Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Moratorium called on GM Foods

I couldn't agree more!
GM foods, making humanity ill, one manipulated gene & dollar of profiteering at a time

There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects. There is causation as defined by Hill's Criteria in the areas of strength of association, consistency, specificity, biological gradient, and biological plausibility.5 The strength of association and consistency between GM foods and disease is confirmed in several animal studies.2,6,7,8,9,10,11

Specificity of the association of GM foods and specific disease processes is also supported. Multiple animal studies show significant immune dysregulation, including upregulation of cytokines associated with asthma, allergy, and inflammation. 6,11 Animal studies also show altered structure and function of the liver, including altered lipid and carbohydrate metabolism as well as cellular changes that could lead to accelerated aging and possibly lead to the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). 7,8,10

Changes in the kidney, pancreas and spleen have also been documented. 6,8,10 A recent 2008 study links GM corn with infertility, showing a significant decrease in offspring over time and significantly lower litter weight in mice fed GM corn.8 This study also found that over 400 genes were found to be expressed differently in the mice fed GM corn. These are genes known to control protein synthesis and modification, cell signaling, cholesterol synthesis, and insulin regulation. Studies also show intestinal damage in animals fed GM foods, including proliferative cell growth9 and disruption of the intestinal immune system.6

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  1. Jeffrey Smith and F. William Engdal have done a lot to expose this. The Rense.com interviews with Smith explain much of what these doctors also say.

  2. You know Penny, I eat nothing but great foods, potatoe, rice, 11 kinds of bean sprouts, mushroom, garlic, onion, broccoli, yogurt (Astro), nuts, honey, cinamon, cyan pepper, lean meat, other veggies, except when I treat myself with ice cream, coffee and donuts.

    I had a meal at Ronnie MacDonalds yesterday. Afterward it just didn't sit right. That happens all the time with me at restaurants lately- except just having a burger and fries at a greasy spoon nearby - that is a good meal- very occasionally.

    Maybe it was the bun, Ronnies is supposed to be healthy now - or so they say.

  3. I have heard willian engdhal talk and Jeff Smith also on Gm foods, their a monstrosity.

    How they interact with out bodies is really anyones guess.
    And the way it looks in this article, the reaction is not good.

    Sadly the Ptb's don't care as long as their making money.

    And if we get sick?
    Then big pharmaceutical is there to 'help' us.