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Drasius Keyds- When the law failed him, he got justice!

Hei Hu Quan said:

"The sane world has had its fill of protected, sanctioned child predators and their day of reckoning is fast approaching." And for these scumbags, he has two words- Drasius Keyds.
I was intrigued.. Who or what is Drasius Keyds?
He is another 'any man' who fought back!
He is a Dad, a Father, who shot dead a judge and senior politician who molested his daughter.

Keyds' nightmare began a year ago when daughter Deimantela told him about a meeting set up by his then fiancee with Judge Jonas Furmanavicziusa and the Speaker of Lithuania's parliament , Andrius Us.

The pair allegedly raped and abused the youngster who reported her ordeal to her father.

But a year long campaign for a police investigation failed when detectives told Keyds there was not enough evidence to proceed with a case.

So after a year of stalling and other such baloney. He gunned them down.

Now the fugitive dad is being offered a safe haven in neighbouring countries like Poland.

Here is a letter from the Drasius Keyds- It has been translated from Lithuanian
It is his 'letter to nobody'. Let's call it his letter to everybody, everyone who reads it.
Excerpting some of what his daughter told him

"Stories of my four-year old daughter about naked men, her being undressed, her being licked and requests to lick big sysalai (as the little girl calls men’s genital organs), dripping out cream, her being covered with that “natural” cream, becoming of sysalas very little (after the “cream” run out), putting sysalas into her mouth, its pulling forward/ back, shouting strange sounds, putting and pulling sysalas in the room, bathroom, lavatory… everywhere, always, hundreds of times when she visited her “Mummy” at weekends (even on Christening day of my daughter) do not move none of officers involved in prejudicial inquiry. Nothing happened here… The girl is alive. Her mother got money from those with big sysalai for living."

There is more, of course, read it at the link above.

Recall in the Silsby/Puello posts we had all our so called do gooder religions represented.
Christian, Jewish and Catholic? According to this article, the two pedophiles gunned down, were none other then 'god's chosen people". You got it, more practitioners of Judaism.
Romanian Vanguard News

What a compelling story! Thanks for mentioning it Hei Hu Quan.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Man arrested for attempting to purchase a 5 yr old child

Isn't this curious?
How did this man get across the border, when he was wanted in the US?
After he had been contacted by police (by telephone?) in Woodstock, Georgia and refused to turn himself in? Does that strike anyone as weird?

Police in Ontario-Canada, arrest a French national, who was living in the US, and had been accused of attempting to buy a child! Yes, you read that right, attempting to buy a child.
This is just coming out, so here is what is known-

A 56-year-old French man is in Canadian custody after he was arrested in Ontario at the request of U.S. authorities who say he recently made notice that he wanted to make an on-line purchase a five-year-old boy.

Patrick Ange Molesti, of Woodstock, Georgia,(USA) came to the attention of authorities "about a week and a half ago." Molesti is identified as a French national who has been living in the United States. Investigators received a tip that Molesti had interest in purchasing a five-year-old boy.

(yes, I note the irony in this suspected pedophiles name being Molesti)
Police allege they found child pornography during a forensic search of Molesti's personal computer.( In the US) They made contact with Molesti by telephone, but he refused to turn himself in.
-Eventually police learned Molesti had boarded a bus in Wyoming that was headed for Canada. -He got to Calgary, Alberta where he boarded a bus headed for Montreal, Quebec. That journey was interrupted, however, when Molesti was arrested by members of the Emergency Task Unit on Friday evening when the bus stopped at the Greyhound bus terminal in Thunder Bay. The arrest occurred just after 8:30 p.m.
-Thunder Bay police turned Molesti over to the Canadian border service.

Patrick Molesti of Woodstock, Georgia, will face a detention review hearing in Toronto on Wednesday morning via video link.
Molesti is wanted by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s office on child pornography charges. Police there also allege that he tried to solicit sex with a five-year-old child over the Internet.
No word on why he was heading for Montreal. Law Enforcement officials are saying he was on the run. Maybe? Maybe not?
Quebec provincial police are crediting their Edmonton counterparts for leading them to a high-profile Montreal biochemist in a child-porn investigation.
It all began March 1, when a member of the integrated child exploitation (ICE) unit began an undercover Internet investigation.
“During that investigation, he encountered an individual from Montreal who was suspected of possessing a large volume of child pornography,”
The information was passed on to police in Montreal, Cook added.
The Surete du Quebec’s cybercrime unit arrested a 50-year-old man Tuesday after raiding his Montreal home.
And Montreal is where the French national, from the US, who no doubt could parlez francais, was headed!

GSK Rotavirus vaccine contaminated with Pig virus

This is very interesting... thinking about a resurgence of swine flu that it is alleged will be coming from children. With all health authorities urging children to be vaccinated, as the front line fighters for flu, including swine flu, from pigs.

So, keeping that in mind, let's get back to contaminated Glaxo-Smith Kline rotavirus vaccine.

On Monday, as the nation was fully focused (distracted) on passage of the sweeping health care reform bill, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a recommendation regarding a common vaccine given to children to prevent severe diarrhea. The FDA told doctors to temporarily suspend use of GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) Rotarix vaccine for rotavirus immunization while the agency investigates an extraneous component found in the vaccine.

GlaxoSmithKline notified the FDA on March 15 that an independent U.S. academic research team found, through novel methods, that the vaccine contains DNA from porcine circovirus 1 (PCV1), that is, components of a virus common among pigs. The FDA said there is no evidence at this time that this finding poses a safety risk, adding that "PCV1 is not known to cause illness in humans or other animals."

Contaminated with pig virus! How is that possible?
Of course health authorities are saying, it is benign, it is harmless...but, do they really know that? Obviously they do not! Glaxo-Smith Kline was unaware their vaccine was contaminated. So realistically they are unaware of it's alleged safety or not.
How about if that pig virus swimming around in the human body, meets up with another pig virus? What then? How may they react? Particularly when mixed with other viruses? Like during a massive global vaccine campaign?

