Thursday, December 10, 2009

Carbon, the new energy commodity

Just came across this, and isn't it interesting?
May 21/09 Almost 7 months ago.
U.S. panel OKs CFTC to regulate carbon derivatives
Carbon as an energy commodity

Under his plan, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission would have the authority to regulate carbon derivatives as an energy commodity.

"The carbon derivatives market should be based on a strong regulatory framework," Stupak said. "The finite nature of carbon credits and absence of a physical commodity leave it particularly vulnerable to speculation."

An energy commodity? Interesting. And, since there is an absence of anything physical it is obviously vulnerable to speculation. Imagine that? I mean who would have ever thought of anything so unique, a commodity of nothingness... save for speculators, oil companies, banks and governments hungry for tax revenue.

There are market protections included in the climate change bill. I wonder is there anything else but market concerns in there?

Stupak's carbon and energy market protections included in the climate change bill would:

* Give CFTC the authority to regulate all over-the-counter (OTC) trades that are currently not regulated.

* Regulate foreign boards of trades with energy transactions traded for delivery in the United States or on a computer terminal located in the United States.

* Close the swaps loophole, no longer allowing energy transactions to be excluded from the requirements of the Commodity Exchange Act.

* Ban naked credit default swaps.

* Set aggregate position limits for energy speculators across all markets.

* Clear all swaps through a designated clearing organization, taking them out of the "dark" markets without oversight.

* Allow the CFTC to collect fees and create an independent funding stream for oversight and enforcement of commodity markets.

* Establishes carbon as an included energy commodity subject to CFTC regulation.


  1. Indeed, this whole thing has zippo to do with cleaning up our environment.

    Now, Soros has rung in - seeing the IMF as the saviour of the developing world:

    IMF could fund climate adaptation: Soros


  2. sort of off topic, Pen, but you might find this interesting:

    Monsanto: For the Record: Climate Change Challenges

    Good grief: Soros, the IMF, derivatives and Monsanto??? Will this be enough to convince the AGWers that they have been utterly duped?????


  3. But, Buff it isn't really off topic.
    I have actually had thoughts along this line. Plants love co2, it helps them grow. Reduce the co2, reduce the plants growth.

    Since GMO garbage has consistently performed poorly regarding crop yield against more traditional crops the lack of CO2 which will reduce yields will serve giants in gmo like Monsanto pretty nice.

    For all those people out of touch with their food. Many greenhouses supply their buildings with CO2 to encourage better yields.

  4. and if you notice, monsanto acknowledges this
    from your link

    "With increased CO2 and temperature, the life cycle of grain and oilseed crops will likely progress more rapidly"
    "Increasing CO2 and temperature will continue to have some short term benefits"

    that means the grain etc will grow quicker and hence be more abundant.
    They acknowledge the benefits, then go into out and out fear mongering.

    More weeds will grow, yah duh!
    So will more grains and food crops.

    When people have lost touch with their food, this bullshit can pass as fact.

  5. I've said this before, but I pray the ridiculous "soccer moms" who have supported this Global Warming Fraud and who have wasted precious time organizing their garbage into separate compartments to "save the planet" will suffer inconceivable misery when they realize that reducing their carbon footprint means reducing THEM!


  6. I don't know about the "soccer mom" part, and I don't take issue with recycling, I actually think it makes sense to recycle and reuse as much as possible.

    What I am having an issue with is this man made global warming issue, it has nothing to do with reducing dependance on fossil fuels, cleaning the environment. It is not going to accomplish any of that.

    The only thing it seems set to accomplish is building a new commodity to trade, to create a new bubble. Collect more taxes.
    And justify the nuclear industry as "green" lol.

  7. Here is some more Soros for ya Buff

    Even George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator, says money managers would find ways to manipulate cap-and-trade markets. “The system can be gamed,” Soros, 79, remarked at a London School of Economics seminar in July. “That’s why financial types like me like it -- because there are financial opportunities.”

    If he is aware of the systems ability to be "gamed" I am sure he is not the only one.

    and of course big oil wants unfettered trade, despite all the damage this exact unfettered trade has wreaked on people.....

    but, then the system can be gamed.

  8. Ok, ask those same "green" garbage organizing women if they believe in global warming and that humanity is responsible for it and they will, more often than not, respond with a resounding, "Yes!"

    In general, women are so stupendously stupid it's tragic.

    Add to that, most women are born Communist. They hunger to control everyone's life as if the world was their own private kindergarten and everyone in it under their supervision anc control.

    Examples abound.

    Here's one: Customs check-in at an airport and I ask a guy to hand me a basket for my belongings since there were none to be found on my side.

    Woman next to me "Tsks, tsks" me saying,"You're not allowed to do that etc." to which I promptly responded, "Mind your own business! The war on terror is a bogus war and you are complicit."

