Monday, February 15, 2010

Haiti case adviser linked to child prostitution

Being reported in the Sydney Herald today:

SANTO DOMINGO: The man providing legal advice to American church workers charged with trying to take children out of Haiti may have a string of legal charges against him in the US and has emerged as the key suspect in a child prostitution ring in El Salvador

Though his wife was convicted in the case, Mr Torres Puello left the country - wanted by Salvadorean police - before ending up in Haiti. A self-styled lawyer with no law degree, he has had other brushes with the law, including a charge in Miami in 1999 for possessing fake documents, records show. His bond was later revoked and a warrant issued for his arrest.

The revelations are another twist in the drama surrounding the church workers from Idaho, who have been jailed for trying to take 33 children from Haiti without permission after the earthquake ripped through Port-au-Prince on January 12.

For the past 10 days Mr Torres Puello has been a visible figure in the church case, granting interviews with reporters about his role as legal adviser to the group.

But little was known about his background until Friday, when Salvadorean police announced an investigation into whether he was the same suspect who led the trafficking ring.

Using photos and fingerprints, police say they are close to confirming that Mr Torres Puello is the suspect wanted since last year for leading a network that recruited children for prostitution in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador. In the interview with the Miami Herald, his mother confirmed that his wife - Ana Josefa Galvarina Ramirez Orellana - had been convicted in the case and was in jail in San Salvador.

Police broke the ring last year after three children aged 14, 15 and 16 escaped from a house in El Salvador and went to the police to report they had been forced to pose naked to promote the enterprise.

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  1. thanks pen. there's even more crazy stuff now via cnn -- unconfirmed, but they say he used to work for the army, military intelligence, dea and dhs. has been in jail in canada, etc. etc. crazier by the day.

  2. This case appears to have link with a sophisticated and well financed network of human traffickers.Therefore, the case should have been transferred to the Interpol.
    Thanks to the vigilance of the Dominicans Rep armed forces who were able to apprehend them just on time.

  3. And he's a Jew, WOW, whoda thunk it? Always it's the same same, kick over any rock and what are the vermin one finds scurrying about in their pestilent manner, feeding off of the misery of others.

  4. hey a peasant.

    I hemmed and hawed over posting this, as you and aangirfan had been doing such a good job on the subject.
    But then I thought, it really would just validate and strengthen both your postings.

    Been in jail in Canada eh?

    Hey Pierre!
    Bonjour. Yeah, I can see that.
    Use those poor kids for sick sexual perversion then, in the end, their organs could be sold.
    Just sickening.

    And yes silv, he is jewish.
    His wife is already incarcerated for child trafficking.
    The whole thing is sick, sick, sick...

  5. when it comes to cracking open human trafficking rings, the more bloggers the merrier. ; D

  6. It's amazing how this story has fallen off the msm radar. A little too much info? When it broke, it reminded me of the Finders. Of course the spin was swallowed: These 'baptists' were only trying to 'help', oh the poor baptists... uh okay.

    Sick world, run by sick people.

  7. Yup, it does remind one of the finders, it really does..