Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CSIS won't open file on Canadian Icon Tommy Douglas

Canada's spy agency is pulling out all the stops to block the release of decades-old intelligence
on Canadian icon Tommy Douglas.


  1. This is all about protecting the reputation of the RCMP. The RCMP reputation right now is in the gutter and the information in this file probably makes them look like a cross of the KGB and the Gestapo. Don't forget the RCMP broke up many union organization drives and are reported to have killed union activists. CSIS is simply tring to protect their own. I hope they fail, this info needs to be made public

  2. Hey David,

    While I will agree this is entirely about protecting the former RCMP Security Services and the present day CSIS.

    The arguements by Jalbert are interesting

    "Some subjects of investigation are entities that remain of interest for many decades."

    I am assuming this is not Tommy Douglas being referred to, rather it is activities of political 'entities' that RCMP/CSIS had snooped on, or infiltrated.
    Example communist party and the peace movement would have been spied on, and likely are right up to date.

    Wildly speculating here, but, something else that may be in this file, potentially explosive, is that the intelligence agency may have had ideas revolving around political assasinations.
    And there is possibly indications of collusion with other governments, most likely US.

    Tommy Douglas's ideas may have been perceived as subversive.

    Since in the minds of the ptb's anything that benefits the populace at large is generally considered subversive.

    Any way one looks at it, the intelligence agency is covering for itself.

  3. Canada isn't a country. We are people on the land subject to the Dominion of Canada. Canada isn't like other countries - its much more corrupt here.

    Its Canadian banks that launder the Afgan drug money. We have secret military bases in Iraq too. This came out in the National Post in articles about the Colonel arrested for murder.

    Where else could it be public knowledge that the police abduct and murder young women at a very high rate but in Canada (BC).

    Where else do you see hookers advertising in print at prices that show they are slave "labour" ?

    Who else trans their police forces in places like Haiti and Palestine?

    What other country does not allow police reports to be filed regarding crimes people without the permission and approval of a lawyer ? (my experience)

    The examples of Canadian corruption are endless, yet we look down on the USA for it.

  4. Amen to that, Doug, and well said.

    I have had a personal connection to the RCMP myself, with a family member being a high ranking officer who earlier shadowed and surveilled top gov't officials including the prime minister, and who later became a lead investigator into fraud/financial white collar crime.

    From what I understand, once you have enough power and conncetions, no one can touch you . . . which is what happened to Mulroney. They had enough shit on him to convict a guy like that a hundred times over, but he had accrued so much power and influence over everyone from judges and lawyers to the RCMP, senators and active politicians - he had a hundred minions at his back. Well, maybe that isn't even phrased very well - he was a part of the power structure network that takes care of the people at the top of the pyramid who remain powerful, evil forces.

    Tommy Douglas falls under this category.

  5. Tommy Douglas is probably tied up intimately with the bankruptcy of Canada which took place in 1933, as with all other countries controlled by the international bankers.

    These documents are secretive, but HJR - 192, the details of the US bankruptcy are not. Many people in Canada use the same methods exposed in this document to extricate themselves from the corrupt system, stop being "Canadian citizens" and stop being obligated to follow statutes based on a corrupt monetary system.

    This is the key to the whole thing. We must learn WHO WE ARE. We own the money, we earn the money. The world that many people take as reality is a fiction.