Friday, April 30, 2010

Poland- IMF loans and Radoslaw Sikorski does the US

So what is happening politically with Poland?
Let me drop a name. The name for the day is Radoslaw Sikorski.

Polands Foreign Minister is making the rounds in the US, on the arm of Hilary Rodham Clinton.
Just what have Rad and Hil been up to?! Reaffirming their firm committment to one another?

Indeed, they have. Both countries have agreed to resume a strategic dialogue. They made the announcement together after talks in Washington, yesterday.

Some interesting statements, that may be relevant to the recent plane crash that wiped out the previous government.

Clinton and Sikorski also discussed the conflict in Afghanistan and new areas of U.S.-Polish cooperation on energy and climate.

Sikorski said if American companies exploring energy resources in Poland "strike it lucky," it would enhance the energy security of Poland and Europe and forge new investment links between Poland and the United States.

That is kind of surprising.
I thought Russia and Poland had just struck some kind of energy pipeline deal?
Now Sikorski is talking 'energy security' with the US?

A delegation led by Sikorski is on a week-long U.S. tour since Tuesday with the focus on renewing the Polish-American Strategic Dialogue.

Sikorski is also scheduled to meet with U.S. National Security Advisor James Jones, representatives of the U.S. Congress, and Washington think tanks.

Then Sikorski announced that Clinton is visiting Poland as a member of the elite group of countries which will meet in Krakow during July 2-4 to re-launch the Community of Democracies.

Joint Statement on the US and Polish Bilateral Strategic Dialogue

Hilary, is such a gal pal to Sikorski, she is promising to look in Polish Visas.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has promised to look into the issue of Poles requiring visas to enter the United States after a meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski.

Earlier this week, European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek criticised the U.S. visa policy, which divides EU member states into "better" and "worse" countries according to which ones are included in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP).

Poland is the only member of the Schengen zone that is not included in the VWP.
The official criteria to enter the VWP is based on the ratio of rejected visa applications to total visa applications, which must fall under 10 percent. At the moment, the figure is at 13 percent. If the number of visas granted were to increase, Poland would soon be within range of entry into the VWP.
Don't worry Hilary is on the job!

Wait, there is more.. Missiles on Sikorski's Washington Agenda

“Such weapons are placed around Poland’s borders so it would be both in the interest of Poland and NATO to reduce the nuclear arsenal. Reducing tactical weapons would be the next step after reducing strategic weapons,Sikorski said after the meeting.

Missile reduction, is most certainly not what they are speaking of.

Some additional news has the IMF popping up!

Poland: does Warsaw really want a new IMF credit line?

The question is would the government, including the central banker, that died in the plane crash have wanted a new IMF credit line?

The Polish central bank insists the country has no need to ask the Fund for a replacement for the current facility

The government takes a different view. Earlier this week Dominik Radziwill, deputy finance minister, said an extension of the FCL was called for because of the turmoil caused by the recent downgrades of Greece, Portugal and Spain
Uber thought provoking statement from linked article, I am going to bold it for you to read and contemplate-

The issue had been a sore point between the ministry and the bank, but the death of Slawomir Skrzyepk, the former central bank governor, in the April 10 air crash, has taken some heat out of the argument.

The death of the former central bank governor has taken some heat out of the argument???

Who would benefit from Poland taking on more IMF loans? Not Poland, of course. For their would be austerity measures put in place. Hmmmmm........

I find all this interesting, because the main stream media has been giving us the news for the past couple of weeks that Russia and Poland could get closer and Russia could benefit from this tragedy, etc., etc. Then Sikorski is in the US two timing with Hilary?
And, the IMF is largely hooked in with the the US branch of the political banking cartel.

And another picture emerges entirely.

Aangirfan: NEO-CON CIA AGENT TO TAKE OVER POLAND? /Radoslaw Sikorski.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Colonel Williams- rapes, murders,82 burglary charges and a guilty plea!

BREAKING: Colonel Williams to plead guilty to all chargesNice tidy clean up. No lose ends.

back to original post......

WELL! I just can't let this pass.........

The Killer Colonel, clearly had an underwear fetish, amongst other things, broke into numerous homes while the owners were away to collect his prizes.

In a detailed statement to OPP after his arrest, Williams, 47, allegedly directed police to where they could find evidence — including hidden keepsakes — inside his house at 473 Edison Ave. in Westboro. He also later allegedly led them to the body of Jessica Lloyd, who had last been seen Jan. 28. And he allegedly told police about almost 50 lingerie break-ins

-Ottawa Police jurisdiction: 23 counts break, enter and theft; 3 counts break and enter with intent to commit an indictable offence; 8 counts attempt break and enter
-Tweed/OPP jurisdiction: 36 counts break, enter and theft; 7 break and enter with intent to commit an indictable offence; 3 counts attempt break and enter
-Belleville Police jurisdiction: 2 counts break, enter and theft

Some of the evidence, according to a search warrant linked to the murders and sex assaults, included so-called trophies, including photographs, thongs, bras, panties and baby blankets.

Baby Blankets?!

Further charges could come in the future as Rae said "nothing's been ruled out at this point."

The two faces of the Colonel
The respected, respectable military man

From his jail cell

Updating the DSM to expand the mass drugging of the developing brain

Mass diagnosing and drugging of children is posing a threat to the society and lays harmful consequences on the lives of toddlers and infants. This information has been issued as a warning by Dr. Peter Breggin and he declares it to be as Conscience of Psychiatry.

Dr. Nathaniel Lehrman, author of the book "Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs", is of belief that giving of drugs to infants and toddlers can hamper the brains and is similar to criminal activity. He further said, "Giving them these drugs has no rationale, and ignores the basic fact that youngsters are very sensitive to their environments, both social and chemical, with the juvenile brain easily damaged by the latter".

No worries about the mass drugging of the developing brain, not at all.
The updated DSM-5 will soon be here, to okay all the drugging of children.
Much to the profitable delight of big pharmaceutical companies..

Does your child have temper tantrums? Don't most of them?
For that we have the right diagnosis, with necessary psychiatric medications, of course-
How about 'Temper Dysregulation Disorder With Dysphoria'- Severe outbursts grossly out of proportion to the situation. Isn't every temper tantrum, through time immemorial, a severe outburst out of proportion to the sitation?

6 banks control wealth equivelant to 60% of US GNP

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo , Citigroup, and Bank of America.

