Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poland: Untangling themselves from the trappings of world government ?

I had been doing some more reading on the plane crash that killed the Polish VIP's.
I had come across something somewhere that made mention of the fact that the plane had dumped fuel before the crash.

Ok, was obvious the crash was iminent. So the crew dumped fuel to avoid burning.
Or so I am assuming.

Then James, asked me in another post:

"Can you tell me if the list of passengers included any senior catholic church officials and if the catholicism or otherwise of the main characters has been mentioned in the press?

I mentioned to James I had noted the mentioning of the Presidents faith.

But, then I came across this today: Poland’s patriots gone in an instant

"The decision was made by President Kaczynski and his cabinet to begin the process of devaluing their currency and exiting the E.U. in order to stabilize and save Poland’s economy, when this terrible crash occurred."

I had mentioned about the currency in other posts, and also the central bank dispute.
But, exiting the EU ?? If true, this could have possibly signalled the end of the EU, and the larger delusion of a world government. And, I do call the delusion of a world government, just that, delusions of the empowered and insane.

James, this is interesting from the same piece-

President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria, both devout Christians; Poland’s entire ruling body; its highest ranking military officers; the head of the National Bank of Poland; as well as 11 priests including an archbishop, bishop, monsignor and chaplains – all 88 dignitaries plus the crew were killed!

Dare Poland continue its course to devalue and exit the E.U.?

Poland had done something else quite interesting.
The had rejected, completely rejected the H1N1 vaccine.
Another kick in the teeth to the world government delusion.

From just a few weeks ago:

The Council of Europe has praised Poland’s Health Minister Ewa Kopacz for her strategy against the swine flu virus.

The council’s Committee on Social, Health and Family Affairs said that the Health Ministry’s decision not to order any A/H1N1 vaccines, in spite of pressure from pharmaceutical companies and health organizations, was correct.

Poland’s Health Minister said that thanks to the anti-swine flu strategy adopted in Poland fewer fatal cases of the virus were reported and the virus was less virulent than in other countries.

Could this have been because they did not vaccinate?

Poland calm and unvaccinated /November 2009

Despite a serious outbreak of swine flu in neighboring Ukraine, the Polish government played it cool last week. Polish Health Minister Ewa Kopacz announced that she was not planning to stock up on swine-flu vaccine until it had been properly tested.

"The A/H1N1 vaccine is being produced by three companies, none of which has been able to assess its long-term effects. Their testing lasted a relatively short amount of time. It is not known whether [the vaccine] is safe for children and pregnant women," the health minister explained at a press conference last week.

Interesting the mention of the outbreak of swine flu in the Ukraine, as was claimed by the WHO, as a reason that Poland must vaccinate.
But, I had an interesting post, that suggested the WHO was using the cover of swine flu to hide a massive tuberculosis outbreak.

Ukraine Pandemic:TB and IMF loans connected ?

Could the so called "pandemic" in the Ukraine be connected to their dependence on IMF funds?

Was Poland watching their neighbour be destroyed from the inside out?
Was Poland fully aware of what was really going on in Ukraine?
And knowing it was not H1N1 felt no inclination to use the Polish people as guinea pigs for big pharma?


  1. Game, set and match. Thank you RCC and thank you BIS!

    And thank you, Penny :)
    Well, now the vast publicity for the Vatican personnel's predilection for children looks awfully like payback. Don't you think? And that, in turn, is payback for being cut out as the NWO State religion as was agreed way back when. Maybe as part of the deal between the Rothschilds and the Vatican when the former took over the finances of the latter in the 1800s. Not long before the Pope declared himself infallible. hahaha "Just put your money in here and you can rule the minds of the whole world" hahahhaha!

    Of all the people in the world, you'd think the denizens of the Vatican would know you can't make a deal with the Devil.

    "Money is the Lord of the World and Rothschild is his Prophet." hahahaha

    I wonder what the next episode will bring?

    BTW, did you catch my comment re RCC's desire for a bran noo Holy Roman Empire?

  2. hey james, I tell you, I have been having computer troubles for the past few days...put on a new program and things got a bit loopy.

    So I have not been around except to put a post here and then off again.
    Plus, under the weather a bit.
    Some sort of stomache flu, ew!
    I will get over and check it out, though, hopefully I and the computer will be on the mend.
    funny security word

  3. Like I said penn just another stick in the fire.

  4. Yeah, I remember the swine flu thing . . . and the possibility (it was probably just posturing, but still) of getting out of the EU is a big thing . . .but still, I contend that the main reason they were eliminated was that Kaczynski was not under the boot heel of the PTB.

    And now, no one attends the funeral, because of an invisible smoke/ash cloud from a volcano. I say invisible, because the skies are clear in Poland, as they are in London England, as they are in Germany. But apparently it's "see-through, 'glassy' ash". Um, yeah.

    You should really investigate why the PTB would want to clear the skies over Europe for several days, Pen.

  5. slozo:

    "And now, no one attends the funeral, because of an invisible smoke/ash cloud from a volcano."

    yes, that is interesting
    I came across an article

    that noted this
    'President Medvedev wouldn't be stopped by a mere volcano'
    How is it that he made it to the funeral?
    And the other world leaders could not?
    At least some of them?

    Image from April 16th

    Assuming the cloud would have dissipated some on the Saturday?
    Wouldn't medvedev had to flown right through that?

  6. Penny, in all the reports I've seen they speak only of 'commercial' traffic being stopped.

    Does this mean that anything other than commercial flights are still on?

  7. Pen, that's huge. Thanks for that.

  8. your welcome nobody, the whole Poland situation is most interesting.

  9. Gunshots followed the crash with the polish cabinet - raw footage of first people on the scene. Some translation would be good. Definitely gunshots, and what is that? A Train? Or some sort of noise emitter?

  10. arthur z:

    interesting, curious, were there train tracks nearby??

    I saw some aerial footage and can't recall.

    Judging by the plane pieces strewn about, I would be really hard pressed to think anyone had survived.