About 1 million children in the United States and about 30 million worldwide have gotten Rotarix vaccine, she said.

GSK says:
"it (pig virus) is found in everyday meat products and is frequently eaten with no resulting disease or illness."

Frequently eaten? Without disease or illness?
Let's put that sentence another way, that same virus is often eaten with resulting disease and illness. Same sentence. More appropriate wording. GSK doesn't have a clue if this is safe.

Mercury in Vaccines harmful or harmless-the debate rages on

We are repeatedly told this is safe. Is it really?
I think about all the things in this world we are told, yes, that is perfectly safe.
Saccharine, Nutrasweet, at one time even cigarette smoking was a wonderful option for people.
Thalidomide, that was safe too. Until the damage done was so obvious denial could only be met with disgust and anger.

Back to mercury in vaccines. Hotly debated to this day. But, mercury is poisonous. So I am not sure why it should be considered safe when injected repeatedly into the human body.

I found this little news blurb; LA Times 2005
91 Memo Warned of Mercury in Shots

A memo from Merck & Co. shows that, nearly a decade before the first public disclosure, senior executives were concerned that infants were getting an elevated dose of mercury in vaccinations containing a widely used sterilizing agent.

The March 1991 memo, obtained by The Times, said that 6-month-old children who received their shots on schedule would get a mercury dose up to 87 times higher than guidelines for the maximum daily consumption of mercury from fish.

A 1991 memo, interesting. 87 times higher then recommended?!?

And then another one: Possible Mercury, Autism Connection Found in Study

Texas researchers have found a possible link between autism and mercury in the air and water.

Studying individual school districts in Texas, the epidemiologists found that those districts with the highest levels of mercury in the environment also had the highest rates of special education students and autism diagnoses


Most recently this bit of news Vaccine Researcher Flees with $2M

This wasn't just any vaccine researcher. This was the lead researcher, the man who lead the research that allegedly demonstrated mercury in vaccines was not harmful.

A Danish scientist who was a lead researcher in two studies that purport to show that mercury used in vaccines do not cause autism is believed to have used forged documents to steal $2 million from Aarhus University in Denmark.

Dr. Poul Thorsen was also a research professor at Emory University from 2003 until June of 2009. Emory University officials gave no reason for Thorsen's departure.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded research conducted by Thorsen and his colleagues at Aarhus University.

The CDC asked the researchers to conduct studies to determine whether thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative and adjuvant used in vaccines, played any role in causing autism.

The results of the studies, that there was no link between vaccines containing mercury and autism, formed the foundation for the conclusions of several Institute of Medicine reports.

In a statement Aarhus University officials said Thorsen forged documents supposedly from the CDC to obtain the release of $2 million from the university.

Autism advocacy groups are demanding his studies be given a closer look. Those same groups have long claimed that the results of the studies were suspect.

CDC officials released a statement this afternoon saying, "CDC is aware of the allegations by Aarhus University against Poul Thorsen, a Danish doctor who participated in CDC funded research. For the past 10 years, CDC has had a cooperative agreement with the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI) and Aarhus University in Denmark to conduct research studies on issues such as cerebral palsy, autism, alcohol use in pregnancy and Down syndrome. Dr. Thorsen was one of many co-authors on these research projects. All of these were subject to extensive peer review and we have no reason to suspect that there are any issues related to the integrity of the science. The allegations that are fiscal in nature against Dr. Thorsen are being looked into by appropriate authorities."

His research contradicted the older studies I mentioned. While the CDC may claim his work was peer reviewed, there is no way for us to actually know that it was. Only that the CDC claims it was. I'll be honest, I don't hold them in such high esteem. Particularly after the swine flu hype.

This scientist, doesn't seem to be a very ethical person does he? It does make one wonder, what else he would be capable of, for the right payment?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Turkey says NO sanctions on Iran and ponders Israel's nuclear arsenal

Turkey's PM Tayyip Erdogan does not support sanctions against Iran.

"We are of the view that sanctions is not a healthy path and... that the best route is diplomacy,"

While the suck-up from Germany, Angela Merkel hopes that Turkey votes with the US in April.

"We would happy if Turkey votes in April on the Iran issue together with the United States and the European Union,"
Erdogan then wondered aloud-

Erdogan then wondered why the international community refused to impose sanctions against the Middle East's sole nuclear weapons power, in an apparent (obvious) allusion to Israel.

"We are against nuclear weapons in our region. But is there another country in our region that has nuclear weapons? Yes, there is.
And have they been subjected to sanctions? No," Erdogan said.
I hope Erdogan is prepared for another attempted overthrow, or perhaps an assasination attempt ?

Diplomat Robert Fowler- Good speech

I give this man credit. He had the guts to call it as he see's it! His speech is from the Liberal party meeting. Nice to hear some truth telling.

On Israeli favouritism displayed by both the Liberals and Conservatives:

Fowler also charged that both the Liberal and Conservative parties are contributing to turmoil in the Middle East and fostering international terrorism by pandering to Jewish voters in Canada with blindly uncritical support for Israel in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He said in using foreign policy exclusively for domestic purposes and "scrambling to lock up the Jewish vote,"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Foreign control of large swathes of Sinai Peninsula obtained through fraud and Israeli involvement

Egyptian writer and intellectual Fahmi Howeidi, revealed that over "800 of the peninsula has been obtained by foreigners, including Israelis, by fraudulent means". An additional 1000 residential units in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh's have also come under foreign control fraudulently.

Here's how the dirty deals were done:

The land deals in question have been concluded by an Egyptian corporation that is, claimed Mr. Howeidi, a front for a German company which used eleven lawyers to "fix 450 judicial rulings through which the registration and payments outside Egypt took place successfully".

In an article published by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Row'ya (The Vision), Mr. Howeidi said,
"The worst aspect of this case is that all these agreements were in favour of Israeli owners and companies."

In such a situation, he said, we are looking at something far more serious than "tourism and foreign investment; it becomes a scheme with political ramifications obvious to everybody".

