Thursday, May 27, 2010

H1N1- The WHO gave a pandemic and it was a dismal failure

As, far as pandemics go....
Thought this was interesting.

Recalling, the media portrayal of people lined up, desperately awaiting their H1N1 shot. The impression being everyone was clamouring to get the shot.
The reality being completely different.

-Only 28 percent of Torontonians rolled up their sleeves for the H1N1
-30 percent across Canada was the average


What was quite interesting was what an extremely mild flu season the 2009/2010 season really was.

The WHO estimates world-wide deaths from seasonal flu range from 250,000 to 500,000
But this past flu season saw 18,000 deaths world wide, allegedly all of them from H1N1.

Of course, public health officials will tell you, it was only through their quick actions that the death count was not higher.
And they would be lying.
In North America the vaccine was not available till the worst of the flu season was over, or had already peaked and as I mentioned above, only about 30 percent of the populace was vaccinated.
So their (public health officals and WHO) 'quick' actions had nothing to do with the low fatality rate.

Of course we are having the great WHO inquiry, into massive money wasted, and drug company enrichment.

" Anger over the misspent money and misspent fear has led to the forming of a panel to investigate her agency, but don’t expect much from it—Chan appointed the members.
I don't expect much from the 'investigation'. It will be a whitewash, cover-up. After all as quoted, the WHO appointed all the panel members to 'investigate'.
It will all be very self-serving.

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