Thursday, December 24, 2009

Swine flu "pandemic" hoax

I see the press is big on hoaxes as of late, calling this the decade of hoaxes. Given that they help to perpetuate them, they should know all about them.

One of the biggest hoaxes, in my humble opinion was the swine flu scare, or as I call it the swin(e)dle flu. Starting with the change in pandemic definition. Hot lines and doctors set up to automatically diagnose you with swine flu. Urging you to get an untested vaccine and take the useless tamiflu and other drugs of it's ilk. All fed by the endless fear mongering via the main stream media, that couldn't muster rational analysis if it's life depended on it. No wonder traditional media is losing readership and viewers!

Here is some of the latest on this hoax.
There was another vaccine recall in the US. This time 4.7 million doses. Same problem the dosage was allegedly not potent enough. But don't worry if you got the vaccine, your protected?

This recall of 4.7 million doses, just after a recall of more than 800,000 doses of impotent vaccine from another manufacturer. Don't worry your protected ;)
But from what?
Because, though many people were told they had swine flu, most didn't!

"Kansas City, Missouri-based ViraCor Laboratories found that only 6 percent of the samples it was sent tested positive for influenza A virus"

That's H1N1. In Just 6 percent of the samples.
By far the most common is rhinovirus, one of the so-called common cold viruses, the testing company found.

The rest include a range of flu-like viruses, each caused by a distinct germ but all causing similar symptoms.

These same types of results were reported in Britian and Canada.

Most cases believed to be H1N1 are actually the common cold or another flu-like bug
Last week in Ontario, fewer than one in four cases of suspected H1N1 tested positive in laboratory analysis. In British Columbia, the rate was one in three. The rest, based on samples, were mostly rhinovirus – the common cold – and enterovirus, a common flu-like bug.

That didn't stop the mass and useless vaccinating. Or the ingestion of the equally useless Tamiflu.

That said, it was a payday for the big pharmaceutical conglomerates. And a cause for advancement for others.
Because Merck's new head honcho is the former director of the CDC! Merck of the vioxx scandal.

Oh the revolving door between the government and private sector just keeps on spinning.
It's getting harder to tell the difference between just who is governing, for the benefit of who exactly?
And what's her job? Boosting the vaccine division! How rich is that?
And how timely that she will join Merck exactly after her one year mandatory leave before entering the private sector.
Does have one entertaining the thought, that she knew she had the job and that was why she stepped down from the CDC when she did. Or who really knows-revolving door- perhaps she was already working for Merck while at the CDC? Stranger things have happened.


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