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Jim Jones & the People's Temple- MKUltra experimentation in Guyana ?

This past November 18/09, it had been 31 years since the incident in Guyana.

A plaque was unveiled just a couple of weeks ago:
Guyana Remembers The Victims Of Jonestown On Anniversary
Guyana had resisited commemorating this event, for obvious reasons, until this very recent plaque unveiling and acknowledgement of the massacre at Jonestown.

`In memory of the victims of the Jonestown Tragedy, November 18, 1978, Jonestown, Guyana,` the simple white plaque read.

The Temple members died from an apparent cyanide poisoning in an event termed revolutionary suicide
Apparent, but not for certain. Termed a revolutionary suicide, but not really?

So was it mass suicide, or something else? Let's have a look at some interesting information, shall we?

First up, the documentary Conspiritus Ubiquitous-Evidence of Revision.
I had posted the first part of this previously. But take a look at the fifth installement.
It begins with Sirhan Sirhan, discussing the creation of the Manchurian Candidate, Ewan Cameron etc., not that the beginning isn't good. But for this post you will have to fast forward to 48 minutes. There the part on Jim Jones and the People's Temple begins, and it runs for approximately 40 minutes.

You can hear Jim Jones preaching, frankly I find him frightening. I wonder how it is anyone found him charismatic, charismatic enough to follow him.

Who was Jim Jones?
Jim started out preaching in Indiana, he was the son of a Ku Klux member. He had a childhood friend Dan Mitrione, who will be a constant in Jim's life.
Jim Jones, suddenly had money in 1961 for a trip to "minister" in Brazil. Jones was also in Cuba, Mexico and other politically sensitive places. His transportation and groceries were being provided by the U.S. Embassy as was the large house. His son mentioned that Jim made regular trips to the CIA headquarters in Brazil. His friend, Dan Mitrione was there as well. Mitrione was busy training foreign police in Brazil in torture and assassination methods.

With some new found wealth(?) Jones moved to California. California, if you have been following the Laurel Canyon series, is a sort of hotbead for cult activity, famously the Mansons, Satanism and MKUltra experiments, such as Operation Midnight Climax.

Jones set up the first People's temple in what sounds like a military compound, complete with electric fences and guard dogs. He was linked to World Vision, a religious evangelical group with CIA connections. And he grew powerful and influential in California.

Can you win office in San Francisco without Jones? “In a tight race like the ones that George or Freitas or Hongisto had, forget it without Jones,” said State Assemblyman Willie Brown, who describes himself as an admirer of Jones’s

Jim Jones counts among his friends several of California’s well-known public officials. San Francisco mayor George Moscone has made several visits to Jones’s San Francisco temple, on Geary Street, as have the city’s district attorney Joe Freitas and sheriff Richard Hongisto. Governor Jerry Brown has visited at least once. Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley. Lieutenant Governor Mervyn Dymally When Walter Mondale came campaigning for the vice-presidency in San Francisco, Jim Jones was one of the few people invited aboard his chartered jet.

And he had money, lots of money, money to fund clinics, support seniors, adopt children and more. Where did all this money come from? Not likely from cult adherents, as the services he offered, at no cost, would surely have surpassed any 'contributions' from followers.

Eventually he moved to Guyana.
Taking with him many followers and some strange control techniques.
These control techniques included:
-Isolation from all vestiges of former life.
-An exacting daily regimen requiring absolute obedience and humility extracted by deception, intimidation, threats, and harassment;
-Physical pressure, ranging from deprivation of food and sleep to the possibility and reality of severe beatings. As a complement to the physical pressures, he exerted mental pressures on his followers which he subsequently relieved in an effort to demonstrate and establish his omnipotent "powers."
-So-called "struggle meetings" or catharsis sessions in which recalcitrant members were interrogated, required to confess their "wrongdoing," and then punished with alternate harshness and leniency. Interrogation could be gentle and polite, but more often it involved harassment, humiliation, revilement, and degradation.

Apparently there were plenty of drugs at Jonestown, IN all likelihood the people who lived there were drugged day and night.

The gunning down of Congressman Leo Ryan? Who exactly did the shooting? This article
proposes that it was a CIA hit. With Jim Jones set up as the "lone patsy" to take the fall.
The author of the piece has a different opinion on life at the People's Temple. One, I am not entirely sure I can agree with.
The scenario of "killing two birds with one stone" seems entirely plausible. Leo Ryan being a noted "thorn" in the side of the CIA. Jim Jones had people escaping the temple and they were telling horrific tales of torture and more which could have pointed towards CIA involvement, a continuation of the MKUltra experimentation?
"It was “the perfect frame’: Do away with two C.I.A. nemeses in a single night, Leo Ryan and Jim Jones. Kill one of them, then blame the killing on the other !!"

According to the chief medical officer in Guyana, most of the people that died that day, were murdered.
Someone who played a vital role in this cover-up may have been Zbigniew Brzezinski, as the national security advisor, at that time. Also a CIA man named Richard Dwyer

Since the bodies were left to rot for days, I was thinking how easily it could have been to place vats of so called kool-aid for the media photo-ops.

Anyway, here is Jim Jones final sermon to his followers

You can do some additional reading here

Then you decide.


  1. Looks like MKULTRA.

    World Vision is interesting.

    - Aangirfan

  2. Bloody Aangirfan beat me to the punch! Yeah, it's got mind control written all over it.

    And was that 31 years ago? I remember reading the Time magazine article like it was yesterday.

    Anyway thanks Pen, off to follow your links...

  3. Hey Pen, I just thought I'd mention for the punters that your third last link 'according to the chief medical officer...' takes you to a page that has at the top another link '(back) jonestown'. If you click that it takes you to a multi-link jonestown resource page. I don't know about anyone else but there's my day's reading sorted! Yoroshiku!

  4. Aangirfan:

    I thought the world vision connection was quite interesting.

    If I am not mistaken,there is a 9/11 connection to world vision also.

  5. Nobody, yup 31 years, that is what started me reading up on it.

    And then I heard some audio to, which had come from the documentary.
    Off, I went to find that part and then more reading..

    Then I am thinking, god the official story and all this information are not matching up at all!

    Actually the alleged final sermon takes you to a site where there is supposed to be more information on the Jonestown massacre.
    From a religious perspective.

    One thing, in my reading, I noted a book was being written shortly after the massacre and the writers turned up dead.

  6. And thanks to James for that link back to aangirfan, the authors who were murdered are mentioned in it.

    "Jeanne and Alan Mills, Peoples Temple members who had defected before the move to Guyana, were found bound and killed in their home almost a year after the Jonestown massacre. They had written a book about the Peoples Temple and had expressed their belief that they would eventually be murdered. "

    Tying up loose ends?