Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The long planned war on Yemen

I notice the recent news contains much shouting that Yemen is the "new front" for the war on terror. All thanks to the latest alleged AlQuaeda recruited underwear bomber!

Sigh, First the shoe bomber, now the undie bomber, perhaps next the hat bomber?

Anyway.... getting back to the alleged 'new front' in the war on terror?
This claim is about as realistic as the lies many parents told their children this past week about Santa coming to the house. Ho, Ho, Ho it just ain't so!

Yemen has been a new front for war for this entire past year. All covertly. Up until about two weeks back. But even that didn't appear to brightly on the radar.

The timely underwear bomber made it all possible to speak aloud, that which the US and it's allies have been doing for nearly a year.

Note the increase in military spending by the US in Yemen in 2009?

US has increased military aid package to Yemen from less than $11m in 2006 to more than $70m in 2009

From just 11 million dollars to 70 million. A better then 6x increase?

In 2009- US spent tens of millions of dollars boosting Yemen's coastguard and border security and providing helicopters with night-vision cameras. The US has also provided intelligence gathered over Yemen by unmanned drones.

The US has not been alone, the UK has been there with them in all of 2009

The UK has also invested heavily in aid to Yemen. It has quadrupled its development assistance since 2007, allocating £105m between 2009 and 2011, though no figures on funds for military training were available

Both the US and UK have trained Yemen's counter-terrorism unit

And the US has bombed and killed scores of civilians in Yemen

Including a cruise missile attack on December 18th/09 ordered directly by the White House.

Noting in the news report below Yemen was cited by Obama in his speech, regarding the surge in Afghanistan, as a place that attacks could be expanded to as part of the 'war on terror'

Therefore- looking at all the facts. The intent has always been to attack Yemen. The underwear bomber was the propaganda coup needed to justify, to the public, the reason for the already planned attack



  1. Ahh yes, a new War!!

    Underwear, shoes... hats you say?

    How about bras?? It would give new meaning to the old term: Bra burners!!

    Shit, maybe I shouldn't give them ideas, as it is clear they are running pretty low on anything original.

    Otherwise Penny, you've nailed it as usual. Just more smoke and mirrors achieved through the use of idiots and dare I say it - black ops???



  2. I was thinking bow ties ( ya know the old exploding bow tie joke) might work, but brassiers, wow!
    How very women's lib!
    Burning bra.

  3. yes so the CIA goes there in 2008, they pour all this money and technology in 2009, and what happens? the terrorists get stronger.

    that seems to be a direct correlation.

    now for teh "retaliatory strike"

  4. As for the exploding shorts, perhaps he was just lighting farts, so as to not offend the delicate senses of the rest of the passengers. Might be well advised to lay off the beans before international flights.

  5. I cannot bring myself to comment on any of these shenanigans. It's so sad, I laugh. Go figure :(

    (word verification, "rumer")

  6. A peasant: coincidence?
    I just am not a coincidence theorist.

    silverfish; he could have consumed many beans, which then ignited something, he was tackled and his crotch grabbed by the filmaker when he smelled the fumes..... lol!

    Peter, it just get's so difficult doesn't it?

    Sometimes this stuff almost seems like rehashes of previous episodes.
    Not surprising really given all of our 'programming'