop. It is popular with big corporates as a bolt-on to coal plants which may use depleted oil wells to store carbon dioxide

-The European Union's executive Commission two weeks ago awarded 1 billion euros to 6 CCS projects, Alberta has committed 2 billion dollars for carbon capture
And the DOE has been on a virtual tax payer funded spree to benefit big polluters, read oil and coal

-Not everyone is happy that oil firms, utilities and big engineering companies may hold the keys to a low-carbon future,

-High-carbon utilities ( big oil) may also have an unfair headstart after winning windfall profits under Europe's emissions trading scheme,


  1. Everything is mirror image to logic in the public domain. This is why I am always trying to get people to learn about the private domain. Someone is trying to tell us something.

    If anyone is interested in going all the way down the rabbit hole, I can be emailed at doug@etfacoustic.com and I will send you a "learning package" by email. Its free.

    There is NO LAW, and there is NO MONEY. Everything is in your head and the public education system put it all there.

  2. CCS is complete pie-in-the-sky bullshit. It has to be the daftest thing ever thought of. As far as I'm concerned the impossibility of just this one thing is almost proof enough that global warming is bullshit.

    Or to put it another way - if global warming was for real we'd have sunk all those billions into solar, wind, wave, and geothermal years ago. And today we'd be shutting down coal. Honestly, this is just too obvious for itself.

    But it isn't for real, and so we get what must qualify as the worst excuse for funding ever, CCS, which succeeds only because of the media's superior ability to tell lies and keep a straight face at the same time.

  3. You can look at it politically (who's involved OR what they are saying OR their tactics OR who benefits). You can look at it economically (are they acting rationally if AGW was real ?) You can look at it scientifically (everything they say wrt to science is dead WRONG - the truth is opposite).

    Any way you look at AGW it comes up smelling like a good source of methane in itself.