Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Police State Parliament Hill !

Canadians are you ready for beefed up security in Ottawa?
Are you ready for more tax dollars being spent to justify the police state, Canada is turning into?
How are you feeling about sub-machine guns and more 'security' on Parliament Hill?
The excuse being used for this nonsense? The protest by Greenpeace last year.
Are you starting to feel like the government, which is supposed to be a servant to the voters, is looking to separate itself from the people? If this is indeed the case, which it looks like it is, why..... oh why, would the government be doing this? Should this be taken as a sign, that the government is wanting to stay away from the populace?
Submachine-guns to be part of security on Parliament Hill

and using the submachine guns is just the beginning......

Public Works and Government Services Canada has recently issued a call for expressions of interest from the private sector in the installation of an "integrated security system" that would include 3,000 video cameras, 1,500 "panic" buttons, 3,000 alarm sensors and motion detectors, as well as new biometric identification tools and more.

How about a new 'visitor centre' built beneath the expansive lawn of Parliament Hill with security screening and a theatre where visitors should pass the time before their tour.

Yes, a 'visitor centre' where you will be screened while receiving some dose of state sponsored propaganda, no doubt?

The RCMP has been gunning for, pun intended, additional resources for sometime.
Because, tasing people to death, just ain't good enough!

The government of Canada, supposedly accountable too, elected by and needing to be protected from.....


  1. Ahhh Parliament Hill. gosh Pen, back in the wild days of my youth everyone used to party on the cliffside facing the river! We'd roam around on the old abandoned pathways and well have fun.

    No more of that, the downtown is always crawling with piggies, oink oink. Especially due to the bloody American Embassy being right there.

    Better to just avoid the whole mess down there. Very sad.

  2. Do you get the feeling that a false flag is going to happen here in Kanada? I mean, we've escaped them so far, and Canadians are by and large not in favour of the war on terra.

    Just a thought!

    and one other thought - I guess these sub machine guns will go well with the fully armoured vehicle purchased by our esteemed porkers here in the capital.

    (No I don't like cops)

  3. I get the feeling the government doesn't want to face it's people when all their stinkin' lies get the light shone on them.

    Eventually more is going to come out on Afghanistan then most of the dumbed down Canadian masses are going to be able to take.

    I also think soon, there will be foreclosures here, like what is going on in the US.
    I see it starting around my own town... what to do then?
    protect themselves from the people.

  4. Yep the guardians of the state are getting paranoid... they know that we know that they are psychotic, thieving murdering scum and that the time for them to fall is approaching.

  5. anachore and Pen,

    Yep... you're both right.

    Foreclosures, I imagine they are coming. At least the city folk will feel what our farmers have for decades, perhaps then the latte sipping birkenstock tree hugging hypocrites will wake the heck up. Start demanding some real governing (or tearing it apart and starting over?) I can dream.

    Sorry, I'm having some trouble with enviro nazis these days.

  6. Gosh, I sound so hard. I don't want to see anyone be foreclosed on, but really with nafta and the nau what did anyone expect? How can we stop it?

    I know near you, and through you, about the John Deere facility closing. And that is truly an economic crime.

    How DO we stop this? Really?

  7. Personalty I couldn't give a flying fig about what happens to the city folk. The country folk have been getting it up the ass for years, perhaps it's time to spread the love around. Going to be a bit of a shame when they run out of food. Hunger makes people cranky, and so do cold winter nights with no fuel. Thank goodness for solar heat and a woodpile.

  8. Something foreign is sucking them(you know), that their doing this!

  9. anonymous:

    I am not quite sure what you are speaking of, and I don't want to assume, so if you stop by, please do clarify.