Is the U.S. at the Mercy of an Unstoppable Oligarchy?
Do humans breath air?

Bill Moyers: And you write that they control 60 percent of our gross national product?

James Kwak: They have assets equivalent to 60 percent of our gross national product. And to put this in perspective, in the mid-1990s, these six banks or their predecessors, since there have been a lot of mergers, had less than 20 percent. Their assets were less than 20 percent of the gross national product.

Bill Moyers:
And what's the threat from an oligarchy of this size and scale?

Simon Johnson: They can distort the system, Bill. They can change the rules of the game to favor themselves. And unfortunately, the way it works in modern finance is when the rules favor you, you go out and you take a lot of risk. And you blow up from time to time, because it's not your problem. When it blows up, it's the taxpayer and it's the government that has to sort it out.

Bill Moyers:
So, you're not kidding when you say it's an oligarchy?

James Kwak: Exactly. I think that in particular, we can see how the oligarchy has actually become more powerful in the last since the financial crisis. If we look at the way they've behaved in Washington. For example, they've been spending more than $1 million per day lobbying Congress and fighting financial reform. I think that's for some time, the financial sector got its way in Washington through the power of ideology, through the power of persuasion. And in the last year and a half, we've seen the gloves come off. They are fighting as hard as they can to stop reform.

Personally, IMHO, the bail-outs were intended to empower, enrich and grow the big banks.
Nice to see a bit of main stream coverage on the tyranny of the banks.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Polish Opposition demands international investigation in to Plane Crash

I find quite interesting the postponement of the black box content release and the Polish secret service raiding the homes of the plane crash victims- Curious.

Another curiosity? I have seen reported a number of times.
NO journalist on the plane with these vip's when they left Poland?
Unusual? Very.
Instead they all went on another plane that preceded this one? That really strikes me as odd.

Polish opposition party demands international investigation into plane crash

Reason given: Failure of the Polish and Russian government to address compelling new evidence suggesting that the plane crash killing President Lech Kaczynski and top military and civilians leaders was engineered.

-Poland's chief prosecutor Andrzej Seremet said earlier this week that Polish prosecutors would postpone revealing the contents of the black boxes.

-It was revealed that agents belonging to the Polish secret service raided the flats and houses of victims three hours after the crash, removing computers and documents.

-A Polish general called for Defense Minister Bogdan Klich to resign after evidence emerged that Bogdan was not seeking to conduct a proper investigation.

-An aviation official scouring the crash site in Russia for crucial scientific evidence was told by Bogdan he did not require an interpreter, and was expected to pay the costs of his investigation out of his own pocket.

-Time discrepancies? The official account of the time point at which the crash occurred has been called into question.

*The Presidential plane was scheduled to arrive at 8:25 at Smolensk military airport after a flight lasting 62 minutes from Warsaw's Fredrik Chopin Airport.
*The official version has the Presidential plane crashed in Smolensk military airport at 8.56 am CET or 10.56 Moscow Times
*But a journalist from "Polsat News" reported the crash to his station 10 minute earlier
(I am unsure, ten minutes earlier then which time is being referenced here? Official or scheduled arrival )
*Evidence that the crash occurred earlier also comes from a report that the transmission of power from an electricity pylon close to the crash scene, and which was seen to be damaged in photos, was interrupted at 8:41

The Baptist Church- "Our Haiti rescue team" needs your help

If the Catholic church scandal has shown us all one thing, just one thing, it is that organized religion is a perfect front, a cover, for any and all means of deplorable behaviour.
Far from being alone, the Catholic church is just one branch, on a tree of corrupt religious groups.

Then we have the Baptists. I have covered the Baptists and their foray into Haiti, to steal children. While you may disagree, this is what it was, I can't see this action as anything but evil. Lying to earthqake devestated parents and families to gain access to their babies.

When I first started covering it, I definitely saw Laura Silsby and Charissa Coulter as the two ringleaders, and conceded it was possible the others were duped, though still responsible for what had gone on.

The harder I looked, the more I began to wonder if the others were as innocent as they had proclaimed. Or like the thieves they were, and none of them having any honour, they began to plot against their chosen fall guy.

The last post I had put up, was that all charges were still pending against all of the Baptist missionaries. This confirmed my increasingly suspicious thoughts that I was looking at all missionaries being equally complicit.

Then I came across this, and kudos to the blogger at Baby Love Child for uncovering this info.

Googles cached pages of the Central Valley Baptist Church as it appeared January 10/2010.
I checked, the recent pages show none of this. But, back to what was on those pages.

From Pastor Clint:

We need to raise $2,000 in the next 24 hours for our Haiti Rescue Team.

"Our Haiti rescue team"?

And then upon scrolling down further, the Church exhorts parishioners to help, with suggestions-

Urgent and Immediate Needs

  • Support the Temporary Orphanage in Cabarete, Dominican Republic
  • Support a Response Team to Dominican Republic $1500.00 each
Both of these are tax deductable donations that need to be given through
Central Valley Baptist Church. Write on the Memo Line: Haitian Orphans.

And mentions that the donations are of course, tax deductible when given through the Central Valley Baptist Church!!

Clearly, this was not Laura Silsby's idea alone to go off to Haiti and steal other peoples children and smuggle them over the border into Dominican Republic.
This was the mission of the Baptist Church!

I realize many people want to believe that organized religion serves some greater good. Or is actually representative of 'god on earth', a claim I have actually heard.

But, reality is reality.

That being said, like the Catholic church , the Baptists appear to be using their religious status and their tax exemption status, for very nefarious purposes.

More here- Haiti

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DARPA's Hypersonic Glider launched and failed??

It seems the US has been very busy with their race to militarize space.

I covered the X-37B yesterday. But that new space plane was actually the second test vehicle flown that day.
It seems prior to the X-37B going skyward, DARPA's hypersonic glider called the HTV-2 was the first into the air.

The hypersonic vehicle is designed to glide through the Earth's atmosphere at speeds 20 times greater than the speed of sound.

A future hypersonic platform could theoretically deliver precision strikes to targets around the world with "little or no advanced warning," as DARPA puts it

For more info check here

What is interesting, and I am not entirely sure it is accurate, is the claim that the Hypersonic test was a failure!

" A DARPA statement released last Friday indicates that all was not perfect with the hypersonic craft.

