Saturday, December 19, 2009

Canadian Psychiatric Study: Marijuana alters brain

No sooner had I finished the post on how many kids are on powerful mind altering "legal" drugs.

I check out the news and come across this "Teen marijuana use affects brain permanently"

Who funded the study? The Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation
The study: 18 adolescent and adult rats that were exposed to cannabis.
And of course they find a link to mental illness?

"These permanent changes in the brain are also linked to certain mental illnesses, like schizophrenia," Gobbi said Thursday."

How they hpothesize this conclusion from a study of 18 rats? I don't know?

But, these psychiatrists/doctors are intentionally altering the brain with very powerful prescription drugs. Long term effects are no doubt permanent. These are the same doctors prescribing powerful psychiatric drugs to kids as young as 3 or 4.

BTW: another very large study out of Australia:

This latest study, led by Dr. Martin Frisher of Keele University, examined the records of 600,000 patients aged between 16 and 44, but failed to find a link between marijuana useage and mental illness.

600,000 patients or 18 rats?
Here is the message: Illegals/bad - Prescription drugs/ good.

Be sure to be good kids and get your drugs the prescribed way.......


  1. I agree with your keen and astute observations Penny.
    Spot on.

  2. Johns Hopkins did a study on marijuana. The only danger was to schizophrenics. They concluded also that its really dangerous to mix tobacco with your pot or to smoke tobacco immediately afterwards. The study was a 50 page summary that I read about 10 years ago.

  3. Pardon me - The Mao Clinic, NOT Hopkins.

  4. There has long been a push against marijuana by the establishment, and I often thought about it in the past, wondering how it was to the advantage of the PTB. It took me a while before I realised weed's immeasurable danger to society:

    It relaxes you, makes you think more, and cause one to be peaceful.

    Has there ever been a less harmful yet more maligned drug in the existence of man? I can't think of one. And this fact alone must make us all think about it a bit more while we ponder why drug busts for marijuana grow-ops have tripled in terms of the time and energy the police devote to it, yet they complain that they don't have the manpower or resources to fight real criminals - rapists, murderers, violent offenders.

    I'v got a miracle solution to the whole situation, actually - make everyone smoke a fatty and peace will reign.

    Keep it coming Penny, good stuff.

  5. Slozo,

    hemp prohibition is one of the first big conspiracies perpetrated on us. Hemp was the weed that allowed all progress since the 20th century. The uses of this crop are various and incredibly wide. The recreational property is even only a minor part of it. Hemp was used for a lot of application before the advent of chemicals, paper, ropes, sails, peach, paints, motor-oils, drugs, isolation, etc..
    The problem of hemp was its relative high cost, due to the labour intensive process of separating the fiber from the weed. In the 1920-30 someone invented a machine that would reduce the price to only a fraction of it initial cost. So industrialists were threatened and used their clout to pass laws to tax hemp to death (1$ of hemp was taxed up to 100$) and used their connections to start a villification PR by "inventing" all the evilness of pot. Marijuana, reefer madness, midnight oil and so on are direct products of this propaganda.
    The involved parties were Dupont (who had its Nylon process threatend and also its sulfur acid process for paper from wood), the Rockefellers (who backed anything that would help sell oil), William Randolph Hearst for the propaganda and some more.

    If you want to read more about it, there's Jack Herer's book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes". You can also google about it.
    While this thesis of Herer looks a bit outlandish and so, I have to say that I haven't been able to refute anything he says, and I can say I tried. I even spoke once to the most prominent botanist in France (Jean-Marie Pelt prof. at University of Metz) and confirmed all the uses of hemp, hemp seed, oil etc. He didn't acknowledge the "conspiracy" per se, but what would one expect from well implanted academic.

  6. Little correction, in the first paragraph I meant "hemp allowed progress untill the 20th century" not since.

  7. holy mackeral you guys!

    where to begin, yes slozo there is the whole peaceful and sort of thoughtful introspection that comes with it's use. Though it has beena darn long time for me, but back in the day.....;)

    There are also the medicinal applications that I am certain big pharma does not want you to know about..because they can't patent it unless it is modified or synthesized somehow.. much like how Monsanto, makes pigs with glowing snouts so they can call pork their own. Story for another day....

    I understand that the applications for biofuel are also substantial,
    prolific growth, low land useage good energy returns...

    And then there is the paper/rope and other industrial useage, I am somewhat familiar with that. Isn't the consitution or something on hemp paper.

    Perhaps hemp could save us all, on so many levels therefore it must be kept controlled.

    But ya know what really got to me, the Canadian Psychiatric Association conducting a study.. to malign this product, while condoning the use of their heavy duty psychiatrics.. This self same association led by Dr Ewan Cameron conducted the mind control experiments on countless people and that was all hunky dory?!
    Massive quantities of lsd and electro shock, it says alot about these people...
    and alot of it, is not good.

  8. Gallier, thanks for the heads up on that info, I racked my brain to think of a much older interview I had heard on Meria Heller, a hemp interview...
    someone from Time4hemp.
    I haven't had a chance to go back and listen in the archives but now that I am on this topic, I think I will refresh my memory.

    Do you guys recall the Gnostic Media website, the guy that does the interviewing talked about the 100,000 challenge to disprove the value and worthiness of hemp as a crop. He (Jon) was saying someone recently took on the challenge and lost.
    I see that challenge is associated with Jack Herer. aha!
    It is amazing how one stumbles across inter-related stuff isn't it?

  9. Even if I never was really a sleeping sheeple (i.e. I was always open to alternate explanations of events), the hemp story (Jack Herer, Anslinger and co. story) was the first story I came upon that showed that there was really a big shadow power beyond the "public institutions" visible. The discussion with Jean-Marie Pelt was an eye opener, not because of the facts about hemp, but because of his attitude. He didn't deny the propeties of it and its thousand uses, he didn't think there was foul play at work in barring it from wider use. His attitude pushed me more on the side of seaching for the truth, at the same time I was a bit lucky at work. The company for which I worked (marchfirst) filed for chapter 11 and our Luxemburg Office had no projects anymore. They couldn't fire us for technical reasons and so I had the opportunity to surf all day long on Internet for months. I read Herer's book, Trapleys Bush biography (even if a bit old, a must read) and so on. 911 happenned at the same time so it opened another venue. Then in 2003 I took holidays in Gabon and met a Jewish merchant (I knew him before but he lives and made his fortune there). It was the first time in my life I wanted to beat up someone. I've never witnessed so much perverted wickedness in one person. This experience put me to read a bit more on talmudism and satanism and so on. I'm now sure the world is fubar.

  10. Comparing Big Pharma's chemical lobotomizing agents, which are monumentally powerful, and long lasting,(I swear, they put radioactive substances in that gives the adverse side effects a very long life indeed)with the supposed "brain altering" effects of ganja, positively wreaks demented propaganda.
    I do not advocate "rawkin'da ganj".
    But I can definitively say the heavy duty psychiatrics are a bazillion times worse then the humble hemp.