At a time when the Egyptian media has warnings about Palestinians crossing illegally into Sinai, he added, Israelis are working in secret to put their hands on whatever they can get from real estate and lands in the Egyptian Sinai.

Howeidi drew attention to the fact that this is not the first such case, "as the Syaj corporation was accused similarly when it bought 6500 square meters of land located on the Taba borders and it appeared that one of the financiers of the deal was the Israeli Lemerre Company". It was later also discovered that one of the participants in this was a former Israeli general who had published two articles in American newspapers in 2000 and 2002 saying that the ruling in favour of Egypt on land in Taba did not help Israel's national security and that it should be reviewed in order to address this "gap"

Imagining an Israeli strike on Iran

Would Israel take the risk of a strike? And if so, what would follow?

The Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution created its own war game simulations in December.

For the sake of verisimilitude, former top American policymakers and intelligence officials — some well known — were added to the mix. They played the president and his top advisers; the Israeli prime minister and cabinet; and Iranian leaders. They were granted anonymity to be able to play their roles freely, without fear of blowback. (This reporter, David E Sanger, was invited as an observer.) A report by Kenneth M. Pollack, who directed the daylong simulation, can be found at the Saban Center’s Web site.


Without telling the U.S. in advance, Israel strikes at six of Iran's most critical nuclear facilities, using a refueling base hastily set up in the Saudi Arabian desert without Saudi knowledge. (It is unclear to the Iranians if the Saudis were active participants or not.)

Already-tense relations between the White House and Israel worsen rapidly, but the lack of advance notice allows Washington to say truthfully that it had not condoned the attack.(interesting given the recent theatre)


In a series of angry exchanges, the U.S. demands that Israel cease its attacks, though some in Washington view the moment as an opportunity to further weaken the Iranian government, particularly the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Telling Israel it has made a mess, Washington essentially instructs the country to sit in a corner while the United States tries to clean things up.


Even while calling for restraint on all sides, the U.S. deploys more Patriot antimissile batteries and Aegis cruisers around the region, as a warning to Iran not to retaliate. Even so, some White House advisers warn against being sucked into the conflict, believing that Israel's real strategy is to lure America into finishing the job with additional attacks on the damaged Iranian facilities. ( correct observation)


Despite warnings, Iran fires missiles at Israel, including its nuclear weapons complex at Dimona, but damage and casualties are minimal. Meanwhile, two of Iran's proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas, launch attacks in Israel and fire rockets into the country.

Believing it already has achieved its main goal of setting back the nuclear program by years, Israel barely responds. (allowing the country to play victim, as usual)


Iran, while wounded, sees long-term opportunities to unify its people - and to roll over its opposition parties - on nationalistic grounds. Its strategy is to mount low-level attacks on Israel while portraying the United States as a paper tiger - unable to control its ally and unwilling to respond to Iran. (etc., there is more to this section at the link above)


After a meeting of its divided leadership, Iran decides against directly attacking any American targets - to avoid an all-out American response.


Though Iran's retaliation against Israel causes only modest damage, critics in the Israeli media say the country's leaders, by failing to respond to every attack, have weakened the credibility of the nation's deterrence. Hezbollah fires up to 100 rockets a day into northern Israel, with some aimed at Haifa and Tel Aviv.

The Israeli economy comes to a virtual halt, and Israeli officials, urging American intervention, complain that one-third of the country's population is living in shelters. Hundreds of thousands flee Haifa and Tel Aviv.(Intervention they wanted all along)


Israel finally wins American acquiescence to retaliate against Hezbollah


Knowing that its ultimate weapon is its ability to send oil prices sky high, Iran decides to attack Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, an oil industry center, with conventional missiles and begins mining the Strait of Hormuz.


Unable to sit on the sidelines while oil supplies and American forces are threatened, Washington begins a massive military reinforcement of the Gulf region.


The game ends eight days after the initial Israeli strike. But it is clear the United States was leaning toward destroying all Iranian air, ground and sea targets in and around the Strait of Hormuz, and that Iran's forces were about to suffer a significant defeat. Debate breaks out over how much of Iran's nuclear program was truly crippled, and whether the country had secret backup facilities that could be running in just a year or two.

read entire article at link above.

Only in western media, can an attack on a sovereign nation be 'imagined' without condemnation.

Also related: Despite political theatre, sorry let me correct that, or rather let's continue the lying: Despite 'row' US & Israel sign massive arms deal

The Pentagon and Israel's defense establishment were in the process of sealing a large arms deal.
According to the deal, Israel will purchase three new Hercules C-130J airplanes. The deal for the three aircrafts, designed by Lockheed Martin, is worth roughly a quarter billion dollars. Each aircraft costs $70 million.

Also a deal on the Lockheed F-35 war plane, not settled yet, but expected to be. That deal worth 3 billion dollars.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Depravity exemplified! Silsby, Puello, Adrien, Catholic, Jewish, Christian connections

It is getting to the point with this saga, I don't even know what to title these posts anymore!
The deeper one digs into the story of Haitian child kidnappers, the more twisted the tale is.

I have pretty well made it clear, based on what I have read, my opinion is that Laura Silsby and Jorge Puello attempted to engage in the trafficking of the Haitian children. Isaac Adrien also participated.

Just want to cover a bit more on Silsby first.
Edwin Coq, lawyer for 9 missionaries said
"Laura Sislby knew she could not move the children without proper documentation. "
I believe she did know but the opportunity provided for her by the disaster was to great an opportunity to let pass.

Silsby "believed" she had all the documentation she needed, all obtained in Dominican Republic.
Regardless of what she believed, how could she really think that anyone in the Dominican could have the authority to allow her to take Haitian children? Clearly she had to have known that was not the case.

The Dominican consul in Haiti, Carlos Castillo, told the AP on Thursday that the day the Americans departed for the border, Silsby visited him and said she had a document from Dominican migration officials authorizing her to take the children from Haiti.

