Friday, December 11, 2009

Canadians, just say no to drugs..... except big pharma's drugs

But of course, say yes to prescription pain killers.

Isn't this amazing? Taxpayer drug plans will pay for highly addictive, killer drugs. Then fund the methadone clinics to get the prescription addicts unhooked. Then the taxpayer will continue to pay for the "war on drugs" but not the ones dealt by big pharma. Cause this is one crazy world, upside down, sideways and black is white.

Study finds huge rise in oxycodone deaths

Deaths in Ontario from prescription narcotics have doubled in the last five years, fuelled in part by the addition of OxyContin to the province's public drug program, a new study suggests.

The addition of a long-acting form of oxycodone, called OxyContin, to the province's drug formulary in January 2000 corresponded with a five-fold increase in oxycodone-related deaths.

""We were quite surprised by the number of deaths that related to prescription opioids"

Of course, their surprised. Really? I don't believe that.

After Oxycodone was added to the provincial plan:
-Prescriptions for oxycodone rose by more than 850 per cent during the study period -- an increase that was much larger than for any other narcotic pain reliever.
-Deaths from any opioid increased by 41 per cent over the next five years.

In fact, deaths from prescription opioids far outnumbered those from heroin
More potent than morphine

The manufacturer of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, promoted it heavily when it was first introduced and that may be why the drug became so popular among physicians.

Two years ago, Purdue and three of its former executives, pleaded guilty to misleading the public about OxyContin's risk of addiction and less subject to abuse than other pain medications. In fact it is highly addictive and can be used by recreational drug users, who have dubbed it "hillbilly heroin."

Wow, the drug company lied! I just can't believe it. (facetious)


  1. My old man is thoroughly addicted. He's currently on 60mg a day - 30mg in the morning and 30mg at night. During the day he can help himself to Endone (which is short term compared to Oxycontin's long term).

    Last week he decided he would help himself to Oxycontin as well. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. At first I just thought he was losing his mind. (Or I was, ha ha). Eventually he told me that the doc had said he could help himself to the stronger 40mg pills he'd gotten off him. I called the doc who said he'd said no such thing.

    Anyway I count the empty tabs and did the math and it turns out he'd been taking 140mg a day. Good God! He had no idea what he was doing. He would variously spend an hour playing with the stapler or scratching his balls. Happily he didn't combine the two activities. I went down the newsagent to get the newspaper and returned twenty minutes later to find him still stirring the same cup of tea. I've hung with drug takers (of the illegal variety) but he left them all for dead in terms of bizarre behaviour.

    No mistake, if I hadn't figured out what was going on and put a stop to it he'd be one of your statistics. For sure.

  2. Yah, know nobody, I am not against someone having this for legitimate pain needs, or on the other hand maybe, no not maybe surely their are better choices then this.

    There is a problem with this stuff on the streets and for a so called controlled substance it is pretty uncontrolled.

    I really wonder, how it is getting out there??

    But, my point is this is paid for with tax dollars then the methdone clinics are paid for with tax dollars and then so called "illegal" drugs are demonized, a war is fought against them at taxpayers expense, while these are paid for with dollars.

    It defies common sense.

  3. This is no surprise.

    Cannabis has never killed anyone. Ever. Yet look at how it is portrayed.

    It's funny, I was at the doc's yesterday, I want a referral, anyway, he was writing down his little notes to send to the other doc, and again he asks me: What drugs are you on? (Like is everyone on something???)

    Of course, I say 'nothing'. Though I do admit to a little red wine and enjoying the herb now and again. He shakes his head and then states how unusual it is to find someone in my age bracket who is not taking 'something'.

    Good grief. Anyway, I gave him a lesson on colloidal silver, left him with my referral and bounced happily out of the office - oh yeah he asked if I wanted the H1N1 shot - I burst out laughing - 'Uh... NO thanks!!'.

    He shook his head.


    Buff - Sparking now, getting ready for the Saturday cleaning... ;)

  4. Hey nobody - you let your dad pick out his own meds?? ARghhhhh I had to stop that with mine. Now I am the pill bringer in the AM and PM. He was messing it up so badly that he was no longer on this planet half the bloody time.

    Talk about bizzarro behaviour.

    Time for you to be the 'Bringer of the Meds'!!

    Buff the Pill Passer Outer