Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tony Blair: Gaza's great betrayer

Phony Tony, never was there a more appropriate name for a leader.

Just look at the performance at the Chilcott Inquiry! Blair demonstrated he can spin and lie, spin lies, whatever..... he demonstrated he is as full of **it now, as he was leading up to the attack on Iraq.
Despite the fact that Iraq invasion had no 'legal basis in international law'
He held to his role, he was true to the story line.... Do they have any special awards or honours for people like him? Of course they do! You appoint lying war criminals as 'peace envoys'.
Ya, that's it war criminals = peace envoys

Tony, the great betrayer.

So what has Tony Blair done to further peace in the region?
Virtually nothing, argues the historian Avi Shlaim.
(read the entire article at above length)

Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in August 2005 was not a contribution to the Roadmap but an attempt to unilaterally redraw the borders of Greater Israel and part of a plan to ­entrench the occupation there. Yet in return for the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, Sharon extracted from the US a written agreement to Israel's ­retention of the major settlement blocs on the West Bank. Bush's support amounted to an abrupt reversal of US policy since 1967, which regarded the settlements as illegal and as an obstacle to peace. Blair publicly endorsed the pact, probably to preserve a united ­Anglo-American front at any price. It was the most egregious British ­betrayal of the Palestinians since the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

In July 2006, at the height of the savage Israeli onslaught on Lebanon, Blair opposed a security council ­resolution for an immediate and ­unconditional ceasefire: he wanted to give Israel an opportunity to destroy Hezbollah, the radical Shi'ite religious-political movement. One year later, in June 2007, he resigned from office. That day he was appointed the Quartet's special envoy to Israel and the Palestinian Authority. His main sponsor was Bush and his blatant partisanship on behalf of Israel was probably considered a qualification. His appointment ­coincided with the collapse of the ­Palestinian national unity government, the reassertion of Fatah rule in the West Bank and the violent seizure of power by Hamas in Gaza.

Blair's main tasks were to mobilise international assistance for the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority, to promote good governance and the rule of law in the Palestinian territories, and to further Palestinian economic development. His broader mission, was "to promote an end to the conflict in conformity with the Roadmap".

On taking up his appointment, Blair said that: "The absolute priority is to try to give effect to what is now the consensus across the international community – that the only way of bringing stability and peace to the ­Middle East is a two-state solution." His appointment was received with great satisfaction by the Israelis and with utter dismay by the Arabs.

In his two and a half years as special envoy, Blair has achieved remarkably little.


  1. Nice catch!

    I am getting so sick of Israel, I didn't think I could hold more contempt for them than I already did. Yet, to my own amazement - everytime I hear and learn more it grows worse.

    If I hear on more whine about the Holocaust my head is going to explode. I have NO sympathy left for the bitch called Israel.

  2. You can usually tell who's work a politician has been doing by the money they pick up when they leave office. Not only did Blair pick up the Peace Envoy job but also got a nice payoff from JP Morgan, a fake job which brings in $5 million a year. Thanks Tony!

    The nastiest element of his performance at Chilcot last week was his selling of the menace of Iran. A shameless promoter of a future war, he truly is a revolting person.

    I also think he has a dubious history. When the previous Labour Party leader John Smith conveniently died there were lots of possibilities for the position. It was announced that Tony Blair was to be leader of the party, to a chorus of 'Who the hell is he?' he always looked iffy and smelt more Conservative than the average Tory, he was in the wrong party. I think our leaders have been chosen for us, no choices for us in this fake democracy.

  3. hey john!

    Blair got a pay off from JP Morgan?
    5 million a year salary, cripes it is profitable being a scum sucking war criminal!

    I read his spout off on Iran.
    You would think no one would take him seriously, no one, but of course the media did their duty and reported it.

    It looks like an attack on Iran is coming..