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The good Baptist Pastor Paul's 'claims' on the Haiti kidnapping

Wanted to touch a bit more on Pastor Paul Thompson's version of the Haiti orphan saga.
Some of his claims-
--The 33 children came from two orphanages and not directly from parents

The group was told multiple times before they got to the border that their documentation and paperwork was sufficient. Who told them? " A Haitian child services official (unnamed) said as much, as did a Haitian policeman(random policeman) and an orphanage director (unnamed) who has extensive experience transferring orphans from Haiti to the Dominican Republic".

The 10 Baptists were arrested in Port-au-Prince, and not at the border.
Why, would they have been arrested in Port-au-Prince and not at the border?
If they were arrested in Port-au-Prince, as Pastor Thompson is claiming, was it because they were scooping children? What were they doing in Port-au- Prince that would necessitate their arrest?
-- They were arrested on Jan. 30, and not Jan. 29 as has been reported repeatedly.
Pastor Thompon claims he wanted to go public with this story all along, but, couldn't until everyone was free. And since Silsby is free, he can now talk.


The group's Haiti story actually began five days prior to their arrest, when they boarded a Greyhound-sized bus at 6 a.m. Jan. 25 for the six-hour drive from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republican to Port-au-Prince. (they were already in Dominican Republic)

--Before entering Haiti the group had made contact with a handful of orphanages, being told by the orphanage directors that they were overcrowded and had quake orphans who could be moved to the Dominican Republican. But the first orphanage the group went to that day -- despite being crowded and having children who were needing food -- "completely changed" its story when Thompson and the others showed up.

Now, why would this orphanage, who as Paul Thompson claims had already pre-arranged for the movement of children do a complete about face, if this was all legitimate?

--The Baptists did receive cooperation late that day at another tent city orphanage, which gave the group approximately six children to take to the Dominican Republic orphanage.

Interesting choice of words from the Pastor, 'receive cooperation'
Did they 'Receive cooperation", in that the so called orphanage gave the Baptist's six children, but, should they have? Should the Baptists have been taking children from a 'tent city' orphanage with no previous legal arrangements. Clearly the answer is no. As they find out later

--"a Haitian policeman named Leonard -- who Thompson said became a "very helpful ally" -- told the group the orphanage was not a "recognized" orphanage. He also told the group that they needed written permission from an orphanage director in order to cross the border with the children and take them to the Dominican Republican orphanage, New Life Children's Refuge. "And so we took these kids off our bus, gave them back into the care of the tent-city orphanage,"

Back the train up! Here we have the Pastor claiming he 'received cooperation' from some random orphanage,(or just any of the number of tent cities set up after the devestating earthquake) and proceeded to take kids they should not have! (Right here, at that moment, they should have known this was wrong)

But, the Pastor claims he returned the children when a police officer gets involved and informs the Baptists this is not a "recognized" orphanage. The police officer tells them they need written permission from an orphanage director to cross the border. In other words, when the police caught them taking kids, they returned the children!

The policeman was "the first to tell us that all that is necessary for us is to have written documentation from an orphanage director transferring the custody of the children from his orphanage to New Life Children's Refuge," Thompson said.

Pastor Thompson, admits right there, they never had any correct legal paperwork, they came in from the Dominican and started taking kids, with nothing in hand. Nothing at all! Since the policeman was the first to inform them of necessary required documentation.


Paul Thompson claims-
The group headed back toward Haiti on Jan. 27, and at the border was surprised when -- without the group's permission -- border guards began loading strangers onto the bus???

Guess who one of the strangers was? And for some strange reason, the Baptists allow this 'stranger' to stay on their bus. Strange, indeed! For it was none other then - Jean Sainvil, a pastor who -- providentially -- directs orphanages in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Isn't that an amazing coincidence!

Amidst the chaos and confusion they did allow one man and his assistant to stay. His name was Jean Sainvil, a pastor who -- providentially -- directs orphanages in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He had never met members of the group, but their shared interests quickly sparked a conversation on the bus about orphanages and needy children

You may remember Jean Sainvill from this post: Laura Silsby and the trouble with Baptist Predators

"The pastor, Jean Sainvil,( Gwinnet Pastor) described the controversy as a misunderstanding stemming from the volunteers not having the needed paperwork for the children. Sainvil said the Baptist volunteers were acting "with a good heart."
Is he a Baptist also? Two interesting videos here and here regarding Pastor Jean Sainvill.

Sainvill is questionable and that is putting it lightly. But, here the Baptists are willing to hook up with a questionable individual in order to procure children? If this whole saga, according to the Pastor didn't already read as sordid, this turn of events just makes the whole story that much more worse!

The interview is lengthy and you can read it entirely, it is linked at the beginning.
Interestingly the good Pastor does not mention Jorge Puello, not at all!
Gee, I can't imagine why???

As I said yesterday, Pastor Paul, there is not one scintilla of truth to your version of events in Haiti.
Lies, lies and more lies.

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