"Approximately nine minutes into the mission, telemetry assets experienced a loss of signal from the HTV-2. An engineering team is reviewing available data to understand this event," The Fox News quoted the statement, as saying.

The statement does not specify whether the Falcon completed any of the test maneuvers before controllers lost communications with the craft."
So, this glider was launched Thursday April 22/10, it is being claimed DARPA released a statement last Friday, but the news doesn't report on in, until 5 days later? Such a monumental test flight? Maybe it failed, maybe it didn't.

I think one would have to take into consideration that the maneuver and performance capabilities of this hypersonic craft would be best kept secret?

The Falcon was believed to be a part of the Pentagon's effort to develop the capability to strike anywhere in the world with a conventional warhead in less than an hour - known as Conventional Prompt Global Strike.

The capability to strike anywhere in the world, in less then an hour.....
Hm, would it be better to have this capability left as an unknown?

Monday, April 26, 2010

More of that weaponization of space- X-37B Orbital Test

He who controls space, controls earth.

US to launch secret 'space warplane'

The Pentagon has set April 21 as the date for the launch of the robotic space plane known as the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV)

Military experts argue that the US Department of Defense would not have saved NASA's costly X-37B project, which had been scrapped, if it did not have a military application.

Which really means, this project is continuing because it has a military application.

-They say the US wants to maintain a leading role in space via the development of the new 'space weapon' at a time when other countries like China are expanding their space programs.

-"The first mission will emphasize proving technologies necessary for long duration reusable space vehicles with autonomous reentry and landing capabilities," Angie Blair added.

-She went on to say that the "specific details of the OTV capabilities, limitations and vulnerabilities" remain classified.

-The location of the mission control center for the Boeing-made space vehicle is also a classified secret

If I had to speculate, would this be a handy weapon for shooting out of the sky other countries satellite capabilities? Maybe more.....

Air Force to launch X-37 space plane: Precursor to war in orbit?

Arms control advocates say it is pretty clearly the beginning of a “weaponization of space” – precursor to a precision global strike capability that would allow the US to hover for months at a time over anywhere it chose with little anyone could do about it.

“The idea of being able to launch an unmanned research platform that can stay up there for months on end provides you with all kinds of capability, both military and civilian,”

Comforting thought?

“I can see where the prospect of having half a dozen of these things with unknown payloads circling overhead could be very troubling to people,” Mr. Hellman says.

Troubling or disturbing?

Either way, whatever the X-37B does, or is capable of, it must be useful.
Because, another one is already being built

Whatever it is or represents, the Air Force likes it. Air Force officials say they are already building another X-37 spacecraft that it hopes to fly by 2011.

Political analysts say that the X-37B project could be interpreted as a violation of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 if the space plane is used for military purposes.

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967, officially known as the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies, states that the exploration and use of outer space shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries and shall be the province of all mankind; states shall not place nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction in orbit or on celestial bodies or station them in outer space in any other manner; the Moon and other celestial bodies shall be used exclusively for peaceful purposes; astronauts shall be regarded as the envoys of mankind; states shall be liable for damage caused by their space objects; and states shall avoid harmful contamination of space and celestial bodies.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A walk in the woods

I admit to being an occasional woods wonderer, ok actually more then occasional. It is good for the soul. So I am going to share...because spring has sprung in the woods. This is an old growth Carolinian forest in a more northern range.

Trout Lily

Red Trillium

Obviously a white trillium!

Ferns emerging from the ground

Really tall trees, in an old growth forest

Skunk Cabbage on the forest floor.

Feel free to click on each image, for a better look!

Rebranding the Earth in the name of global warming

I am hoping we are all familiar with the concept behind 'rebranding'?

It is a means by which something, be it a product or service, is renamed to create a perception, that the said product or service has been fundamentally changed, even though it really has not.

A recent example of this was the rebranding, in Canada, of the traditional square Shreddies as diamond Shreddies. Had the Shreddies changed? No. Just the sales pitch did. This was done to perk up sales on a long standing and forgotten cereal line. You can read about the rebrand sales pitch here and it's apparent success on the gullible consumer here.

Which is really a sad indication of how stupid people are. If I have offended you because you were one of the individuals who expressed a preference for diamonds over squares, too bad!
You got sucked in.

Now, back to the concept of rebranding the earth in the name of global warming.

Here we have a so called veteran climate campaigner calling for the Earth to be renamed.

What he is promoting is rebranding. Rebranding earth, the planet Earth, to alter your perception of the reality of the planet. And of course, to sell his books.

Now my question for this fellow..... this veteran climate campaigner.
Explain all the previous periods of global warming ?

During the last ice age, which was one of many ice ages the planet earth has witnessed or has been subjected to.. there was obvious 'global warming' in between those ice ages.
There had to be! Because the earth warmed between the ice ages. No humans necessary.

Here is a timeline of glaciation, five known ice ages and obviously between those periods of glaciation, periods of warming, global warming.
Despite the spin from this fellow, the simple fact is the earth has always changed.
It's whole geological history is rife with change!

No rebranding necessary. Just a fact, a simple bit of reality.
Earth is earth. Sometimes it is colder, sometimes it is a lot colder. Other times it is warmer.

The idea of rebranding the earth to reflect changes to it, is a sales pitch. It is being promoted to have you believe that earth is changing to eaarth. Earth has always changed, and will continue to change and it will always be Earth. Earth is earth, warm or cold.
Just like a Shreddie is a Shreddie, call it diamond or call it square, makes no difference.

The earth rebranded 'eaarth' is to create the perception that the earth has changed.
Reality being, the Earth is change.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Al Gore takes cash for water campaign from chemical firm

Fresh off the news the other day regarding Gores backing by a group linked to the oil industry

Al Whore, ooops, I mean Al Gore is now getting backing from a chemical firm for his clean water awareness campaign. Just guess which chemical firm is behind the clean water campaign?

Al Gore, the self-styled squeakiest-clean and deepest-green (are they talking all the cash he rakes in?) politician in American history, has some explaining to do this weekend. His environmental organisation has taken money to raise awareness about the need for clean water from a controversial chemical company

Dow Chemical, the US firm, is sponsoring Life Earth events in 150 cities today. The event aims to raise money for clean water programmes. Research by environmental organisations has found dangerous levels of highly toxic chemicals in rivers, lakes and other water supplies close to several other factories owned by Dow and its subsidiaries in countries including the United States, Brazil and South Africa.

