Sunday, January 17, 2010

Google threatens China pull out for reasons of 'censorship'

Yup, that is the claim being made in the main stream media. Censorship. Deny access to ensure or manage perception.
The accusations sound a bit hollow. Perhaps, empty words for a western audience?
Or something else?

 An article from Australia , of all places, brings up some interesting info. Why  specifically mention Australia?
Because Australia censors! It too has a'great firewall' of censorship.
Not many people are aware of that fact. But, near silence on the part of the main stream media doesn't change the reality, that Australia censors the internet and New Zealand may follow.

Some worrying developments are occurring across the Tasman as Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy presses ahead with his plan to censor the internet after Government-commissioned trials found filtering a blacklist of banned sites was accurate and would not slow down the internet.
Conroy announced he is making it mandatory for internet service providers (ISPs) to block a secret blacklist of “refused classification” (RC) websites for all Australian internet users.

Legislation to implement the scheme will be introduced before the federal election next year.
The announcement, made in the week before Christmas, has infuriated the Australian online community and spurred a campaign called No Clean Feed calling for a blackout. Another campaign by Get Up is also running.

And, it isn't just Australia and New Zealand. It is other alleged free and democratic societies. Snooping and censoring. Recall this story Internet snoops wanted. Apply US Army.

Or the latest? Cass Sunstein and his cointelpro  proposal ? That is domestic counterintelligence.

Cass Sunstein is currently the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The head of the 'Office of Information' How very Orwellian!

  In 2008, while at Harvard Law School, Sunstein co-wrote a truly pernicious paper proposing that the U.S. Government employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-"independent" advocates to "cognitively infiltrate" online groups and websites -- as well as other activist groups -- which advocate views that Sunstein deems "false conspiracy theories" about the Government.  This would be designed to increase citizens' faith in government officials and undermine the credibility of conspiracists.  The paper's abstract can be read, and the full paper downloaded, here.

Sunstein advocates that the Government's stealth infiltration should be accomplished by sending covert agents into "chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups."  He also proposes that the Government make secret payments to so-called "independent" credible voices to bolster the Government's messaging (on the ground that those who don't believe government sources will be more inclined to listen to those who appear independent while secretly acting on behalf of the Government).  

I am hoping you get the idea? The intention is to censor alternative opinions.
How does Mr Sunstein propose this censorship take place?

"Employ teams of covert agents and pseudo-"independent" advocates to "cognitively infiltrate" online groups and websites -- as well as other activist groups -- which advocate views that Sunstein deems "false conspiracy theories"

Clearly, China is not alone in the great game of censorship. So what gives?
Makes one wonder because the revenue stream is quite good for Google in China. They are not number one as in the US market, but they aren't hurting. So why would they take such a revenue hit?

After reading this part (quoted below) in differing articles I had to wonder if Google had embroiled itself in the great game of political intrigue on behalf of the west? is favoured by students and the middle class, the agents of social and political change. If the Communist leadership wasn't worried about its hold on power as economic growth transforms the nation, it wouldn't go to such lengths to block information.
As you have read, China isn't the only country engaged in censorship. Is there another motivation behind the threatened pullout? Could Google be engaging in stirring the pot of dissension in China. Is Google being used as a tool of subversion? Or actively engaging in subversion?

If censorship is really the issue, where in the world could Google actually conduct business?


  1. Hey Penny,
    The depth of perception amongst the followers of msm is shallow.
    Simply, this is an attack on China by msm for consumption by joe six pack and soccer moms.
    Villify China along with Russia and Iran and the "axis of evil".
    You are either wih us or with "them".

  2. I agree with Peter on this . . . the CIA and other nefarious gov't outfits have a hundred irons on the fires of political upheavel for China already.

    I have lived in China, and in many ways, it is freer and much more capitalist than the US or Canada. The great firewall is there, but like you say, everything is monitored to a degree here and firewalls are popping up everywhere. Heck, at everyone's workplace there is a firewall, and that is sadly where the majority of surfing happens for the regular working stiff according to statistics.

    No, this is just plain old anti-Chinese propoganda . . . just like the horrible Chinese making lead toys (see: peasants working in Western factories that decided to locate offshore to save money in places where they use zero oversight for safety and where ultimately the distributing company should be held responsible for the product) . . . just like the scores of stories about abuse of the Falun Gong (see: CIA operatives and spies sent in to create dissention and foment civil disorder) . . . just like the story about China supplying arms to bad African dictators (see: pot calling the kettle black - the list of African dictatorships supported by US arms is too long to list here) . . . and just like every picture showing dirt poor Chinese from the provinces. It's all part and parcel of advertising, selling the public on an image and unspoken feeling.

    Same with the Russians, and same with the entire mid-east and Africa . . . heck, any country not white is painted with a pretty broad brush: they are ignorant, backward, and aren't all clean and civilised like us.

    The PTB continue to divide and solidify rule, and they do it well - with religion, with race, with the ridiculous two party system in the states, with socialism versus conservatism, with middle class versus poor, etc etc.

    The best advice I give to others is to travel, and when you do, meet and spend time with the common people of each country. Only through education can we begin to see through the heavy veil of propoganda that we have been spoon fed and begin to unmask the lies of the west.

  3. Penny, my poor sister cannot access her knitting site due to the Aussie restrictions! I think it was the Vogue Knitting or something.

    I guess all these 'terrorists' are closet knitters!

  4. Hey Peter, slozo and maggie!!!

    I agree at the very least, this is a sort of 'china bad' oh look over there and not here story.

    And sadly, this is what people will do. They will go oh yes, china is not free, they censor, it is the communists.

    They have all their programmed talking points to fall back on.

    Most people will not even look at the reality of the situation.
    They would rather believe their story, their indoctrination.

    Just mention to someone in the west that we are managed as much as anyone else, maybe even more, that we are subjected to manipulation and propaganda.

    That Deer in the headlights look appears.

    well you know, they do have those knitting needles ;)