Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Canadian researchers reveal on line spy ring with links to China

Something is not sitting right with this story.. Can't put my finger on it -but??????

U of T sleuths track Internet espionage ring to China

The group identified by the Toronto Star as being U of T sleuths from the "University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs"

Except, that is the incorrect name. It is actually called The Munk Centre for International Studies

Indeed the corroborating news story is there, but, why the wrong name?

Something else, rather interesting- the Toronto Star article calls them a team of researcher's.
But, there is a little more to it then that.

The Munk Centres 'researchers' worked with an Ottawa-based security firm SecDev Group and a U.S. cyber sleuthing organization known as the Shadowserver Foundation
SecDev Group is partnered with an interestingly named company Psiphon inc.
Psiphon Canadian company providing content delivery services and solutions to contested and denied environments.

Content delivery services? To contested and denied environments?
Is this some kind of Public relations outfit? One can only speculate.
It is very curious...

It seems that this is not some happenstance discovery. Uncovered by what appears to be a U of T affiliated think tank and it's security associates and related pr firms in the private sector.

Did I say think tank, because that is what it appears Munk Centre for International Studies is.

Now these sleuths are claiming that all tracks lead back to China, though they are careful to say the Chinese government may or may not be behind it.

There claim is that this massive cyber espionage network has infiltrated the Indian government and also hacked into a year’s worth of the Dalai Lama’s emails, and accessed Canadian visa applications.

News of the alleged spy ring comes at a particularly awkward time.

India’s foreign minister S.M. Krishna is currently in Beijing for ceremonies to mark the 60-year relationship between two nations that loom over Asia.

Especially when relations between the two countries have finally been improving.
"Relations between India and China have been tumultuous in recent months but are improving, the former military officer said"
Well, that would have to be beneficial to the region, no? These are two big economic powerhouses, and big consumer markets. It would be good for them if they had improved relations. But, maybe not so good for other interested parties?

Now who would have an interest in 'stirring the pot' when it comes to relations between China and India? Divide and conquer, divide and keep under control?

I am not saying that spying did not take place. Maybe it did and maybe it didn't? Or perhaps are cyber sleuths are really the hackers? Who knows?

I am only saying there is more to this then just Uof T sleuths finding an alleged spy ring. And, the timing of this revelation is a little more then coincidental. One could almost say the timing of this news could be very influential.

There is more to this then meets the eye.

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