-Dow's factories at its global headquarters in Midland, Michigan, have been accused of contaminating the region, including the Tittabawassee River floodplains, with high levels of dioxin
-Then the , Bhopal scandal, where 25 years after the 1984 disaster at the plant (then owned by Union Carbide) thousands of villagers are still forced to use contaminated water which causes birth defects, cancer and skin disorders.
-Who can forget Agent Orange?

For the hell of it, I am going to throw a search engine link page here, check out the search for Dow Chemicals pollution

Dow Chemicals and clean water? Oxymoron? Or just plain moronic to believe that this company has anything to do with clean water ?

Campaigners claim the sponsorship deal is part of its wider strategy to exploit business opportunities in water scarcity.
Problem, reaction, solution.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two brain traumas, two unique & difficult effects.

Taking a break from the heavy duty world of politics...cause every once in a while we all need a break!

Two interesting news stories, different and yet similar.
A reminder of how little we understand of our wonderful human brains
How they work and how they can be altered.
No, I am not talking drugs here. The brain changes in both cases were brought about by brain traumas.

Croation girl wakes up from coma speaking fluent German

Since waking up from her 24 hour coma however, she has been unable to speak Croatian, and is only able to communicate perfectly in German

Doctors at Split’s KB Hospital claim that the case is so unusual, various experts have examined the girl as they try to find out what triggered the change.

Hospital director Dujomir Marasovic said: “You never know when recovering from such a trauma how the brain will react.

The girl is still being cared for at the hospital and is receiving regular visits from her family although they are allegedly frustrated that they can no longer communicate with each other.

Hospital staff had to use an interpreter to translate the girl’s words to her family and when they speak to her in Croatian, she apparently does not understand.

And another one- Great Drawl of China

A migraine attack has turned Sarah Colwill's West Country drawl into a Chinese accent.

Sarah, 35, has lived in Devon since she was a toddler but now sounds as if she is from the Far East.

She said yesterday: "I have never been to China. It is very frustrating and I just want my own voice back but I don't know if I ever will.

Just imagine, two brain traumas, two gals affected in 2 unique ways.
How difficult this must be for both of them?
The one wants her voice back, how weird is that when you think about it?
The other cannot speak her native language and cannot communicate with her family?
Where in your brain, in the brain, is the capacity for languages and accents?
How did these traumas bring these changes about?
Talk about your 'food for thought' ?

Pfizer Whistle blower awarded 1.4 million

A federal jury has awarded $1.37 million in damages to a former Pfizer scientist who claimed she was sickened by a genetically engineered virus at a company laboratory and then fired for raising safety concerns.

The jury in the United States District Court in Hartford did not actually address whether the virus had caused the paralyzing illness from which the scientist, Becky McClain, still suffers. The judge had dismissed that claim before the trial, saying that Ms. McClain did not have adequate evidence and that it was a matter for worker’s compensation.

But the jury ruled that Pfizer had violated laws protecting free speech and whistle-blowers by retaliating against Ms. McClain, who worked for the company from 1996 through 2005.

Ms. McClain, for example, claimed she encountered many difficulties in her attempts to learn the genetic content of the virus she suspected had infected her because it was protected as a trade secret.

Jeremy Gruber, president of the Council for Responsible Genetics, an advocacy group urging discussion of the ethical implications of biotechnology, applauded the award.

“I personally believe that Becky McClain is really the canary in the coal mine,” he said. Regulations “have not kept pace with the explosion of research.”

“New biological materials, nanomaterials, there are many things where we don’t have adequate information, and we think workers need to have protection,”

It isn't just workers that need protection? It will be all of us.
But, who will do it? The government?
Don't count on it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gore backed by group linked to oil industry

Five months after saying the exploitation of the tar sands was "one of the most serious threats to the human race,” former U.S. vice-president Al Gore came back to Montreal this week with financial backing from Investors Group, a Power Corporation affiliate that is indirectly involved in Alberta's oil industry

Note the "indirect" connection, I will bold it for you-

The event's main sponsor is Investors Group, a Power Corp. company owned by the Desmarais family. The Desmarais family and their Belgian partner, Albert Frere, are the largest shareholders in oil company Total, which hopes to take three billion barrels of oil from the Alberta tar sands (and maybe more) over the next 30 years

Hmmm, that reads to me like the company, financially backing
Al Gore's visit, is DIRECTLY involved in the Tar Sands Project.
A project Al Gore condemned as a "serious threat to mankind"
How does anyone take this man and his views seriously?

Update: If you are reading this and you think no big deal, check my latest-

Al Gore takes cash for water campaign from chemical firm

For his clean water campaign, no less! Have a barf bag handy.

Obama gives order to kill American citizen

And makes it public, no less.
Something apparently Bush and Cheney did not even do?
I guess it is just some more of that change you can believe in?

The Obama Administration has taken the unprecedented step of authorising the killing of a US citizen, the radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, linked to the plot to blow up a US airliner on Christmas Day.

Linked to the Christmas underwear bomber?
Hmm, I wonder if the US is targeting, or getting rid of persons that could expose their false flag?

The decision is extraordinary not only because Mr al-Awlaki is believed to be the first American whose killing has been approved by a US President, but also because the Obama Administration chose to make the move public.

Mr al-Awlaki is believed to be hiding in Yemen, home of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), a rapidly growing and active affiliate of the terrorist network that orchestrated the Christmas Day plot.

He is believed to be in Yemen, believed to be an affiliate, believed to be part of.
That's a lot of believing, but believing doesn't equate to fact, reality or truth.

Who does the US claim Mr al-Awlaki is and what had he done?

Mr al-Awlaki spent years in America as an imam. He gained prominence after it emerged that he had been in frequent e-mail contact with Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the army psychiatrist who went on a shooting rampage in Fort Hood, Texas, in which 13 people died last November. After the Christmas Day airliner plot, US and Yemeni officials said that Mr al-Awlaki had met the suspected bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who tried to ignite explosives sewn into his underwear

Tina Foster, of the US-based International Justice Network, told The Times: “I am in shock that they would do this. It is shocking that our Government would go to these extremes, even depriving someone of their life without a legal process.”

I'm getting a tying up lose ends kind of vibe here?

