Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Carbon Market suffers with price falls after Copenhagen

I can't let this pass. Copenhagen was not about clearing the air or reducing emissions.
It was about making money, creating a new commodity, creating the next bubble.
Making nuclear power cost effective, helping Monsanto....

Al Gore and his carbon trading firm have just lost money, perhaps pay cuts will be in order for Jim Hoggan/Desmogblog and any other PR agencies bought and paid for to promote the carbon profiteering agenda? Like Hill & Knowlton

Carbon prices react strongly to climate deal

After the UN climate talks ended on Saturday, European carbon markets on Monday suffered from the aftermath of the climate deal.

Emissions trading market at a standstill

What if a carbon market opened, but nobody came to trade?

When the Montreal stock exchange forged a partnership with the Chicago Climate Exchange three years ago, there were great expectations that a fully functioning North American carbon market was just around the corner.

Yah, I'll bet there were great expectations, expectations to make money!

I like this one in particular;
What Copenhagen Accord means for prices, markets

The bankers weigh in...

* Mark C. Lewis, analyst at Deutsche Bank

"There is now no near-term prospect of the EU raising its 2020 target. As a result, sentiment will be negatively affected and we expect EUA prices to decline over the next few sessions."

* Meg Brown, analyst at Citigroup

"This is likely to result in a negative impact on EUA prices in the short term, through 2010 and potentially through to 2020.

Richard Gledhill, head of climate change and carbon market services, PricewaterhouseCoopers

If passed by Congress, climate legislation in the U.S. could create a market three times the size of the EU emissions trading system. That would be a massive boost to the global carbon market, but would also move its focus from London to New York."


  1. Nuttin to do with your post but have you heard that, The former head of the CDC, Dr. Julia Gerberding, has just accepted a job as the president of Merck's lucrative vaccine division.

    So the very person who has been telling us for years that Merck's HPV vaccines are perfectly safe is now promoting them commercially (and getting paid big bucks to do it...)Why am I not surprised?

    And on another note now the Canadian Gov. wants to put anti cancer drugs into junk food. Will wonders never cease? It just gets slicker and sicker by the day don't ya think?

  2. hey silv, yeah I saw both stories...
    so much real news so little time, dammit!

    ya mean the
    Pharmaceutical Government of Canada, good god....
    shakes head repeatedly