No word on who the Dominican migration officials were.

Castillo said he warned Silsby that if she lacked adoption papers signed by the appropriate Haitian officials her mission would be considered child trafficking. "We were very specific," he said.

This does verify what the lawyer Edwin Coq is contending. Therefore Silsby knew she did not have appropriate documentation and was told without it, she would be trafficking in children.
Since Silsby was engaged in trafficking why would that have bothered her?

I'm guessing here, but it seems sensible, she did not think that crossing the border out of Haiti was going to be an issue. Given the circumstances. It seemed she was more concerned with entering Dominican Republic.
So here is Silsby at the Haitian border, with the stolen children.
With no authorization from anyone in the Haitian government to move the children.
Haitian police stopped the Americans’ bus at the border before it managed to cross.
And who does Silsby make a call to?
This is Isaac Adrien's account, he came to light in the previous post. I believe he was part and parcel of this trafficking ring, and once caught, he started spilling the beans.

"She called Jose, the guy's name was Jose."
"Who's Jose?"
"He was a policeman at the Dominican border."
"Is he Haitian or Dominican?"
"Dominican he came and talked to the Haitians but they would not listen to him."

Aha, "Jose " a policeman at the Dominican border!?
Or so claims Isaac Adrien.
But, I do wonder could this Jose be- Jose Hidalgo?
Who is Jose Hidalgo?

Jose Hidalgo was the real estate agent who brokered the deal between the Dominican Catholic Church's Bishop Julio C├ęsar Amaro Corniel and Laura Silsby

Goodness gracious, just what we all need to see right now, the Catholic Church, because they don't have enough trouble with pedophelia.

The Catholics leased forty-five rooms of their Education and Training Center located in the town of Cabarete on the northern province of Puerto Plata to the organization New Life Children's Refuge. Silsby also bought land in the hamlet of Yagua Magante section of the town of Gaspar Hernandez, Espaillat province.
Silsby's so called orphange. I covered that in another post.
I don't know if this is the Jose she called, or if it was another Jose.
I imagine Jose is a common name in the Dominican so one can't be sure.
What is interesting though? The deal between Silsby and the Catholic Bishop.

When asked by reporters to identify who the policeman was it was reported that the missionaries:
"declined to answer that question and instead they responded by breaking into singing hymns"

I wonder who led the followers into the sing song?

"Later team leader Laura Silsby conceded she knew a man she described as a Haitian policeman she also said she knew another man she described as a Dominican coast guard."

I guess in the smuggling business it is very good to know law enforcement officals, by land and by sea. It is also good to know "fixers" and Laura Silsby knew a fixer.
Meanwhile, online forum comments by Dominican Legal Blogs (posts by Dominican and expat lawyers) reveal the matter-of-fact view that "Puello is a buscone (fixer) who had probably been hired previously by the work the DR-side of their enterprises."

Apparently he is a man of many hats...

Jorge Puello aka Jorges Torres Orellana, according to reliable sources is a daven (prayer).
"According to reliable sources Jorge Torres Orellana davens (prays) at the Chabad in the Dominican Republic. ( I covered his connection to Chabad in a previous post)

You know what else Jorge Puello aka Jorges Torrel Orellan is? He is a pimp!
From Haiti and Dominican to Miami, Florida
Get ready for this:


1460 NW 107TH AVE
Title VP
1460 NW 107TH AVE STE R
Title TRES
1460 NW 107TH AVE STE R
according to HaitiVox this appears to be a front company linked to a prostitution /online escort recruiting service.

Ana Ramirez is Jorge's wife

His wife, Ana Josefa Ramirez Orellana, has already been arrested and charged with sex trafficking by Salvadoran police. The two allegedly operated a brothel out of their home.

I want to look at something else, that will bring us full circle back to Isaac Adrien

Isaac Adrien was reported in some places to be the coordinator for Haiti House of Blessings.
I see no mention of him at the website. He was however raised as a child around that orphanage.

This reporting of the Haiti House of Blessing connection brought a denial from the founder of the orphanage. Missionary wrongly linked to Orphan Drama

But Phillip Murphy says he has no connection to the group and that the arrested Americans may have caused heartache for parents of the Haitian children.

He was incorrectly identified as "a Baptist minister, Philippe Murphy, who runs an orphanage in the area" of Fermathe, Haiti.

Isaac Adrien took Silsby's group to House of Blessings, which houses about 20 children, but the director, Joana Jean Marie Desir, turned them away, Murphy said.

Now if Isaac Adrien had really been the coordinator of the Haiti House of Blessings, would the director turn them away?

"She locked the door and said no, we don't know who you are," he said. (Philip Murphy recounting)

No luck at the orphanage so Adrien conveyed the offer of Silsby's group to gathered villagers, acting as a translator, and because of that connection, the villagers assumed they could trust the Americans, despite a warning from Desir not to, Murphy said.

"We lived there so long and people knew us, and when they saw Isaac with them, they assumed we were part of that (group)," he said.

Of course, we can't be sure if Philip Murphy is telling the truth or not. But, what does seem correct is Isaac Adrian used a connection to this orphanage to gather up children, on behalf of Laura Silsby, to be trafficked.

This episode, should have any sane and rational person asking themselves serious, very serious questions about the roles played by organized religion in this world.

Whether Catholic, Baptist (christian) or Jewish, the hierarchical religious organizations are perfect covers for any and every manner of nefarious evil doings. Including pedophilia, child prostitution and the trafficking of humans possibly for organs. None of it can be dismissed.

If you have been in a cave and need some background, read , here , here
and click on the Haiti label at the bottom, there might be more

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The Thirteenth Tribe

One more, god there is always just one more...
Does anyone, but me, wonder how it is possible the news is filled with celebrity nonsense when the world is filled with so much wonderous knowledge??
Intentional dumbing down is the answer.
Anyway.... thanks to YaYaCanada for this!

Her and I had been chatting on the Shlomo Sand interview, she is reading the book that is the subject of the interview. By the way, she enjoyed the interview very much.

