Friday, April 16, 2010

Would Israel launch a 'pre-emptive' attack on Iran? Probably not.

Yeah, I note the spin on the piece, calling an attack on Iran 'pre-emptive' it is the same spin that mislead the people regarding the attack on Iraq.
Any attack Israel would make on Iran, would be an unprovoked and unjustifiable attack.
With serious repercussions!

All the same, interesting read.
War Games - Would Israel launch a preemptive strike—despite U.S. opposition—to prevent an Iranian bomb? Despite its bluster, probably not.

I like the bit about the US using the threat of an Israeli strike on Iran as way to strong arm China and Russia into supporting tough sanctions.
China and Russia sure don't seem to be buying what the US is selling with regards to Iran.


  1. Israel the pit bull... lol

    Sort of though eh?

    I wouldn't put it past those f*ers in charge to pull a WW3, they could cull the populace a la Pol Pot.


  2. do you forget that theve all ready once attached israel and blew up there nuke station. they will again if iran cntinues to irrate them israel does not need approval

  3. yeah maggie, "Israel the pit bull"

    Well you know, what I always say, no bad dogs, just bad dog owners...

  4. AnonymousI didn't understand one bit of that crap. What I do understand is that that shithole little country called Israel is the biggest irritant on the face of this planet. It's NOT Iran that is doing the irritating it's the fucking Jews Got It?

  5. anonymous:
    "theve all ready once attached israel and blew up there nuke station"

    I don't know to what you are referring here?

    "israel does not need approval"

    Israel acts everyday as if they need and seek approval. No one country has more pr in place, what with rebranding and megaphonies etc., then Israel.

    But, it seems you are condoning the rogue status of Israel.

  6. Silverfish: clearly Israel with all it's ambitions of expansionism is the irritant, not Iran.
    Clearly the massively nuclear armed Israel is the irritant.

    I mean when is the last time Iran attack any country vs Israel's last attack, which btw is ongoing.
    On the west bank and gaza.

  7. Penn ,It's my understanding that Iran has not attacked another country in the last say 400 years. That would say alot for them not being an irritant wouldn't yuh say. In the last conflict with Iraq, it was Iraq with the backing of the US that attacked Iran not the other way around.

    The US and that shity little country have had a hard on for Iran ever since their puppet the shaw was kicked out.

    Anonymous sounds very shitholesh don't yuh think?

  8. well anonymous for sure, does not have english as a first language.