Thursday, January 7, 2010

Secret Society's Skull and Bones Ballot box, up for Auction

 A human skull that once apparently belonged to Yale's mysterious Skull and Bones society is being sold at auction.
It is believed the human skull was used as a ballot box around 1872. It has a hinge on top and is surrounded by crossbones.

Skull and Bones was founded in 1832. The elite society has closely guarded its members' names and its activities since the early 1970s. Publicly known members include both presidents Bush.

The purchaser also will get a black book with names and photographs of earlier members.

The auction is Jan. 22. The presale estimate is $10,000 to $20,000.

Fittingly, Christie's has agreed to keep the seller's name a secret. It describes the person only as a European art collector.
My question, whose skull and bones are these?


  1. These human skulls remind me of an interplay several years ago between western journalists who criticised the PRC (China) for human rights violations in Tibet. The retort by the Chinese official was extremely insightful: "The Tibet elites ( crowned bloodsuckers) engaged in using human skulls as drinking vessals."
    Honestly, what monstrous arrogance, the use of human skulls for everyday activities.(ballot box & drinking vessals)
    Disgusting arrogance.
    Supposedly the family of Geronimo the fierce Apache warrior, think these elite Yaleies have Geronimo's skull.
    Man, it's like a trophy to them no more then a lion or bear mounted head on a wall.

  2. I'm surprised its so cheap. The arrogance of it doesn't surprise me at all.

    I think there should be a murder charge in there somewhere, along with maybe a charge for witholding evidence. But maybe a member of the BAR association will buy it or is selling it.

  3. you know it is incredibly elitist when one thinks of it.
    Here is a human skull, that has been turned into a ballot box for the perverted pleasure of a secret society and christie's advertises it as artwork.

    I don't know, what is the message here. The rich can take a human skull,how did they get it? who's skull is it? and do what they want with it.

    When you think of the whole perversion of secret societies in alleged democracies, you realize, in all the years not much has changed.