And she shared this, The Thirteenth Tribe, regarding the Khazar background of Judaism.
Ties in nicely.

Genetically altered mosquitos- stealthy transmittors

Since, I have my work cut out for me.... just a quickie! But an interesting story.
Mosquitos are normally transmittors of disease, and they are very efficient and discreet.
Keep that in mind while reading this......

Researchers altered the salivary glands of the Anopheles stephensi mosquito, dubbed a "flying vaccinator," so that it carried the Leishmania vaccine within its saliva.

These mosquitos could be used to formulate a new strategy in the global fight against malaria.

"What's more, continuous exposure to bites will maintain high levels of protective immunity, through natural boosting, for a lifetime.

However, the researchers admit that there are barriers to using this form of vaccination in the wild, including issues of controlling dosage, "medical safety issues" and the "issues of public acceptance to [the] release of transgenic mosquitoes."

So what else could these altered salivary glands carry?
What other "fight" is often mentioned requiring a global strategy could these genetically altered mosquitos be used for?
If continued exposure through mosquito bites could deliver immunity, would it not make sense that they could also deliver disease and death? Through vaccination?
Wouldn't that be helpful in the fight to reduce global population that the powerful people often refer to?

When I saw this story, I immediately recalled this

Gates declares, "First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

Just a thought....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Silsby & Puello: Part of a network of Smugglers

I did some searching and found out that the so called christian Laura Silsby and her cohorts had arrived in Haiti approximately 7 days after the earthquake struck.
This put them in Haiti on January 19/2010.

A timeline and some questions...

Let's allot time generously and say they (missionaries) arrived January 20/2010.

The first news reports tell us-Laura Silsby and her cohorts were charged for attempting to bring 33 children illegally across the Dominican border Jan.29/2010. 9 days after arrival

On Monday I had posted the news that Silsby and trafficking cohorts had been stopped from attempting to transport 40 children across the Dominican border on January 26/2010. 6 days after arrival

Let's go back to the January 26th attempt to transport children illegally I found this

It all began last week (last week, when?) when a local orphanage worker, fluent in English and acting on behalf of the Baptists, convened nearly the entire village of 500 people on a dirt soccer field to present the Americans' offer.

Isaac Adrien said he met Silsby in Port-au-Prince on Jan. 26. She told him she was looking for homeless children, and he knew exactly where to find them.

Isaac Adrien, 20, told his neighbors the missionaries would educate their children in the neighboring Dominican Republic

Questions: Who is Isaac Adrien? Why was he acting on behalf of the baptists? How did Laura Silsby know him, and know he would be able to provide her with children?

Isaac Adrien said he had no knowledge of the group's larger plans; villagers said they were told none of their children would be offered for adoption.

I find the claim of' 'no knowledge' by Isaac Adrien suspect because I get the distinct impression he had previous contact with Silsby. His access to children, acting on behalf of the Baptists, Silsby knowing right where to go for children...prior knowledge, prior meeting.

Then this from the same article
Curious? Indeed!

It sure looks as if Laura Silsby had plans to traffic children from Haiti prior to the earthquake. She would have had to have met with Isaac Adrien in advance of her plane trip down with the missionaries, or how else would she have known where to find him and the children she needed?
A parent of two of the stolen children puts her in Haiti as does on of her cohorts prior to the earthquake.

-We have Silsby picking up and transporting orphans on the 26th. Caught with forty of them at the border on the same day.
-We have Silsby, again, picking up and transporting orphans on the 28th. Caught with 33 of them on the 29th at the border.

The second reported trip makes me suspect that Silsby was attempting to take the children over the border at a more distant crossing, hence the longer time from pick-up to border crossing!

I am also of the mind, that it is entirely possibly there were more then the two reported trips across the Dominican border. Had she moved a bus load of children on the 25th? How about on the 24th, the 23rd? There is no reason to discount this.
If she was in Haiti to fill an orphanage for her so called 'christian' mission, as was claimed, on the Baptist Church website, reported here

"A planning document, which was posted on a church website, said that the group hoped to save children “abandoned on the streets, makeshift hospitals or from collapsed orphanages” and take them to a refuge set up in a rented 45-room hotel in the Dominican resort of Cabarete, with room for up to 150 children."

There is no doubt she was interested in more then just 30 or 40 children. Therefore there is absolutely no reason in the world to think there had only been two busload trips of children.
To do right by, of course.

Conversely, if she was looking to make money trafficking children, which does seem to be the reality, the more children she could get smuggled over the border to the Dominican Republic, the more money she could make!

Then there is Jorge Puello, recently arrested in the Dominican Republic, who acted on behalf, and in defence of Silsby.

"According to documents of the US and Dominican authorities... this person is an important part of a network of alien smugglers (targeting) women and children from Central America and the Caribbean"

In my view, there is absolutely no reason to think that besides Jorge Puello, Laura Silsby is also part of a network of alien smugglers. In fact, part of the same network as Jorge Puello.
It seems to me this was a pre-planned act on her part, in cooperation with Jorge Puello and possibly the orphanage worker, Isaac Adrien, who acted on behalf of the Baptists.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

British as disloyal dogs-no offence to loyal dogs

Oh, you bad Brits! How could you? How dare you?
Expel an Israeli diplomat over the fraudulent use of passports?

Mossad's representative at the Israel embassy in London is being expelled over the use of cloned British passports in the killing of a senior Hamas commander in Dubai

Why the nerve of you all, really.

And Knesset Member Arieh Eldad has this to say about your uncouth behaviour.

Commenting on British accusations of Israel regarding the assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai on Tuesday and compared the British people with dogs.

I think the British are behaving hypocritically and I don't want to offend dogs on this issue, since some dogs are utterly loyal"

You all forgot to roll over and play dead, I guess?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Must Listen Interview ! Shlomo Sand- The Invention of the Jewish people.

