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Silsby & Puello: Part of a network of Smugglers

I did some searching and found out that the so called christian Laura Silsby and her cohorts had arrived in Haiti approximately 7 days after the earthquake struck.
This put them in Haiti on January 19/2010.

A timeline and some questions...

Let's allot time generously and say they (missionaries) arrived January 20/2010.

The first news reports tell us-Laura Silsby and her cohorts were charged for attempting to bring 33 children illegally across the Dominican border Jan.29/2010. 9 days after arrival

On Monday I had posted the news that Silsby and trafficking cohorts had been stopped from attempting to transport 40 children across the Dominican border on January 26/2010. 6 days after arrival

Let's go back to the January 26th attempt to transport children illegally I found this

It all began last week (last week, when?) when a local orphanage worker, fluent in English and acting on behalf of the Baptists, convened nearly the entire village of 500 people on a dirt soccer field to present the Americans' offer.

Isaac Adrien said he met Silsby in Port-au-Prince on Jan. 26. She told him she was looking for homeless children, and he knew exactly where to find them.

Isaac Adrien, 20, told his neighbors the missionaries would educate their children in the neighboring Dominican Republic

Questions: Who is Isaac Adrien? Why was he acting on behalf of the baptists? How did Laura Silsby know him, and know he would be able to provide her with children?

Isaac Adrien said he had no knowledge of the group's larger plans; villagers said they were told none of their children would be offered for adoption.

I find the claim of' 'no knowledge' by Isaac Adrien suspect because I get the distinct impression he had previous contact with Silsby. His access to children, acting on behalf of the Baptists, Silsby knowing right where to go for children...prior knowledge, prior meeting.

Then this from the same article
Curious? Indeed!

It sure looks as if Laura Silsby had plans to traffic children from Haiti prior to the earthquake. She would have had to have met with Isaac Adrien in advance of her plane trip down with the missionaries, or how else would she have known where to find him and the children she needed?
A parent of two of the stolen children puts her in Haiti as does on of her cohorts prior to the earthquake.

-We have Silsby picking up and transporting orphans on the 26th. Caught with forty of them at the border on the same day.
-We have Silsby, again, picking up and transporting orphans on the 28th. Caught with 33 of them on the 29th at the border.

The second reported trip makes me suspect that Silsby was attempting to take the children over the border at a more distant crossing, hence the longer time from pick-up to border crossing!

I am also of the mind, that it is entirely possibly there were more then the two reported trips across the Dominican border. Had she moved a bus load of children on the 25th? How about on the 24th, the 23rd? There is no reason to discount this.
If she was in Haiti to fill an orphanage for her so called 'christian' mission, as was claimed, on the Baptist Church website, reported here

"A planning document, which was posted on a church website, said that the group hoped to save children “abandoned on the streets, makeshift hospitals or from collapsed orphanages” and take them to a refuge set up in a rented 45-room hotel in the Dominican resort of Cabarete, with room for up to 150 children."

There is no doubt she was interested in more then just 30 or 40 children. Therefore there is absolutely no reason in the world to think there had only been two busload trips of children.
To do right by, of course.

Conversely, if she was looking to make money trafficking children, which does seem to be the reality, the more children she could get smuggled over the border to the Dominican Republic, the more money she could make!

Then there is Jorge Puello, recently arrested in the Dominican Republic, who acted on behalf, and in defence of Silsby.

"According to documents of the US and Dominican authorities... this person is an important part of a network of alien smugglers (targeting) women and children from Central America and the Caribbean"

In my view, there is absolutely no reason to think that besides Jorge Puello, Laura Silsby is also part of a network of alien smugglers. In fact, part of the same network as Jorge Puello.
It seems to me this was a pre-planned act on her part, in cooperation with Jorge Puello and possibly the orphanage worker, Isaac Adrien, who acted on behalf of the Baptists.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said...

    would his name, 'Issac', give us any clue?

    March 24, 2010 5:58 AM

  2. apologies anonymous, I had to move your comment over, I bungled and posted that one before it was completed, whew!!

    This one is the better version, or at least I hope so?

    And yes, the name is interesting..
    Perhaps he is connected to the sephardic community of Mr Puello?

  3. thanks to jim for this link

    I have a similar story back in an older post on silsby
    Why repost the info?

    Silsby was in a financial mess which surely would provide motivition to engage in human trafficking

    motivation and means!

  4. Still kicking over rocks and finding slimy things I see Penn.

  5. I admit this whole 'situation' has been rattlin' around the old brain.

    The one conclusion I have definitley drawn and well, no surprise really.

    The way the msm has reported on this story, does not seem at all to align itself with reality.

    I am waiting to see what happens with Silsby and Puello..

    will she be released
    will Puello be extradited
    who will rat who out first?

  6. Good stuff. Keep on investigating.

    - Aangirfan.

  7. hey pen, great work. i got hijacked reading at haaretz this morning so can't do much while that gets fixed. bah. keep it alive baby! i think the ring-leaders' nerves are getting frayed.

  8. This stuff has to link to Chabad and big time. It's the only thing that makes sense of this to me. So go, Penny!

    Sorry to hear you're out of action, AP. Enjoy "putting your feet up" while it lasts!

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    Not sure if you saw all of these, just fyi. This is certainly interesting! (AnonJ)

  10. Hey Penny I found the rest of the DBS interview with Gatto... I left links in the comments... there is a part III as well!

  11. googled 'adrien'

    Meaning of "Adrien"
    French name
    In French, the name Adrien means- Variant of Adrian. From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.).. Other origins for the name Adrien include - French, Israeli.The name Adrien is most often used as a boy name or male name.

    French Name Meaning - Variant of Adrian. From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.).
    Origin - French
    Alternate Origins - Israeli
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    Soul Urge num - 6

    So . . . . .

    Meaning of "Adrien"
    Israeli name
    In Israeli, the name Adrien means- gods flock, from gods congregation. Other origins for the name Adrien include - Israeli, French.The name Adrien is most often used as a boy name or male name.

    Israeli Name Meaning - gods flock, from gods congregation
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    however: Adrien also appears in following countries/origins/languages: American, Australian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin

  12. goodness!

    thanks for all the links anonj

    and anon? thanks for the name meanings.

    I have spent some time looking through some of that stuff, and the interview.

    But, I was getting so jesused out, because jesus this and jesus that and jesus told us, and jesus's mission and jesus will save and blah, blah, blah...

    I will be honest Laura Silsby and Charissa Colter, the whole Jesus schtick is a con.

    It may appeal to some with a holier then thou attitude, but, playing the 'jesus card' repeatedly IMO makes it clear, they have much to hide, and they are hiding behind jesus.

    anarchore, yes, I had seen that thanks, just didn't have time to respond.

    If anyone besides me enjoyed the John Taylor Gotto interview that were posted here, and would like to here more anarchore has a three parter up at his place.
    Linked in the sidebar ziofascism.