Friday, January 8, 2010

Underwear Bomber Pleads Not Guilty... sort of.

There is a video of his alleged arrival in court. Of course, he is not seen.
Perhaps the video should have been named, vehicle pulls into parking garage?

And then even stranger, he, himself did not plead guilty. The judge decided/proclaimed his plea?

The Detroit judge took the action after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab declined to enter a plea during his first court appearance.

Or did his lawyers enter the plea?

He said little during the hearing and stood mute while his lawyers entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf. 

Is he drugged? 
His mute, almost non-response, make me wonder?

The longest answer Mr. Abdulmutallab gave was in response to whether he had taken any medication or pills.
“In the last 24 hours? Some painkillers,” he responded.

Some Painkillers? For sure? Or something else along with it? Would he know? Would he be told?

And the father? The 'rich banker',(arms-dealer) who was so concerned for his son, does not attend the hearing?

There were some suggestions that Mr. Mutallab might attend his son’s hearing in Detroit, adding a poignant element to an otherwise routine hearing. Instead, he did not attend the hearing

And then this, interesting also..

Detroit newspapers reported that two Nigerian lawyers attended: Maryam Uwais and Mahmud Kazaure, who told reporters that he was licensed to practice in Maryland, which state records confirm.

Two Nigerian lawyers attend, one of whom is licensed to practice in Maryland.(Washington, DC)

One more thing, a brief digression.. notice that the image used of the bomber has changed again.
What we always are shown is the image of someone that looks to be a teenager, 17-19
When the bomber is supposed to be 23 years old.

And this picture looks nothing like the initial pictures the world saw, and yet, could be an image of a younger man shown in the Nigerian Press. You can find both images here.
Either way the bomber, or who we are being told is the bomber has now got three different pictures associated with him.


I saw yesterday this was reported in the Canadian press, so here is the Globe & Mail, suggesting that since the undie bomber is spilling his guts, a  plea bargain may be in order.

Mr. Abdulmutallab, the son of a prominent Nigerian banker, is apparently spilling his story to interrogators and a plea bargain may be in the offing.
U.S. Attorney-General Eric Holder has said interrogation of Mr. Abdulmutallab has already provided “valuable intelligence”

 And another picture of a bald-headed man. Why is this man's physical identity continually changing?


  1. Perhaps they needed to shave the suspects head to get the electrodes to properly stick?

    Just having one off at the whole ridiculousness of it all. They really must think us all quite stupid to not see such a flimsy and sloppily compiled sham indeed.

  2. The key is to make sure any patsy doesn't talk much . . . and hell, the drug technology has advanced well beyond the stages where it had been necessary to kill a la Lee Harvey Oswald/Jack Rubenstein.

    Anyone who has eyes wide open can see little in the way of justice and freedom . . . it's a kangaroo court. And yet, the public eats it up, their cognitive dissonance welling up so that it overflows and has to be re-directed as angst, anger and vengeance against innocent countries, peoples, races, etc. And the PTB knows how to do this very well, controlling the general public like a marionette.

    Speaking of court, Penny - I ask you to look into the court case against the ability to sell raw milk in Ontario - something a little closer to home.

    ok, I'm back to listening to A View From Space on am640 . . . later.

  3. Who can even say this guy even exists ? They could have gotten an agent to do the stunt then put him on another assignment while putting pure fiction to the press. Hasn't the press become fiction anyways ? Did Snow White exist ? No, then why "believe in" the Underwear bomber ?

    We have no more reason to believe that there is a guy, the Underwear Bomber" sitting in jail somewhere than we do Snow White.

  4. Hei Hu Quan, odd that you said that, someone else in person to person conversation said the same thing.
    When you think about the fact he was described as trance like on the plane, and is being medicated in prison, hmmmm...

    slozo; I would say making sure he doesn't talk much is a goal.
    Then the correct narrative can be told to the gullible public.
    and the raw milk story, yeah, I am aware of that one, though I haven't done alot of reading on it.
    I will take a look into that one.

    You know doug, interesting you say that, I was thinking about the arrest photo on the plane, did you notice his face was all blurred on?
    See if you can find it and look, the person being apprehended is unidentifiable. A Peasant pointed me to the picture.
    So we have that, then mimimally three conflicting photos, and now a drawing of some bald guy sitting in court??
    An actor? Who the hell really knows.