With much thanks again to Gnostic Media, for putting out such quality information!
I have listened once, I will be listening again.
Very interesting, get's a little tense.. but, really an interesting perspective.

"This is yet another Gnostic Media controversial interview with Professor Shlomo Sand. Shlomo is currently Professor of History at Tel Aviv University in Israel; and has also taught at the University of California, Berkeley. His book, The Invention of the Jewish People, spent more than 19 weeks on Israel's bestseller list.

Shlomo and I got into it a little bit, and he attempted to use emotive accusations to thwart intelligent discussion instead of properly inquiring about the evidence. So, while occasionally the interview did get a little edgy, we still had a good interview and things turned around by the end. But it's my opinion that he's mistaken with regard to banker involvement in the dialectics to establish a Zionist state, their involvement in funding communism, and Rothschild power in international banking, which the following information seeks to prove"

Also provided for the listener is information written by Richard Grove, someone I am familiar with from being a long time listener to the Meria Heller show.

"We can all thank Rich for writing the linked article which contains no less than 18 excellent primary and secondary references to the bankers and Rothschild and their involvement in the items mentioned above"

You can find that article here on Tragedy and Hope

Lots of excellent info, good listening , reading and more!
Enjoy and as always share some thoughts...

Human trafficker Laura Silsby, tried twice to kidnap children!

The Haiti child trafficking incident has just got a little more interesting.

Laura Silsby, the last of the so called do-gooders, has been charged for a newly discovered attempt at taking Haitian children across the border, into Dominican Republic.

Where it looks as if they would have been directed into the loving arms, of the human trafficker Jorge Puello.

Here is the Silsby update:

Just three days prior to her attempt to move 33 children across the border, she had tried to move 40 children and been stopped!

Judge Bernard Saint-Vil says Laura Silsby has been charged for a newly discovered, alleged attempt to bus child earthquake survivors to the Dominican Republic on Jan. 26.

I'll repeat that:

Silsby, who led the team, now is accused of attempting to take 40 children out of Haiti without proper paperwork on Jan. 26, three days before the 10-member team was prevented from crossing the border into the Dominican Republic with 33 children.

I seriously question the innocence of the already released christians in this despicable incident.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Haitian child kidnapprs 'Lawyer' Jorge Puello arrested facing extradition

Thanks to Maggie for bringing this to my attention!

Recall the supposed Christian Missionaries who were bringing Haitian children to be adopted?
Without proper documentation and oh yeah, the kids were not orphans...
Remember they had a 'lawyer' who was not a lawyer, but was connected to human trafficking rings?
Hoping this is all ringing a bell? Because, this man had finally been arrested!
His name Jorge Puello. Sometimes know as Jorge Torres Orellana.
He was arrested in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.... coming out of the local McDonalds.
But, this patron of fast food slop is not the 'hamburglar'

This man is wanted in numerous places, for a number of crimes all linked to human trafficking.

-in El Salvador for crimes against children, sexual exploitation of minors and human trafficking,

-in the United States for criminal prosecution for conspiracy to transport illegal aliens, some from Costa Rica, El Salvador and Haiti

-in Canada on unspecified charges.

"According to documents of the US and Dominican authorities... this person is an important part of a network of alien smugglers (targeting) women and children from Central America and the Caribbean"
Before all the decent people rejoice the arrest of the scumbag, A Dominican Judge has 30 days to decide if Puello will be extradited to the US.
Puello denies all accusations. His mother will represent him in court.
And his mommy says in the Dominican Republic "the entire community will come out to defend him."
What community is that? That would be the Jewish community in the Dominican.
It is reported that the police found documents "connected to the Sephardic Jewish community in a house in San Salvador where the traffickers had held women"
That is the last sentence in the article linked above.
It is vague, very vague but, seems to indicate Puello is part of a larger ring of traffickers, then just himself and his wife, who is already incarcerated for trafficking people.

Flashback: Haiti's subjugation, human trafficking, and the political enablers
Flashback: Haiti case adviser linked to child prostitution

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Perversion Files - Boyscout Pedophiles

A trial opened this week that threatens to tear the facade off of a supposed well loved organization, The Boy Scouts of America.

Like so many organizations, governmental, religious, educational that purport themselves to be beneficial to children, the Scouts seem to be just another group, artificially placing themselves in positions of authority in the lives of children, and using that authority to abuse trusting youth.

The case, expected to attract national attention, centers on a Portland man, Timur Dykes, who confessed to Scout leaders that he had molested 17 Scouts but was allowed to continue joining boys in Scouting activities.

So despite confessing to molesting 17 Scouts, he was still allowed to join in on activities?
Seems as if the Scouts condoned this behaviour? Certainly they did nothing to stop it as you will read below. Interesting to note, that another church/religion is in the picture-Mormons

In January 1983, the mother of a Scout who said he had been molested by Dykes went to Gordon McEwen, a Mormon bishop who headed the local Scouting program, Clark said. McEwen confronted Dykes, who confessed to abusing 17 Scouts.

Nonetheless, Dykes was allowed to continue to spend time with the boys in the program, Clark said. McEwen contacted the parents of the 17 Scouts but "did nothing to warn the other parents of boys within Timur Dykes' reach and grasp," Clark said.
In the bigger picture and this is where we get to the perversion files...

On a broader scale, the case is one of the first to bring into open court hundreds of confidential files that the 100-year-old organization kept on Scout leaders and others suspected of sexually abusing boys. Though the Scouts, based in Texas, have been sued dozens of times over allegations of sexual abuse, most cases have been settled out of court, keeping files from becoming public.
Well, isn't that convenient, settling out of court and keeping the public out of the know!

The Scouts, Clark said in opening statements, knew it had pedophiles in its organization yet allowed Dykes and others to continue to associate with its members. He held up file folder after file folder from Boy Scout headquarters that he said proves the organization knew of at least 1,000 suspected child molesters from 1965 to 1985.

Regarding the defendant:

"All of the parents trusted Timur Dykes because he was a Scout leader," Clark said.

