Sunday, December 13, 2009

Copenhangen & pre Iraq attack coverage- deja vu

I been paying attention to the fawning media coverage of the climate change issue.

I am having a flash back to the Iraq media coverage. The media is singing from the same hymnal. In unison, almost complete unison. Interesting?

Then I notice the smear on anyone who questions the global warming scenario.
For instance Lord Monckton is being presented as the leader of the climate skeptics.
Is he? Not likely. But that is what is being claimed, and then he is being soundly smeared.

Makes me think of Scott Ritter, he who cast doubt on "the Iraq has WMD's claims".
Didn't the media smear him with claims of, unproven of course, that he was arrested in a sex scandal. Yeah, they did. But the entire scenario was so shaky, the lead prosecutor was unaware of the case? But the timing of this media coverage, was perfect to cast doubt on Scott Ritter as a credible person. One problem, Scott Ritter was correct.

And the portrayal of the protestors. Certainly not the usual troublemakers& anarchists claims.
Though the protestors in Copenhagen are not limited to climate protestors.

Apparently there is a whole litany of issues represented

One sign urged the overthrow of the Iranian government. Hmm, CIA backed?, “Earth in Need: Delete Meat,” -vegetarians, Free Tibet, Libertarians, Anarchists, Anti-Capitalists.. and the skeptics.

Yeah, the police detained 1,000 protestors, but they are mostly all already released.
Who knows what they were protesting, with all the varying groups represented.
But, does one ever read of that happening at the G-20 protests? Or the WTO protests?
Anyone remember the protests in Genoa, Italy? Every protest was characterized as a riots/or clashes. How about the recent killing of Ian Tomlinson at the G-20 protests in Britian. And the ensuing smear and cover-up? ( Ian Tomlinson was a man who drank to much)
Where is the LRAD? That figured so prominently at the G-20 in Pittsburgh?
How about the tear gas?

And one more thing, that struck me as odd? I have never heard this said before to protesting people with regard to their protests.

Conference President Connie Hedegaard "You don't have to exert that kind of violence to be heard because this is a process where your views are very much included"

That is an absolute first, in my book. I can't recall every having read something like that being said to the protestors, that their views are included in the process?

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