Sunday, January 24, 2010

No to the Rogue

That is the prorogue and more!
Glad to see the Canadians out in Ottawa, thanks to YaYa for some good photos from the protest.
Check them out!
Stay active Canada!


  1. The fact is that these politicians and the courts have declared war on citizens as of 1933 to appease the banks. That is why they lie and cheat all the time. That is why the country went corrupt. It no longer works for, but rather against the people.

    The fact that Harper has shut down parliament for a few months may be a blessing rather than a curse.

    I can't help but trust a guy a little when he said that the global warming hoax was a communist conspiracy years ago - perhaps back in the nineties. I recall reading this in one of the main newspapers.

  2. You can research the bankruptcy of America, but the Order Of Council done in Canada is secretive. The USA has this in HJR 192.

    This is why people really don't understand whats going on. Many countries went into Ch 11 after the depression.

    We need more brains on this. We need to become thinkers rather than complainers because understanding this problem on a wide scale can make it all go away.

    Dig in !

  3. Harper is totally in one the whole global warming scam
    did he go to copenhagen and say a word?
    nope, he played second fiddle to Obama, and displayed his utter uselessness.

    I am glad to see the people out in Ottawa of all places. Most of the people there must have their bread buttered on the government dole, so for them to come out, pretty good.

    I noted also there were climate gate protestors and NAU signs, getting the word out is good, always good

  4. Doug,
    I'm not sure I follow you. There are a few issues I see in the adoption of the provisions of HJR 192. Could you detail the problem you see in HJR 192 and the specific solution people need to enact?

    You've brought it up a few times and you have grabbed my attention with it.

  5. "Could you detail the problem you see in HJR 192 and the specific solution people need to enact?"

    Yes, I am really busy but I would strongly suggest looking the "The Redmeption Manual" on Google - version 1.0. I believe that its in there.

    I'm am finishing a project for the next month - 2 months and I have no more time right now to get back into studying that stuff - but I will and I plan to research the Canadian side of things.

    There is a website, and you can probably find it on there but I'm sure its in The Redemption Manual.

    Any of the redemption manuals will have it. Prerequisites for understanding the redemption manual fully are (1) Invisible Contracts by George Mercier, and (2)Introduction To The Law Merchant by Bill Avery- Both available for free with a web search. (3) This one is a very difficult concept: "What Does Accepted For Value Mean" - Author unknown.

  6. The specific solution is in the fact that there is NO MONEY. Its war-script. We cannot pay our bills because someone took all the money. I'm just a little rusty on this right now-will get back into it.

    James, please read Invisible Contracts and Intro to The Law Merchant - it will pique your interest - I hope.

  7. Thanks for the book leads, Doug, we all appreciate it. Now I am intrigued as well, although I have little time for it . . .

    We all do what we can I suppose, but to me, seeing any kinf of Facebook page or email petition about the prorogue just hammers home the uselessness of our supposed democracy . . . a corpocracy under the queen's pointy heel.

    The only way to fight the buggers - effectively fight them - is to be as dirty and nasty as they are.

    Locate, integrate, subdjugate, eliminate.

  8. Yes, Doug, thanks. I'll follow them up. Good luck with your project.