Here is another one: Nelson Wyer
Wyer confessed to touching a fully clothed 6-year-old girl in the vaginal area while both were at Burghill Baptist Church on May 9, 2009. In December 2008, Wyer touched a 9-year-old Boy Scout in skin-to-skin fashion at a sleepover
And another David J. Menna
He was charged Sept. 21, 2007, with two counts of lewd molestation, and practicing medecine without a licence. His charges stem from a camp out that involved children from the Young Marines and Boy Scouts. A camp out organized by David J Menna

Transgenic Trout- six pack abs and muscular shoulders

More fish, for a lower cost. And according to the mutator in charge "they're happy fish"
I guess he asked them, right?

Researchers have developed transgenic rainbow trout with enhanced muscle growth.
The development could provide a boost to the commercial aquaculture industry.

Bradley and a team of graduate students spent 500 hours injecting 20,000 rainbow trout eggs with various DNA types designed to inhibit myostatin.
Of the eggs that hatched, 300 carried the gene that led to increased muscle growth. After two years, most exhibited a “six-pack ab” effect, even though fish lack standard abdominal muscles. They also had increased musculature throughout, including a prominent dorsal hump that made them look like they had muscular shoulders.
Read more here and there is a video here
My comment: People are not asking for these monstrosities to be created, this is being done for the factory farming industry. It is not being done for your good health, or your well being, it is undertaken for profits, massive profits at minimal cost.
Taken further when people start mutating, it is going to be ugly. Is that what it is going to take?

Friday, March 19, 2010

The media gives you 'rogue marines' rather then geopolitics of pipelines and energy resource control

Interesting article here.
Marines gone rogue or leading the fight against counterinsurgency?
See how that title sets the parameters for your thinking?
It gives you, your either/or- way to think. And don't you even consider anything else!
Clever distraction and an attempt to mislead? Absolutley.

What if the marines have not gone rogue and are not fighting a counterinsurgency.
Dismiss that nonsense and the reality will fall into place.

The Marines are very busy in Delaram, in the Nimruz province of Afghanistan.
Just, all sorts of activity.
Building, a vast base on the outskirts of town that will have two airstrips, an advanced combat hospital, a post office, a large convenience store and rows of housing trailers.
All this in ' uninhabited desert' in an area described as "the end of the Earth."
Well, we can dismiss the counterinsurgency. Nothing and no one to fight in uninhabited desert at the end of the earth.
Marines gone rogue? In the middle of nowhere? That makes no sense either.

So what is all the hustle and bustle about in Delaram, in the Nimruz province?
US Marine Commanders say "They see controlling this corner of remote Nimruz province as essential to promoting economic development" Economic Development?
Of what? For Whom?

This is where a map will come in handy.

You can see where Delaram is located.
In the middle of nowhere but, vital for economic development?

Now for another map

Click on that one, at the originating article Pipeline opens new front in Afghan war to enlarge the image. This article, from 2008, is about the TAPI pipeline.

Energy economist John Foster says the pipeline is part of a wider struggle by the United States to counter the influence of Russia and Iran over energy trade in the region."

The so-called Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline has strong support from Washington because the U.S. government is eager to block a competing pipeline that would bring gas to Pakistan and India from Iran.

The pipeline proposal goes back to the 1990s, when the Taliban government held talks with California-based Unocal Corp. – and its U.S. government backer – while considering a competing bid by Argentina's Bridas Corp.(recall that, prior to the convenient and timely 9/11 attacks, the justification to invade Afghanistan?)

"There is a “historic opportunity … of having an open Afghanistan that can act as a conduit for energy, ideas, people, trade, goods from Central Asia and other places down to the Arabian Sea.”

And consider this, when thinking about the urge to attack Iran

“From the U.S. viewpoint, the idea of blocking Iran is of paramount significance,” he said.

And finally- "the project is seen as a key part of Afghanistan's strategic development plan, which Canada and its NATO partners have endorsed as critical to establishing its political stability"

If you put the two maps together, it looks to me as if the pipeline, the TAPI pipeline crosses very near to the brand new huge base at Delaram, that we are supposed to believe is being built by soldiers who have either gone rogue or are fighting a non-existent bunch of insurgents.

One more point to make- when you go to the article and click on the picture there is an interesting little heading above it, just a little blurb.

The natural gas pipeline is slated to run through Afghanistan and into the 'volatile Baluchistan region' of Pakistan, of course, made all the more volatile by US drones and bombs.

Clearing people for pipelines is a dirty business

Michigan invokes terror laws to deny FOIA regarding H1N1 spending

Yup, the state of Michigan invokes anti-terror laws!

Budget documents show that the state of Michigan provided over $1.5 million in gloves, masks and other medical equipment to what MDCH calls its “partners.” But the identity of those partners is a secret, the state argues.

Here is why they must remain secret- I am just going to bold the entire sentence, so the nonsense really stands out for you!

The state says to name the organizations that benefited from public monies would identify “vulnerable” facilities in the state, and by doing so violate the state’s anti-terror laws.

Besides this nonsense the state of Michigan also claimed to have spent-

$1.5 million budget for a “state wide media campaign.” However, it appears the state only spent $1 million on that campaign. When asked to document where the other $500,000 went, MDCH spokesman James McCurtis declined to answer.

Budget documents reveal that the state authorized $145,000 in payouts for volunteers during the crisis, money to pay for hotels, meals and other costs for those volunteers. When asked to provide an accounting of that spending in the FOIA request, Mary Greco, Legal Affairs Specialist for MDCH, said that no volunteers were used. Asked to explain where that money went, MDCH spokesman McCurtis again declined to answer.

Chetly Zarko, director of The Michigan Transparency Project. says the denial of information makes no sense. He argues that the law was intended to target people who were planning to commit terror acts, not people asking government to provide accountability for where tax payer dollars are being sent.

