Monday, December 28, 2009

A Tale of Two Terrorists?

I have made mention of this phenomena previously, but, a quick post to illustrate the point.

The photos in the press of alleged terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab are so blurry, that his identity is somewhat obscured. I find this really odd. But, it is not just the poor quality of the photos, it is the fact that there appears to be two different looking alleged terrorists!

Here are two examples:
From the Guardian, Toronto Star and most of the major western media outlets

Now a photo from Ghana press:

Taken from this article: Failed Nigerian bomber bought air ticket from Ghana

The man in the photo in the Guardian: thinner face and nose, fuller lips.
From the Ghana Press: we are looking at a man with a much rounder face, broader nose and thinner lips.
They don't even look like the same people, despite the obscurity of the photo being used in the Western Media.


  1. Oh hell they both look like OJ to me, or Obama, much the same thing really.

  2. Well, the one below certainly looks more like a 'banker's' son... whatever a banker's son might look like...


    This whole thing is ridiculous. The one thing which sends alarm bells ringing in my mind, isn't even mentioned - EVER - by the so called news agencies - and that is the fact that these airlines use the Israeli company ICTS for security...


  3. NYTs article-Booga Booga Fear in You :^/
    "A passenger stated that he observed Abdulmutallab holding what appeared to be a partially melted syringe, which was smoking,” the complaint said. “The passenger took the syringe from Abdulmutallab, shook it to stop it from smoking and threw it to the floor of the aircraft.”

  4. Eventually if we can get more photos of the plane passengers we will be able to locate the MOSSAD agents that were aboard the flight.

    1. google Muhammad Merah. There are a slew of articles about how the Toulouse Shooter visited Israel in recent years. As a tourist? Anyone ever processed through Israel checkpoints has experienced that NO ONE "just visits" and is casually waved through customs. Was Merah being trained ala Abu Nidal?

  5. I think the MOSSAD agent was the Dutch/Jewish producer who "removed" the device from the gentleman's loins.

  6. If you guys and gals reading here notice the latest on this so called terrorist, are pictures as a child.
    Look at the childhood pictures.
    They are the man in the second photo, not the man (in the first photo) the one being touted as the terrorist.

    Good point, did he remove a syringe? Or in all the confusion, did he (dutch producer/passenger) make it appear.
    I got admit I find the whole dutch producer/passenger thing a little reminiscent of another news story....

    As I find this one reminiscent of the whole shoe bomber saga

  7. silv- ;)

    and maggie an Israeli company eh?
    now there is a blog post for an entre back to cyberspace!

  8. We've all seen this before, remember the fake bin Laden confession videos - in Arabic no less.

    I just wonder why the attempt was allowed to fail. Maybe it was for witness credibility, witnesses can keep getting paid for interviews on TV for the next few years stoking the fires of fear.

  9. oh that's definitely not the same guy in those two pics, nor do either of them look like the suspect in this pic at CNN, faces blurred out naturally -- not clear which one is supposed to be the suspect (professionals at cnn):

    don't they look like teenage boys?

    the lawyer witness said:

    "the terrorist is a short, black man that looked like he was very poor and looks around age 17(Although I think he is 23 he doesn't look it)."

    he also said:

    Haskell, who described Mutallab as a diminutive man who looks like a teenager, said about 30 seconds passed between the first mention of smoke and when Mutallab was subdued by fellow passengers.

    “He didn't fight back at all. This wasn't a big skirmish,” Haskell said. “A couple guys jumped on him and hauled him away.”

    "diminutive man that looks like a teenager" does not fit either pic. these guys look pretty big, well fed. i don't know who these guys are but it does not sound like either of them is the guy from the plane.

  10. There always seems to be Israeli involvement in these things, in addition to this, the president of the World Bank is always Jewish. There are numerous examples of this. If Jews really ran the world, you wouldn't see them. You never see the director of a play, only its actors who follow a predetermined dialogue.

  11. One thing I've noticed is that these terrorist plots are getting more and more ridiculous, it's like they're laughing at how stupid and gullible the goyim are. They couldn't make this a more obvious ruse if they had Hollywood to write the script! Coming up, the Incredible Baby Bottle Bombing Plot....

  12. Hey folks! Happy holidays to you all.

    Penny, good example.

    I think its now blatantly clear that those who go on believing the spoon fed news are willing participants of an altered (unreal) reality. It's just all so ridiculous.

