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Britan, Australia and Europe turn a blind eye to assassins in their midst

Back to the mossad hit and the passports.
John left a comment, thanks John!

Some anomalies with the passport photos:
Since 2005 Subjects must look straight ahead with mouths shut and "neutral" expressions, whereas the photos of those released in the press show many of them grinning like loons. These photos should have been rejected in a UK passport application. Anyone who has applied for a UK passport knows exactly how fussy they are about these rules. Many of the photos also show the holders wearing glasses.

and then some info from the

From the Home Office website:

Information for photographers

Guidelines for photographic studios producing photographs for United Kingdom passports.


Glasses can often show reflection or glare from flash, and the frames can obscure the facial features we need to capture. This can cause problems when trying to capture the biometric. We strongly recommend that customers wearing glasses are asked to remove them to ensure that we are able to obtain an accurate biometric. Whilst this may mean that their passport photo does not show them as they usually appear, their photo will still be a good likeness.

Customers with a visual impairment should also follow this guidance.

Facial expression must be neutral (not frowning nor smiling) with the mouth closed

Therefore, these photos should not have made the grade
So, how is it they did?

Interesting points raised in this article

There is no doubt this is a mossad hit. Even the method of the kill was chosen to look as if the vicitm died of natural causes.
The pathologist who examined the victim said that pronouncing him murdered was the most difficult judgment he’d ever had to make.

Ok, the method of killing was good, so to speak.
Totally fabricated travel documents won’t work any more
Border police have near-instant access to international passport databases

So the passports used by spies have to match passports in the international databases.
Makes sense....but, those pictures, shouldn't they have set some alarm bells off, somewhere?
I don't know perhaps I am just not devious enough to grasp this mess, so if anyone else has some thoughts, please indulge me!

Then, contradictions on when and who knew what-

The Foreign Office denied claims that it had been tipped off about the use of British passports before the hit, insisting: “We only received details of the British passports a few hours before the [February 15] press conference held by the police in Dubai.”

The Irish foreign ministry has confirmed that it knew Irish passports had been used by the hit squad as early as February 4 – and it would seem surprising if Britain did not know at least that soon too.

Britian is claiming they did not find out until 11 days after the Irish Foreign
(that just doesn't seem credible)
Especially since, Dubai authorities claimed the use of “European” passports in the hit as early as January 29.

So, Britian really does appear to have gotten angry, once the whole mess hit the news.
Which does support the claim of Israel that "the UK is merely “going through the motions of outrage to mollify the media”.

Also- MI6 has been reassuring Mossad that everything “would blow over”.

Why would MI6 reassure Mossad, unless they were involved? Did MI6 supply or make the passports? It would seem they would have had to been involved somehow.

Britian is now in Israel to 'investigate' the use of passports in the assasination.
Expect a cover-up, given the MI6 reassurance of everything blowing over

PM Kevin Rudd seems to be contradicting himself with every sentence he utters!

First, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is said to not be satisfied with its Israeli envoy's explanation about the fraudulent use of Australian passports in the assassination of a Hamas commander in Dubai last month.

But, then Rudd said his government had to "proceed very carefully" in the investigation because of its complex security nature.

What in the hell! Your country has been wronged, Rudd, why would you not proceed full steam ahead. What complex security nature? Rudd is playing word games. Clearly. Worse, he is playing games with the people of Australia.

Besides, Britian and Australia playing word games, Europe seems to be completely missing in action.
Europe seems to be wary of following the killers trails.

A killer - or killers - may be on the loose in Europe after a Hamas operative was slain last month in Dubai. European nations, however, seem to be in no rush to find him, her or them.

Authorities there (France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy) have either declined to say whether they are investigating, or have said they have no reason to hunt down the 26 suspects implicated in the Jan. 19 killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

"Countries such as Germany have a special relationship with Israel because of their history and therefore wouldn't be interested in investigating," he said.

What the hell?! Special relationship?

Dutch and Italian officials, too, said they aren't investigating the flight of six suspects to Amsterdam and Rome.
Michael Boyle, a lecturer in strategic studies at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, said European countries were "unlikely or unwilling to make it a serious political issue with Israel.
It's going to raise up embarrassing questions and complicate their relationship with Israel," he said.

Um, ok?

All these countries cooperate militarily, can we assume their intelligence agencies are all inter-connected? I would think so. So none of these countries can really question Israel, since they are all part and parcel of this entire intrigue, and risk exposing themselves.

Well, that is my take on it!


  1. Those are astute observations of John's and from you, too, Penny. Nice summary.

    The overview I get from reading them is how all these major powers are tip-toeing around Israel and yet are involved in it.

    Obviously, the power relationship is the reverse of what you might expect.

    The responses are obviously unco-ordinated so that means they were all caught unexpectedly by this. And whenever a position is reversed or 'corrected' by one of these governments, then the original position is almost certainly closer to the truth.

  2. There was something about those photo's Penny & John, but I couldn't put my finger on it! You're right, noway a passport issuer would have allowed those pictures, no-fucking-way. I'm pissed off just because they were allowed, because when I last applied for a passport I ordered two sets of photo's (just to be sure) and they were all rejected! Ended up having to run to a professional photographer, and paying £20 for one pic.

    Does that mean they're not legitimate passports? To me it does.
    The assassins are now travelling under equally dubious papers I'm sure.

  3. ok, maybe one of you can clarify.

    Edo, when you say, no way a passport issuer would allow those photo's, by this you mean exactly what agency?

    Who issues the passports, once photos are submitted?

    The photos look as if they are all watermarked or somehow security marked would that be correct?

    (It is hard to tell when one is looking at pics of pics)

    Would the procedure from country to country vary?

  4. Nothing will come of this, nothing at all.

    One must ask themselves what it is that Mossad has on all these so-called leaders.

    I sorta get the Germany thing, afterall they've been castrated a long time now, not to mention still being under occupation.

    Maybe Ireland, those feisty folks, will speak up a little louder.

    Rudd is a dink, he won't do naught.

    Meh, none of this will change a darn thing.

    Buff the Cynic

    word verification: panica

  5. Yo Penny. The issuer in the UK is the passport office, which is part of the home office. Most embassies issue passports too for foreign residents, this is one of their main day to day activities.

    According to this guideline document, , 5 of the 6 on that picture in your post would (or should) be rejected.

    In my experience, embassy staff are even more rigorous than passport office employees on the checking of p[ictures.

  6. So what does that mean exactly?

    That passports are for minions like us, not for wannabe hijackers or bankers whores, and certainly not assassins.

    Either they are or they're not UK passports. If the passport office did issue them, they knew damn well who they were issuing them to.

  7. Clearly the passports aren't legit. That doesn't mean they'd set off alarm bells at any immigration office. The original blanks were real, the subsequent ID numbers are real, and the photo matches the bearer. Done deal, thanks very much.

    As for the photo being of a smiling person - when MI6 (or ASIO/ASIS in Oz) asks for a passport (at Mossad's behest), they'd just send in the photo and get the passport. As simple as that. The low-level functionary who'd reject them for smiling or wearing glasses is nowhere in the loop. The photo rules are for biometric reasons, ie. the coming fascist mass control. Sure enough, these reasons don't apply to assassins. Smile, don't smile, who cares?

    As for KRudd, he'll do what he's told.

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