H1N1 flu pandemic is the scam that rode the taxpayer dollar gravy train, unaccounted for, everywhere. I am quite certain, what went on in Michigan, went on elsewhere.
Incredible, to hide behind anti-terror laws rather then be accountable!?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jihad Jane pleads not guilty

Having read her indictment and assuming she has some sort of deal, why not?
‘JihadJane’ pleads not guilty

"Colleen "JihadJane" LaRose pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges during her arraignment in a crowded federal courtroom."
She will remain in federal custody until her trial, which Sitarski set for May 3

Jihad Jane is alleged to have confessed

Colleen LaRose confessed to FBI agents shortly after her October arrest at Philadelphia International Airport. At least, that is the story from two sources who spoke on condition of anonymity. So take that for what it is worth!

Additional details of what LaRose told the FBI could not be learned yesterday. The lawyers in the case, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Arbittier Williams and Assistant Public Defender Mark Wilson, declined to comment.

LaRose is likely to follow routine legal procedure today during her arraignment and plead not guilty. Such a plea would not preclude a negotiated plea agreement; it would simply mark the start of formal court proceedings against LaRose.

Rep. Charles W. Dent (R., Pa.) had this to say "My understanding is that the cooperation has generally stopped at this point," Dent said in a telephone during a break in the hearings. "I'm not sure they're going to get much out of her going forward."

But back home, authorities - tipped off by members of the Jawa Report,(laugh out loud) a forum for civilians concerned about Islamic terrorism - had begun tracking LaRose's Web commentary and her movements.

Her arrest in Philadelphia was kept quiet, and the subsequent indictment's allegations of terrorism were sealed, until authorities in Ireland could round up her (alleged) suspected conspirators.

Interestingly? "LaRose's case was not mentioned in that hearing" Referring to the detainees in Ireland, which leads one to conclude, there were no connections to any terrorism, let alone to Colleen LaRose.

of the detainees have been charged with anything terrorist related. Five were freed without charge and two were charged with very minor, very minor charges.

So what could Colleen LaRose aka Jihad Jane be truly guilty of, other then stupidity and bad judgement? To my knowledge those aren't crimes.

The Danziger Bridge Shooting Cover-up!

Today we are going back to Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans and the shootings on the Danzinger bridge.

You may remember this as, bad people on the bridge with guns, shooting at police officers, who were forced to respond in kind.
And, if that is how you recall this situation, you can hardly be blamed for being totally wrong.
That was certainly how the media, on their mission to demonize all the blacks in New Orleans at that time told the story. But, their were alternative narratives even then.
And, in what seems to be the case time and time again. The alternative narratives were correct and the main stream, or lame stream media, was wrong. They were however, as always, on message.
Let me bring you up to speed.

Not one, but two cops have admitted wrong doing in the Danziger murders.

-Last month, former police Lt. Michael Lohman pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice in connection with the cover-up.
-This month, a second former New Orleans police officer Jeffrey Lehrmann, pleaded guilty Thursday in connection with police shootings of civilians

And this guy works as a special agent for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, comforting thought there, eh?

This is a really good article: A Crack In The Danziger Bridge Cover-Up

Lieutenant Michael Lohmann, who supervised the police investigation of the so-called Danziger Bridge shooting, pleaded guilty in federal district court in New Orleans to one count of conspiring to obstruct justice.

In the incident seven police officers shot two men to death and seriously wounded four other members of a family. The officers claimed they had come under fire from snipers on the bridge and had shot back in self-defense, offering as proof a handgun (that the police planted) they said they had found beside one of the slain men’s body. But the victims’ families and many other New Orleanians questioned the police account from the day it occurred. The police had arrested Lance Madison and charged him with eight counts of the attempted murder of a police officer. Madison had been walking across the bridge with his 40-year-old brother, Ronald, who was mentally disabled, when the police opened fire.

Ronald Madison was killed, struck by seven bullets. James Brissette, 19, who had been walking with his family at the base of the bridge, in search of a grocery store, was also shot to death by the police.

In 2006 a grand jury called to examine the evidence of the incident declined to indict Lance Madison. Instead, the panel indicted the police officers on charges of attempted murder and murder.

read through this one, link provided, it is quite good.
Who says there is no such thing as conspiracies?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red Right Hand

Man, I am overdue for a musical interlude! I can't even recall when, the last time was that I posted some music. Do I go live, do I go 'studio' version?
I listened to a few different versions. I am going with this live version by Nick Cave.
I find it rawer and more emotional. Hope everyone enjoys the song!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jihad jane & the Waterford detainees update

Of the last three that were being held, one more was released without charge.

The remaining two were charged with what are being called minor charges.

-Ali Charaf Damache, 44, an Algerian believed by Ms. Paulin-Ramirez's family to be her husband, was charged with sending menacing phone calls to an unknown person, after being held since last Tuesday.

-The second man, Abdul Salam Monsour Khalil Aljahani, a 32-year-old Libyan, breached immigration law by failing to produce a passport.

Both men will remain in police custody until Friday.

Abdul Salam Monsour Khalil Aljahani will produce his passsport, and that breach of immigration law will go away. As for the other charge, laughable.

From an oh me, oh my - the sky is falling, like chicken little, much ado about nothing.
Don't miss Jihad Janes indictment-linked at the bottom here.
Nice psychological operation.

John Taylor Gatto- Another Brick in the Wall Pt.2

Thanks to Gnostic Media, again, for this great interview.

"We continue with some important questions: Is there a relationship between eugenics, mind control and compulsory education? Is compulsory education good for anyone and what are the negative effects of our "modern" education system? Where did our education system originate, and by whom? What's happened to our educational system since the 1800s? Has there been an intentional effort by the elites and government to dumb us down?"

If you missed Part 1, I urge you, I encourage you, to go and listen here first!
Then come back and catch the second part posted above.
Listening to both these interviews is time well spent.

Canada; the torture was intentional and JTF2

Canada wanted Afghan detainees tortured. -Why does this not surprise me?

Federal government documents on Afghan detainees suggest that Canadian officials intended some prisoners to be tortured in order to gather intelligence, according to a legal expert.