US cannot stop Iran from going nuclear without occupying

Ask yourself two questions.
How out of control, insane is the US government?
How beholden is the US government to external influences, such as lobbies?
Because if the US attacks Iran, average joe and jane, you think the times are tough now, it will get worse, much worse. BBC

If Iran decides to go for nuclear weapons, the US may not be able to permanently stop this from happening unless it is willing to occupy the country.

I am going to repeat that-

If Iran decides to go for nuclear weapons, the US may not be able to permanently stop this from happening unless it is willing to occupy the country.

This conclusion came out in an exchange during Senate testimony:

Senator Jack Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island, then asked Gen Cartwright whether the "military approach was a magic wand".

Gen Cartwright, the vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, acknowledged it was not, adding that military action alone was unlikely to be decisive.

Senator Reed prodded further, getting the general to agree that a military strike would only delay Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon if Tehran decided to go nuclear.

(therefore, we know Iran has not gone nuclear, despite the propaganda)

The senator then went further, asking whether the only way to end any potential Iranian nuclear weapon programme "was to physically occupy their country and disestablish their nuclear facilities?"

The general answered: "Absent some other unknown calculus that would go on, that's a fair conclusion."

The military is averse to any action against Iran and Adm Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said a military strike would be 'his last option" and has warned of the unintended consequences of such a strike.

I covered that "unintended consequences statement by Mike Mullen two months ago, here.

As usual Senator John McCain demonstrates his insanity, hence in private conversation I generally refer to him as insane McCain.

"George Schultz, my favourite secretary of state in all the world, once said his marine drill instructor told him, never point a gun at somebody unless you're ready to pull the trigger. We keep pointing the gun. We haven't pulled a single trigger yet, and it's about time that we did."

It's about time to pull the trigger? Of course this is the man who sang
"bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran"
Sure McCain, send the future of your country off to die in more wars.

Talk of embargo hopes-

"If the international community was prepared to impose crippling sanctions, embargoing imports of gasoline and exports of oil, if it strangles Iran - Iran might recalculate,"


"But imposing such sanctions without the support of Russia and China is impossible"

What will the US do?

( This could just be psy-ops via the media, take with a grain of salt)
US official: Iran military strike 'off the table'

"hoping instead negotiations and United Nations sanctions will prevent the Middle East nation from developing nuclear weapons"
Again, we know that Iran has no nukes!
The US knows the sanctions are going nowhere, so why would they say this?
False Flag, as maggie says?

What about Israel, the nation that has been pushing hard for an attack?

Israel Weighs Merits of Solo Attack on Iran
Officials, Seeing Impending Policy Split With U.S., Debate Prospect of a Military Strike Without Washington's Consent

"Some senior Israeli officials say in interviews that they see signs Washington may be willing to live with a nuclear-armed Iran, an eventuality that Israel says it won't accept."

So Israel attacks first and then the US follows...Of course, to support the only 'democracy' in the ME?? Where have I seen this scenario previously?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Haiti:Charges against American missionaries still pending

Another brief update, interesting.... Haiti: Charges Against 10 Americans Still Pending

None of the missionaires, including the released ones, have had their charges dropped against them.

The Haitian judge investigating 10 American missionaries accused of kidnapping for trying to take a busload of children out of the country said Monday that no decision had been made on whether to drop any charges.

Judge Bernard Saint-Vil said he was still considering the legal fates of the group’s leader, Laura Silsby, who has been detained since January, and her nine compatriots, who have been released.

Senator Jim Risch of Idaho and the United States State Department said last week that the charges had been dropped against the nine freed Americans.(you think this man would release accurate information, or is he playing politics as all politicians do) Mr. Saint-Vil said he was waiting for prosecutors to finish a review before making his decision.

Turkey: Diplomacy is the way to resolve Iran's nuclear issue

There was a time, not so long ago, these words would have never come out of the mouths of Turkey's leaders. This seems to bolster the contentions made in this previous piece.
Turkey will get increasingly reluctant to comply with Washington’s exhortations
Perfect example

Diplomacy is the biggest chance and the only way on Iran's nuclear issues, said Turkey's Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Tuesday.

In a press conference with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki, Davutoglu said, “we can prevent sanctions, solve this problem and find some replacements for it.”

Referring to Turkey's non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council, he added, “every issue in the Security Council particularly those related to Iran and the region is closely related to Turkey.”

“Turkey's instance over nuclear issue has been always obvious, using peaceful nuclear energy is the right of all countries including Iran, but nuclear weapons are dangerous everywhere and Turkey is against them.”

Concerning Iran's nuclear issue, he said “neither imposing sanction nor military operation is the solution but diplomacy should continue.”

Saying that Iran's nuclear issue should be solved in the shortest possible time, Turkey's Foreign Minister noted solving Iran's nuclear issue can help settlement of the region's problems.

“Particularly regarding Iran's nuclear conference we should congratulate Iran and the conference’s motto which was "Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapon for None" should be focused.”

“All the countries should work in line with the NPT, Turkey stands by Iran's negotiations on nuclear issue and supports it, in fact Turkey tries to find a proper solution over nuclear subject and it continues its diplomatic efforts.”

He turned to Iran-Turkey relations, saying “Iran and Turkey's relationship is of special importance, we have already had bilateral relationship on transportation, energy and economy.”

Also Iran's Foreign Minister on his part said, “if unanimity is created on fuel exchange, it is possible to confer on other aspects based on mutual trust.”

Regarding the two countries' stance on Iraq, Mottaki said, “ establishing stability and peace in Iraq is one of the issues being discussed by the Tehran and Ankara.”

“We support all the parties’ participation in forming Iraq's new government and we hope that the country’s leaders be able to provide the conditions for Iraqi nation's advancement and progress through cooperation.”

Concerning Fox News Network claim that Iran has had a new nuclear site, Mottaki said, “Iran's nuclear activities are absolutely clear and public opinion and the IAEA have been informed on the issue permanently.”

“All the Iranian sites are under supervision of the IAEA.”

Iranian Foreign Minister added, “concerning sanction, Iran welcomes talks, if western countries are persistent to follow their failed experience again, nothing can be done about it.”

Mottaki noted, “regarding fuel exchange, consultations have been made with Turkish friends and trips have been taken, if a strong will emerges in other parties involved in fuel exchange formula, it can be an opportunity to establish multilateral trust.”

Yeah, that is what Israel and the US have in mind, 'congratulating Iran'

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hallucinogens have doctors 'tuning in' again

One of my core topics has been mind control, I would like to get back to that briefly.

