Thursday, April 29, 2010

Colonel Williams- rapes, murders,82 burglary charges and a guilty plea!

BREAKING: Colonel Williams to plead guilty to all chargesNice tidy clean up. No lose ends.

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WELL! I just can't let this pass.........

The Killer Colonel, clearly had an underwear fetish, amongst other things, broke into numerous homes while the owners were away to collect his prizes.

In a detailed statement to OPP after his arrest, Williams, 47, allegedly directed police to where they could find evidence — including hidden keepsakes — inside his house at 473 Edison Ave. in Westboro. He also later allegedly led them to the body of Jessica Lloyd, who had last been seen Jan. 28. And he allegedly told police about almost 50 lingerie break-ins

-Ottawa Police jurisdiction: 23 counts break, enter and theft; 3 counts break and enter with intent to commit an indictable offence; 8 counts attempt break and enter
-Tweed/OPP jurisdiction: 36 counts break, enter and theft; 7 break and enter with intent to commit an indictable offence; 3 counts attempt break and enter
-Belleville Police jurisdiction: 2 counts break, enter and theft

Some of the evidence, according to a search warrant linked to the murders and sex assaults, included so-called trophies, including photographs, thongs, bras, panties and baby blankets.

Baby Blankets?!

Further charges could come in the future as Rae said "nothing's been ruled out at this point."

The two faces of the Colonel
The respected, respectable military man

From his jail cell


  1. I want to know who in forces KNEW what this sicko was up to.

    Hear me out - there is NO WAY that they didn't know what this guy was doing - no way. It's not like he was a grunt, he was an officer - the base commander for crying out loud.

    This whole thing stinks of a cover up.

  2. What's the bet that not one other prisoner in any federal pen or military stockade will ever remember seeing this dear sweet fellow? I'll bet long odds that he never gets to see to inside of a jail cell, the military has always taken care of it's own, and no military has done it more than the Canadian military.

  3. Pleading guilty means there will actually be no trial as such. So no need for the prosecution to present all that nasty embarrassing evidence. Nice and neat.

    Some short cushy confinement somewhere (if at all) and all justified as plea bargaining to save the taxpayers money that would otherwise be spent in a long and hard fought trial.

    Gee, the taxpayers dodged a bullet there, eh?! Thank God for our police and prosecutors.

  4. The Military is a haven for perverts, fags, serial killers, and rapists, as this proves. Look at that fag Hillier, probably wearing women's panties as he was calling for death to the Afghan resistance.

    Williams was such a rising star, set for high promotion, and with the fact of his psychopathy, he could be counted on to do whatever was needed by Canada's corrupt ruling class and feel no qualms.

    Good thing he was caught, this guy would surely be a good death camp commander, but of course there are many waiting in the wings.

    Canada now breeds sociopathy, because that is what is needed to succeed in the usurous society they have us trapped in. This country sucks and is full of perverts at the highest levels and always has.

    His only crime was being too obvious, and they couldn't cover for him anymore when the cops busted him.

    We need a Khmer Rouge... or Khnada Noir. Purge the politicians from Canada.

  5. I was as surprised as anyone to read this.
    Coming hot on the heels of a pile of new charges then bingo, we have a plea deal?!

    Didn't the colonel retain some hotshot lawyer there in Ottawa?
    Can't recall his name, but, retaining someone like that indicates at least IMO that he was intending to fight.

    Then a pile of charges and a guilty plea?

    Clearly, there is more to this then meets the eye.

    I am wondering, honestly, if the colonel wasn't alone?

    Sometimes, when reading about this case I get the feeling there are two different perps.

    The one doing the b&e's and then the rapist/killer.

    Fetish freaks are one thing, but murdering is quite something else.

    So if there was more then one military person involved....

    The military would sure want that to go away mighty quick!

    And it did.

  6. How convenient - for all involved.

  7. Maggie:
    I couldn't agree more.
    Except, inconvenient for the victims, sadly. :(