    George Carlin said it best when it came to airport security and terrorism.

  13. I bet you the banker's son father's bank as well as the Nigerian government assets get frozen. The US has been using the faux theater of terror to rob economies all over the world. The fascism are `US biy lovers have stolen 10 billion in liquid assets from from Iran, plus a couple of hundred million in real estate. Look at all the money they hijacked from Iraq. Now Yemen's and Nigeria's assets will be on the block and up for grabs.

    What we are witnessing is a prelude to a bank robbery - nothing more - nothing less.

    Look at the scams they've pulled on us: The satanic swine flu ponzi. The war in Afghanistan ponzi. The drunken f*cking clown senator health care ponzi! The mass murder a million Iraqi war crime for no f*cking particular reason at all ponzi.

    The only escape: listen to some cool tunes!

  14. The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

    In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands."

    — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, 'La Revue de Paris', p.574, June 1, 1928

  15. What are you people on about? Didn't you notice that both of these guys are black? Well, that's enough for me! Besides, if they were two different guys one of them would have been white or something.

    Otherwise, it's interesting how after the first big establishing event (911) these things get absurdly cheaper and simpler - 1x programmable zombie, 1x handler, a couple of return airfares, a couple nights hotel stay, some petty cash for meals, and bingo! There's your saturation news story with the death cult fascist rollout continuing apace.

  16. Cheaper?
    But of course, there is an economic crisis going on. We all have to do with less.

  17. Isn't that the same guy they use in the Osama videos?

  18. The Porton Down plasatic surgery department has had a field day there!

    I've heard that the "bomb" on the plane might have been just a battery that blew up in the low air pressure of the cabin.

    But the PTB's don't miss a trick! There are calls for increased ssecurity at airports across the world. This includes "electronic strip searching" and even brain scans!

  19. checking out today's news, I have noticed the pictures being used have changed, how interesting?

    Now their seems to be an abundance of pictures of a young would be bombers, who looks like the man in the second photo.

    The first photo remains in circulation.

    It seems we are watching reality being changed/manipulated right before our eyes.

  20. a peasant, so three would be bombers?
    this just keeps getting better and better!

  21. Hello Edo!

    Back atcha and glad to see your still about!

    Try to catch the interview with Peter Levenda, posted just below this post.
    He makes a number of points about how manipulated reality is.

  22. saladin;

    "Coming up, the Incredible Baby Bottle Bombing Plot...."

    funny, but don't give the ptb any ideas, the more foolish they are, the more it seems they are believed.

    That was my thought, aha, their thinking the arrogant foolish white people will fall for this, and by and large they will....

    could be!

    Ben: I wondered about that also.
    (exploding battery)
    But then there is the mystery man at the airport, who may or may not have got him on the plane sans passport??
    could the timely explosion of a battery be guaranteed?
    Or did someone or something else set this man on fire?

    One thing for sure, the official narrative is not the truth.

  23. haha, third guy photo is here:

  24. Christopher Story reports:
    A trusted source informs us that Kurt Haskell, a lawyer from Michigan, is the source of the following UNCONFIRMED information: The Nigerian involved in the suspected false-flag attempt on the aircraft flying from Schiphol, Amsterdam, to Detroit, was accompanied by a well-dressed Western male who accosted security staff at the Dutch airport and ordered them to allow the Nigerian to pass through security without a passport check and a proper security search. The security staff stated that they would have to consult superiors, which they did. The Nigerian was then allowed through controls without any impediment. Looks like a US Homeland Security set-up.

  25. Put nothing pass the forces to be....we got tainted food, tainted meds, tainted juries tainted question is all this taintness merely a test for bigger and worst things to come?

  26. no doubt that the mother wife or children are being held and tortured by Israel-in order to get him to obey-there will be a war in Yemen now-I have always said there will be tiny wars all over the earth-then it will erupt into one final world war.

  27. anonymous:
    we do have tainted everything and Jen. I think we are already staring down the face of ww3.

  28. They are NOT the same man.

    Although, the set up - the stage up Scripters did a good job in the matching of the individual features.... look at the nose. They're different, even where the top man to smile, the nose would not be so wide spread as the bottom one.

    When you stand back, the over all look is NOT the same.

    It's not the same man.

  29. The real man has burnt testicles.