Mind Control is ongoing. The biggest mind control device in our lives is still the television.
Television or tv tells us what to buy and how we feel when we make the prescribed purchase.
If we buy a certain car, we will be sexy. Drink a certain beer and get the girls. You get the idea?
It conjures emotional reactions to created situations. The very worse thing is does, is deprives us of our own thoughts and imagination.
Getting back to the 'old' MKUltra experiments, which in my mind, never went away.
Really, why would they? What government in the world, particularly a world government , which by it's nature would have to be more tyrannical then anything regional, would not love a mind controlled compliant populace. TV has already got you part way there. But drugs can take you the rest of the way. In the 60's the drug that it was hoped would bring about the mass mind controlled population was LSD.
Guess what, it is back......

Scientists are taking a new look at hallucinogens, which became taboo among regulators after enthusiasts like Timothy Leary promoted them in the 1960s with the slogan “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” Now, using rigorous protocols and safeguards,(they had safeguards and protocols previously) scientists have won permission to study once again the drugs’ potential for treating mental problems and illuminating the nature of consciousness.

Scientists are especially intrigued by the similarities between hallucinogenic experiences and the life-changing revelations reported throughout history by religious mystics and those who meditate. These similarities have been identified in neural imaging studies conducted by Swiss researchers and in experiments led by Roland Griffiths, a professor of behavioral biology at Johns Hopkins.

Life changing revelations? Illuminating the nature of consciousness?
That all sounds good, right? And quite possibly it could be? Except, where there is good, there is bad.

Because reactions to hallucinogens can vary so much depending on the setting, experimenters and review boards have developed guidelines to set up a comfortable environment with expert monitors in the room to deal with adverse reactions. They have established standard protocols so that the drugs’ effects can be gauged more accurately, and they have also directly observed the drugs’ effects by scanning the brains of people under the influence of hallucinogens.

Control the setting, control the experimenters, control and guide the experience.
And a positive experience can be made a negative experience.

The monitors sometimes had to console people through periods of anxiety
What if during periods of anxiety, 'monitors' did not console?
What if they cajoled? Coerced? Suggested? Anything and everything, what would the results be?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poland: Untangling themselves from the trappings of world government ?

I had been doing some more reading on the plane crash that killed the Polish VIP's.
I had come across something somewhere that made mention of the fact that the plane had dumped fuel before the crash.

Ok, was obvious the crash was iminent. So the crew dumped fuel to avoid burning.
Or so I am assuming.

Then James, asked me in another post:

"Can you tell me if the list of passengers included any senior catholic church officials and if the catholicism or otherwise of the main characters has been mentioned in the press?

I mentioned to James I had noted the mentioning of the Presidents faith.

But, then I came across this today: Poland’s patriots gone in an instant

"The decision was made by President Kaczynski and his cabinet to begin the process of devaluing their currency and exiting the E.U. in order to stabilize and save Poland’s economy, when this terrible crash occurred."

I had mentioned about the currency in other posts, and also the central bank dispute.
But, exiting the EU ?? If true, this could have possibly signalled the end of the EU, and the larger delusion of a world government. And, I do call the delusion of a world government, just that, delusions of the empowered and insane.

James, this is interesting from the same piece-

President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria, both devout Christians; Poland’s entire ruling body; its highest ranking military officers; the head of the National Bank of Poland; as well as 11 priests including an archbishop, bishop, monsignor and chaplains – all 88 dignitaries plus the crew were killed!

Dare Poland continue its course to devalue and exit the E.U.?

Poland had done something else quite interesting.
The had rejected, completely rejected the H1N1 vaccine.
Another kick in the teeth to the world government delusion.

From just a few weeks ago:

The Council of Europe has praised Poland’s Health Minister Ewa Kopacz for her strategy against the swine flu virus.

The council’s Committee on Social, Health and Family Affairs said that the Health Ministry’s decision not to order any A/H1N1 vaccines, in spite of pressure from pharmaceutical companies and health organizations, was correct.

Poland’s Health Minister said that thanks to the anti-swine flu strategy adopted in Poland fewer fatal cases of the virus were reported and the virus was less virulent than in other countries.

Could this have been because they did not vaccinate?

Poland calm and unvaccinated /November 2009

Despite a serious outbreak of swine flu in neighboring Ukraine, the Polish government played it cool last week. Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz announced that she was not planning to stock up on swine-flu vaccine until it had been properly tested.

"The A/H1N1 vaccine is being produced by three companies, none of which has been able to assess its long-term effects. Their testing lasted a relatively short amount of time. It is not known whether [the vaccine] is safe for children and pregnant women," the health minister explained at a press conference last week.

Interesting the mention of the outbreak of swine flu in the Ukraine, as was claimed by the WHO, as a reason that Poland must vaccinate.
But, I had an interesting post, that suggested the WHO was using the cover of swine flu to hide a massive tuberculosis outbreak.

Ukraine Pandemic:TB and IMF loans connected ?

Could the so called "pandemic" in the Ukraine be connected to their dependence on IMF funds?

Was Poland watching their neighbour be destroyed from the inside out?
Was Poland fully aware of what was really going on in Ukraine?
And knowing it was not H1N1 felt no inclination to use the Polish people as guinea pigs for big pharma?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Polish President's visit to Russia, what the heck ?

This news story was from April 11/2010.
The day after the plane went down with most of the Polish government plummeting to there death.
I find this interesting and odd.
Times Online

Had Kaczynski's attendance at the Katyn commemoration been an officially recognized visit?

Kaczynski was not invited to Putin’s event and there was no promise of a warm welcome at the Smolensk airfield yesterday. He was determined to attend the commemoration, though — not, as he put it, “to inflame relations with Russia”, but to support 400 relatives of the victims who were expected to be there. “I hope I get a visa,” he had joked.

The reference to the Putin event was one that was held earlier in the week.
There was no promise of a 'warm welcome at Smolensk airfield'
But, Kaczynski was determined to attend, as he was quoted to say not to “to inflame relations with Russia” but to support relatives of victims.
"I hope I get a visa"

I don't know what to make of this bit of news, interesting, perplexing.....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Would Israel launch a 'pre-emptive' attack on Iran? Probably not.

