Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What PM Harper wanted for Christmas? Prorogue the government.

Taking dictatorship to unseen heights in Canada, PM Harper is expected to request Parliament be prorogued.
Harper to request Parliament be prorogued until March

Why would the dictator, er, I mean the Prime Minister make this request?

One reason: Such a move would halt the work of Parliamentary committees, including one that is investigating Afghan detainee abuse, an issue that has been plaguing the Conservatives for months.

Oh dear, so troubling...Detainees tortured? We don't want to deal with that.

Another reason: Harper will likely appoint another group of new Senators.

Recall Harpers promise to have an elected senate? Another empty promise.
From the same political leader that promised transperancy and accountability.

But, why load the Senate to create a majority position?

The Conservatives have been frustrated that the Liberal-dominated Senate has held up legislation already approved by the House

One piece of legislation rejected and rightly so was Bill C #6.

And, you know Canada has to get through the Olympics. That is such a priority!
Tanks, LRAD, Militarization , but not just Canadian soldiers.....
NAU partners: Canadian/ US/Mexican Military Coordination

This entire move worries me. Where is the effective opposition to this tyrannical move?
Could a false flag be on the horizon? With no effective government to respond?
Or will Canada finally and formally be told it is part and parcel of the NAU?
Questions, questions and more questions

Santa delivers the gift of the season, the gift of a Prorogue!
Parliament suspended until March

"It's almost despotic," Goodale told CBC News in an interview from Phoenix, Ariz. "Three times in three years and twice within one year, the prime minister takes this extraordinary step to muzzle Parliament. This time it's a coverup of what the Conservatives knew, and when they knew it, about torture in Afghanistan. So their solution is not to answer the questions but, rather, to padlock Parliament and shut down democracy."
Almost despotic? Almost? No, it is despostic!


  1. Canadian support for the war on terror has never been high.

    My first thought was hmmm... do they have an olympic sized false flag in the chute? With NO functioning government during the window of opportunity?

    Thing is, even if we could have an election - who the hell do we elect? Let's face it, we have a choice of dumb, dumber and totally loopy.

  2. Yeah, and sadly you can't tell who is dumb,dumber or plain loopy.

    Though IMHO, the conservatives take the cake for out and out tyranny, corruption, and bowing to Israel.
    Keeping out George Galloway, the playing of the anti-semtic card, smearing churches, it is all too much.
    And that gold that went missing from the mint, how bogus was that investigation and story?
    And these political shenanigans prorogue my arse.

    From scum to scummiest.

  3. If we could get the NDP to change their stance on CO2 and carbon tax, then I'd say it's time to give them a try on a national level.

    (Of course, thanks to the mole Bob Rae, that won't ever happen)

    Don't even get me started on Iggy, IMO under his dictatorship the Liberals would be worse than Harper's CONS any day of the week - don't forget Penny the kissing of Israel's ass began with 'Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel', they are NO different and if they were in charge we'd have signed up for that damn carbon tax.

    We are truly, utterly doomed and our system doesn't help.

    You know I don't like these pretend conservatives, but I think the best we can hope for, once again, is another minority government.

    Kill bills c-6 and c-15!!!

  4. I disagree with the dumb, dumber and loopy. A more accurate term would be A Liar a Cheat and a Thief and there is no way to distinguish between the three, simply because there is no difference.

    Harper is nothing more than a convenient Goy, living under his Yentas thumb, Iggy, well Iggy shouldn't be allowed out in public without a full body condom, and then we have Jack Layton, all that son of a bitch needs is a Plaid suit and a used car lot.

    But on a lighter note just think that between The US, The UK and Canada we have the pick of the litter, oh fuck I'm gonna be sick.

    Oh well, Happy Blue Moon to yuh Penn.

  5. Good, god if we have the pick of the litter, what the hell condition is the entire litter in!

    Happy Blue Moon to you silv, maggie and to everyone else suffering under moronic governments world-wide!

  6. I'm guessing that this has something to do with the carbon tax. France declared it unconstitutional. Viva la France !

    Harper has said that global warming is a communist conspiracy, but he has been PM for a long time. He must have been brought over to the other side or be subservient to a greater power forcing him to do this. (Privy Council ??)

    The rejection of carbon tax is the biggest threat to the NWO. Parliament taking a break will allow big distractions to steer us away from CO2 awareness and spreading it.