Monday, January 4, 2010

Nickel and dimed to death, 6 million people with nothing but foodstamps

 6 million American living on nothing but food stamps. Saw this yesterday,admittedly I was stunned.

 Always money for war, always money to fill the coffers  and pockets of corporate America and Wall St Bankers. Sigh...

When one stops and thinks about it, and  I am hoping if your reading here, you are thinking about this.
This state of affairs for the common folk. Why is this going on?
Me, I think it is part and parcel of a larger agenda, part of the movement towards a global economy, where all people are equally impoverished. Where the middle classes are massively down-sized, if not completely erased, like a long lost memory. And the small extremely wealthy elite class run amok, deluded with visions of grandeur.Imagining themselves as something more then the human beings they simply are.

Getting back on track to a related piece-

A short interview with the author of "Nickel and Dimed" Barbara Ehrenreich.
She talks about the lost middle class.

Q: What do you think about reports that an economic recovery may be at hand?

BE: Many people you might have called middle class or working class before have been ground down toward poverty or even destitution and then you see these billions of dollars of bonuses on Wall Street.
Wall Street is having a wonderful time.(with the very taxpayer money of the ground down worker) Banks are doing fine ... Are we going to come out of this being an even more economically unequal society than we were in 2007?

Q: What role did loose lending practices play in masking declining wages during the last period of economic expansion?

BE: Easy credit has been America's substitute for decent wages.(Yes, it has been. And that has been intentional.)


  1. I was just on the phone this afternoon with a friend in the USA about this. He is a PhD and ex university professor who now does private consulting.

    He was talking about a friend who lost his job as an engineer.

    He was telling me that young people are no longer going into engineering, choosing law or medicine instead. He says people are getting poorer except for lawyers and mathematical financial analysts - the guys that model stock behaviour and use models to make predictions. One of the big universities in the States no longer offers an engineering program but offers a masters in financial engineering.

    Ultimately, the economy depends on productivity - no productivity means no wealth and engineering is critical for productivity.

    This trend is likely to continue, and will be permanent if kids choose not to study engineering.

  2. continued...

    The guys that model stock behaviour make money by distorting reality. Lawyers make money by creating conflict and raping the public. These are growth areas. Everything else is dying.

  3. Engineering finances?

    good god, finances have been engineered so well already haven't they?

    what perversion