Yeah, I note the spin on the piece, calling an attack on Iran 'pre-emptive' it is the same spin that mislead the people regarding the attack on Iraq.
Any attack Israel would make on Iran, would be an unprovoked and unjustifiable attack.
With serious repercussions!

All the same, interesting read.
War Games - Would Israel launch a preemptive strike—despite U.S. opposition—to prevent an Iranian bomb? Despite its bluster, probably not.

I like the bit about the US using the threat of an Israeli strike on Iran as way to strong arm China and Russia into supporting tough sanctions.
China and Russia sure don't seem to be buying what the US is selling with regards to Iran.

WHO investigates their H1N1 response

Just think about that, for a moment.
The WHO is going to investigate its own response to the H1N1 outbreak.
Can we say, this is the equivalency of the fox guarding the hen house?
This will not be an investigation by any stretch of the imagination. How could it be?
It was the WHO that precipitated the H1N1 response to the pandemic.
In plain terms it was the WHO that caused the near panicked response to a mild flu outbreak.
They set the whole ball rolling by changing the definition of pandemic!
(Click the swine flu label at the bottom and you will see I addressed that way, way back)
And to make matters worse, they keep their perpetual fear mongering on the go...

Despite the extreme mildness of this flu strain, currently the WHO's alert level remains at phase 6, the highest level.

And of course they reject all charges of business influence in the pandemic response.
Influence of pharmaceutical business is rejected because not one one the SAGE members declared a conflict of interest.
David Salisbury "There has been no declaration of conflict from any SAGE member in our proceeding on A (H1N1) vaccine"
Simply saying, no one has 'declared' a conflict of interest, does NOT mean there wasn't a conflict of interest, it means NO ONE DECLARED A CONFLICT.
Two totally different concepts.

Another interesting statement made by the WHO is that the internet somehow interfered with the handling of the swine flu. What?

"The Internet had a disruptive impact on the handling of the flu pandemic by fanning speculation and rumours"
While it meant information about swine flu became more widely available, it also produced "news, rumours, a great deal of speculation and criticism in multiple outlets,"
First of all "the internet" can't disrupt anything.

Second of all what the WHO seems to have a problem with is the access to information, and the criticism that it received in multiple and accessible outlets.

Why if it weren't for the accessibility of information on the internet, there probably wouldn't be an investigation right now into how the WHO handled their fear mongering mission.

If it weren't for the people on the Internet, who tried to get some credible, rational and realistic information out, including yours truly, what information would people have had?
Oh yeah, the main stream medias spoon fed fear, fear and exaggeration.

All that said, the WHO is going to give themselves a pat on the back and some high fives with their big pharma compatriots for a job well done. And it was a job very well done, for the profit margins of the pharmaceutical corporations.

An interesting read and while I don't agree with every bit of it, some very good points are made about the WHO's biggest mistake.

Despite claiming to want to know what went wrong as much as what went right, the WHO seems unwilling to even entertain the possibility that it created a counterproductive panic by labelling H1N1 a pandemic of the highest order (“level 6”).

Can you imagine how happy it makes me to see some gets it.

"As an organization, it might very well be securing its own irrelevance in the years to come"

Not that, the irrelevance of the WHO would necessarily be a bad thing

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Turkey's awakening and exit from the western camp

I want to leave Poland, briefly, and head over to Turkey.
There has been alot going on with Turkey as of late. The dispute between Turkey and Israel.
The attempted coup plot. Possibly more?
I found this piece most interesting, actually posted November 2009, and it seems prophetic.
Read it over. Some excerpts below

Taking advantage of the ongoing systemic crisis, and of the weakening of the US and of the Western superstructure over which the latter’s might is based, Turkey has entered a process of fundamental redefinition of its key geopolitical interests. The new priorities ready to break out by 2012 will account for Ankara’s most profound reappraisal since the country joined NATO in 1952

In the Eastern Mediterranean region, the relation with Israel is often a reliable indicator of a country’s relation with the Western camp altogether. Indeed, for more than a decade, the West has been defining itself along the Washington/Tel Aviv guiding line. But, in this regard, in the past few months, Turkey seems to have undertaken to move away from this line which, for many years, it used to follow as closely as possible. The attack on Gaza by the Israeli army in December 2008 is the marking event of this change of tone first, of orientation then. Since then, Ankara has gradually undertaken to move all the way backward along the road to its diplomatic and military cooperation with Tel Aviv. Two recent examples: Ankara’s decision to ban Israeli air force drills from Turkey; and its barring Israel from participating in a NATO exercise in October 2009 (2), soon followed by the announcement that Turkey would hold military exercises with Syria (3). We are far from the military and strategic behavior expected from a faithful ally of the United States and a prominent member of NATO.

However, changes in strategic priorities in the region have been brewing ever since the USSR collapsed, turning Turkey’s decade long and cold war-related dead-end position into a wide open space with huge cultural, economic and commercial potentialities. Since then, under the compliant Turkey, it was possible to catch glimpses of a country growingly reluctant to put the uniform lent by a Western world with regional aims more and more alien to Turkish interests (4). As long as the Cold War went on and the Soviet threat was on the borders, Turkey agreed to be a “Western tower” on the Middle-East chessboard. But since 1989, interests between the Tower and the King or Queen have increasingly diverged, a bad omen for the rest of the game on two aspects:

First: Turkey will get increasingly reluctant to comply with Washington’s exhortations, as already suggested by a series of negative reactions (5) which provoked an upsurge of hostility towards Turkey within NATO. Something new is happening: the legitimacy of Turkey’s NATO membership is being questioned by leaders from other NATO member states.

Second: Washington’s and/or the Alliance’s policy in the region will be growingly hampered by a reluctant Turkey developing its own specific regional strategic approach, possibly opposed to NATO’s. Ankara’s good relations with Tehran (6), far from the ideas of sanction or embargo vigorously advocated by Washington, provide another glowing warning signal.

In short, the Turkey/NATO relationship is about to reach a point of no-return

The other component of Turkey’s « anchoring » to the West, i.e. the promise of EU accession, will be the decisive factor in Turkey’s exit from the Western camp.

There is much more in the article about NATO and the EU membership.

-From Russia (whose nationals flock Turkish beaches) to Central Asia (where Ankara is conducting a proactive trade and cultural policy towards Turkish speaking countries), Iran and Syria, Turkey is quick in building a new diplomacy

According to the authors of this piece, keeping in mind the recent coup plot
NATO’s last loyal allies are the generals of the Turkish army

Keeping this in mind.....

