Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Laura Silsby spent Easter in Prison, Puello faces extradition hearing

Ok, everyone get out your kleenex. You are bound to shed a few tears-NOT!
Grab your barf bags, cause what psycho-Silsby says will make you sick.

The last remaining Baptist volunteer (child stealer) still in a Haiti prison spent Easter Sunday in jail but remains confident she will be released.

Laura Silsby, in prison for more than nine weeks after she and nine others were arrested in late January on charges of child kidnapping, told NBC News her faith has sustained her.

"God will release me. I'm confident that God will overcome all of this and ultimately enable me to be released,"

Now what 'God' would release a guilty as sin child kidnapper?

Oh and poor Laura, ever the victim...

"We were lied to by people who brought children to us and claimed to be either a neighbor, a distant family member. They did not honestly tell us who they were."

It wasn't her and her cohorts that did the lying, no siree bob, it was the people who brought the kids to these self-righteous predators!

Well my bag is full...... Gotta grab another one for the next part-

That other putrid piece of work- Jorge Puello

Jorge Puello will face an extradition hearing this month on a US extradition request

This is rather curious?

Gisela Cueto, an assistant general prosecutor for the Dominican Republic said that Puello will face extradition to the U.S. at an April 28 hearing.
Wanted in Vermont for allegedly smuggling illegal immigrants and in Philadelphia for purported probation violations.

What a lucky break for pedo-Puello !

He will NOT face extradition to El Salvador, even though the El Salvador charges are more serious, because El Salvador did not complete a formal extradition request

Puello is wanted in El Salvador for alleged crimes against children; sexual exploitation of minors for pornography and prostitution; organized crime; and human trafficking. Interpol had issued an arrest warrant for Puello at El Salvador's request.

So why would El Salvador fail to complete a formal extradition request?
Did another country exert political pressure?
It does seem a possibility.

How lucky for Puello, he will be going to the country (US) where he faces substantially less serious charges?


  1. probably they will take care of him like they did with headley. talk about getting off the hook...

  2. yup, i think he is getting off the hook, that sure was a lucky bit of good fortune on his part, that el salvador didn't formally ask for extradition.....