Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tony Blair- War Criminal & Carbon Profiteer

In case anyone has missed the admission by Bush's poodle
"I would've invaded Iraq anyway"

Well bully for you Tony! I mean war is "fun" for people like you, it feeds the ego, or overfeeds the ego, if that is possible for a meglomaniac?

The feelings of empowerment that come from making decisions that crush the lives of humanity, what a rush! And of course, the prestige...yes, the prestige that one gains going around the world surrounded by 'yes men' pronouncing the righteousness of your insane decision.
And last but certainly not least the profits, Oooo, the profits. That can be had from the proper investments in the business of warfare. War Profiteering.

How does the meglomaniac who lusts for power gain more? More wealth, more prestige and even more 'yes men'? It is a dilemma for Tony. How can he become further empowered and enriched by spreading misery, wider then just one country?

Have no fear Tony Blair has got it figured out!
How to spread the misery in the name of doing the "right thing"

His impassioned plea for a deal at Copenhangen came just weeks after he registered the name "Low Carbon Capital Fund".

Gone is George Bush's poodle! Now we have Al Gore's__________
Fill in the blank.


  1. Wish I could agree that your thoughts are worth a penny.

    Mr Blair was into climate issues years ago, leading, memorably, in 2005 at Gleneagles.

    Since Dec 1997 Blair was committed to the Kyoto agreement, and led Britain's strong position - widely agreed to be the firmest in the world.

    Blair's government drafted the Climate Change Bill in March 2007, which became law in November 2008.

    Do your due research before criticising.

    Or are you a Daily Mail reader?

  2. Nope, not a daily mail reader, and quite frankly once a stinkin' liar, most likely.....

    Fool me once, shame on you
    Fool me twice, shame on me...

    I'll let you decide on wether you wish to be made a fool again


  3. The blank should have "Melting Polar Bears Protection Goons"

    I see you have a true believer posting, cool.

    Your blog must be getting some attention to have a propagandist post.

  4. Aw now Yuh gone an done it, yuh pissed off one of the three Blair supporters on this planet. Shame on you Penny shame on you.

  5. Gee, that was weird. What was that guy doing here? Perhaps he thought he was at Craig Murray's blog ie. somewhere polite?

    "Do your due research before criticising..." Ha ha ha ha ha, mate, in the real world do you have the words 'supercilious wanker' tattooed on your forehead? Because you do in this virtual world, and no mistake.

    Say something else, we dare ya!

  6. Oh and Pen, I noticed you got on WRH the other day. Nice one. Did your numbers get a kick?

  7. I know silverfish. I am so bad and must do penance to St phony tony, the freshly minted catholic.....

    Oh yeah, nobody, somewhere polite?
    I am always polite...usually but since this tony boy wanted to believe he had soundly told me off, what can I say.....

    Yeah WRH does give a good uptick in the hits..

    Oh and to fill in the blank
    From Bush's Poodle
    To Gore's Teddy Bear

  8. This is a beautiful thing, Penny gets an interloper of truly dubious intent. Witness the support! THAT is awesome! Doug, silverfish & nobody, you guys are aces. Three aces for Penny. Winning hand. ;D

  9. you guys are awesome!
    Penny blushing....

  10. Darn, I am sorry I missed this, I'm stuck here on my son's computer, mine is sick, sick sick,

    Maybe blairsupporter is just being sarcastic?

    Ughhh I can't type on ths keyboard.

    I'm reading though Penn - will call ya next week.

    Buffy - very bothered with NO computer and this wierd keyboard.