For decades, they (Turkish Military) were used to run the country in the shadow of political puppets, dismissing them if necessary when some electoral outcome annoyed them. Thinking of themselves as protectors of Ataturk’s legacy, in fact they were mostly concerned about controlling the country and making the most of the NATO, EU and US manna rewarding their loyalty to the Western camp (7).

Which may give an idea, who was behind the plot?

See the number 7, I left that there intentionally.
That links to another clue in the ariticle of where allegiances have previously lay.
By who and how was the loyalty rewarded

(7) The IMF also played an important role in this regard, as Turkey has been one of its biggest clients for decades, thus enabling the West to run the country by proxy. The country’s exit from IMF’s adjustment programme in 2008 is also the moment when this strategic shift in Turkish diplomacy became visible. As a matter of fact, Ankara is now extremely reluctant to sign any new loan agreement with the IMF. Sources: EurAsiaNet, 07/02/2009; BrettonWoodsProject, 06/17/2009
Somehow, we always find bankers behind the scenes pulling strings..

Most interesting, and there is much more to be read.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poland: Central Bank Profits Dispute Pt 2

Poland's Central Bank dispute had become an "open conflict"

"This completely changes the dynamics between the bank and the government in the dispute over what to do with the central bank's profits," said an emerging markets analyst at a foreign institution, who asked not to be named.

In the long term, the replacement of Skrzypek (who died in the crash) is likely to ease a tense relationship between the central bank and the government, and between the central bank governor and other members of the Monetary Policy Council.

In particular, Skrzypek's replacement may end a conflict over the government's demand that the central bank hand over as much as 8 billion zlotys ($2.8 billion) in last year's earnings to the state coffers to help cover the budget deficit.
March 25th/2010
Initially, the bank said it was not sure whether there would be any profit at all. Later, president Sławomir Skrzypek said there would be, but not more than zł.4 billion.

The RPP is accusing NBP managers of trying to get away with paying as little as possible into the budget.

This bitter public row saw the majority of the council set against the bank governor
The dispute split along the lines of who, had been appointed by whom to the Council.

Six members including Andrzej Bratkowski, Elzbieta Chojna-Duch, Jerzy Hausner, Andrzej Rzonca, Jan Winiecki and Anna Zielinska-Glebocka -- were appointed with the support of Prime Minister Donald Tusk (now empowered)
Slawomir Skrzypek (deceased bank governor) and three others Kazmierczak, Zyta Gilowska and Adam Glapinski were appointed by Lech Kaczynski (deceased President)

Make of it what you will!

Poland- A dispute with the bankers over profits

I am going back to Poland, again. This is a tough situation. Perplexing for sure.
Perhaps this is an enlightening bit of news?

A complete change from just a few days ago

Poland May Be Without Central Bank Governor for a ‘Few Months

Complete about face from just two days ago, where a quick replacement was an utter necessity!

Now- "Poland’s central bank may be without a permanent governor for months as the acting head of state tries to avoid appearing unduly hasty or politically motivated, economists and constitutional analysts said."

The national tragedy creates exceptional and unique circumstances that explain no rush in the appointment,” said Piotr Winczorek, a Warsaw-based professor of constitutional law, in a phone interview. “We all should be interested in naming the best candidate and this means it may take even up to a few months to name the new governor.”


Slawomir Skrzypek’s death came a day after the bank started selling zloty in a bid to contain the currency’s appreciation and make room for a reversal of monetary easing. The bank has also signaled it may want to raise interest rates, given the size of the state budget deficit.

The zloty gained 0.2 percent against the euro to trade at 3.8679 at 12:34 p.m. in Warsaw, after dropping for three days out of four. The currency has gained 6 percent against the euro this year, making it the best-performer in the European Union.

How were the banks moves going to affect the Polish people and economy?

The acting bank governor, Deputy Governor Piotr Wiesiolek, who assumed the duties of Skrzypek, said the vacancy should be filled “without unnecessary delay,”

Asked whether the bank is ready to follow up on its April 9 purchase of euros to curb zloty gains, Wiesiolek said excessive currency fluctuations are undesirable and the bank will “diligently perform” its duty to “protect the stability and value of the zloty,”
Another Aha!!!
Was there a central bank/ elected government dispute ongoing?

Profit Row

The bank’s management and the rate-setting Monetary Policy Council, meantime, have been arguing about the size of the central bank’s profit, which the government wants to shift to the state budget to help reduce the deficit.

A majority of policy makers, nominated by the Civic Platform-led coalition and approved by its parliamentary majority, supported taking a bigger chunk of the profit for the budget, drawing accusations from the opposition that it was putting the central bank’s independence at risk.

Putting the Central Bank's independence at risk?? Hmmm! I don't think so.
More like limiting their thievery.
This bit of news sets off some alarm bells for myself, anyone else?

Did the Polish leadership forget, the bankers rule?

Some additional generally interesting news
The elections.
Poland ruling party has announced the elections will be held June 20th/2010.
Though it is possible that date may be changed.

They agreed to push back a final decision until next week. A leading PO official said the poll would most likely take place on June 20.

Under the rules of the Polish constitution, the election must be held within 60 days of the date announcement and the slight delay gives right-wing Law and Justice (PiS), led by Kaczynski's twin brother Jaroslaw, and the main leftist SLD party extra time to find candidates.

Regarding Jaroslaw Kaczynski, there is speculation that he could win on a sympathy vote.

- Before the plane crash that killed him, President Lech Kaczynski was facing likely defeat in fall elections as voters turned away from his conservative message.

But a surge of sympathy could bring a reprieve for his political movement rooted in traditional Catholic values and a suspicion of Poland's big neighbors - especially if his identical twin, Jaroslaw, the key political operator in the duo, runs for the presidency in his place.

Maybe Jaroslaw will not have to find any candidate to run?

Lots of finger pointing is going on-
Lech Kaczynski's critics try to blame him for the plane crash
Poland MP Blames Russia for Smolensk Aircrash, President's Death

Brief, but relevant digression

I want to take you over to aangirfan for this NEO-CON CIA AGENT TO TAKE OVER POLAND?

I find that most interesting Radoslaw Sikorski, married to Annie Applebaum.
I have come across a few of the articles she has written for the New York Times regarding Russia and Poland. That is an interesting connection. One worth following.