    That ended the discussion.

    My inate frugality leads me to recycle, but only within reason! You won't find me rummaging and filing my garbage when I know full well it's all going to the same damn place.

    What about fleets of extra trucks, wasting a ton of fuel, needing costly maintenance etc. going to the same dump! How's that for WASTE? And what a successful brainwashing campaign!

    What about the WARS OF INVASION?
    Don't they leave a very distinct "carbon footprint"?

    Let's hope, for all our sakes, that ClimateGate makes some heads roll and brings an end to the zionist/globalists' evil machinations/crimes against humanity.

    Best Regards,

  9. Most people I speak to just believe the world is overpopulated and they cannot speak out about this.

    They think the carbon tax will be a humane way of killing of the excess population.

    We missed the ball in not tackling the myth of overpopulation.

    Lord Moncktons latest speech was interrupted by the G. Soros Green Shirts in a manner reminiscent of Hitlers Brown Shirts. This was reported on Jones today.

  10. Thanks there, Doug.

    I checked it out, and did you notice? Mostly women.


    None of those b*****s would dream of screeching for an independent
    9-11 investigation, no, no, it's "return us to serfdom and give us garbage to sift through 'cause we're green!"

    No worry, we'll all be eating garbage soon thanks to them.

    From Prison Planet:

    "Another brownshirt, Laura Comer, claimed, “We’re representing the majority of Americans on this, particularly young Americans...."

    Lies, lies and more lies.

    Ah! the misinformed, but well-meaning woman: What a bane ("Old English "bana" meant literally "slayer" in the sense we now use "killer" or "murderer") on our existence.


  11. bebe/bebette:

    you realize that you are conversing with women here, no?

    I am taking issue with the cap and trade, carbon tax, becuse it isn't going to do a darn thing for the environment.

    Though I will be honest, I don't have clue of what you speak, and have been taken harshly to task by a male on my own blog.

    If it is mostly women being used, it is for one reason, and one reason only, sex sells, men like women.

  12. except for Doug, sorry doug :(
    He's a guy.

  13. It dawns on me that since life on planet Earth is carbon based, that carbon derivatives are basically trading in LIFE ITSELF.

    With government and Wall Street involved I don't see how this can fail to produce the most spectacular bubble of all time.

    I wonder, will I ever need to carry a Carbon ID Card to justify my continued breathing? Will my animals be taxed? Will there one day be Air Consumption Default Swaps? How many will die?

  14. Theebs, you bring up so many good issues.

    Since we are carbon based life formers and breath out CO2....

    I seriously think that most people have not even thought about this.

    I agree it is a tax on life, I like to think of it as a tax on air.

    Recall that old adage "if they could figure out a way to tax air they would" in reference to government.

    Well there you have it, government and business in collusion have figured out a way to tax air, and trade in nothingness all to make money.

  15. Hey Penny, wrt CO2 and plants, it is quite true that once you've 'dialed in' your feeding regiments, temp and humidity controls then adding 3 to 4 times the atmospheric CO2 increases yields anywhere from 50 -100 %, depending on the crop.

    So... will CO2 generators be outlawed?

    What about carbonated pop?

    Another thing, which struck me, what about forest fires? Often we discourage fires (leading to trouble when one does break out) but how much CO2 is naturally released during these burns? Think of the JackPine, whose seeds can only germinate after being 'baptised' with fire?

    This whole CO2 thing is so utterly ridiculous.

    But it allows the PTB to rake in billions, place more debt on everyone, and create their serfdom heaven here on earth.

    I wish the greenies, who scream and yell would wake the hell up.

  16. Just a little personal anecdote:

    When I was still in uni, I was told straight out (by more than one prof) that if I could link my research field to anything remotely associated with 'climate change' I would guarantee funding $$.

    That in and of itself speaks volumes.

  17. Of course, I think pop should be banned because it is a shit garbage unhealthy product.

    But that is just my opinion.

    Pop drinkers of the world, you are contributing to global warming.


    Don't believe that?

    well enjoy your rotting teeth, diabetes, and obesity.
    And if artificially sweetened??

  18. On that note Penny, continuing right along - beans and cabbage should also be banned...

    Keeping in mind that methane is a far more efficient greenhouse gas!!!

  19. What, no saurkraut!
    Love that stuff on bbq sausages.

    Ooops, bbq, bad human.

  20. I know I'm getting silly here, but what about campfires? When millions of tourists visit our parks, or simply go camping or cottaging, will outdoor fires and woodstoves also be banned? Taxed?

    The list here is endless - no wonder it's such a goldmine.

    word verification: colla! hahahahaha

    Oh yes, sauerkraut - mmmm lecker!! But NO more for YOU! And what are you thinking using a bbq????? You nasty polluter!!