Thursday, May 20, 2010

Laura Silsby back home. Pastor Paul blames UNICEF workers

Speaking of wicked people....Laura Silsby, child kidnapper returned to Idaho.

Silsby was freed Monday when a judge convicted her of arranging illegal travel, but sentenced her to time already served in jail. She was welcomed at the Boise airport by her sister, mother and members of her Idaho church.

While there may be 'no place like home' for Dorothy, I am not so sure Laura feels that way.

Her homecoming, which saw her warmly welcomed by the church members, and fellow kidnappers, was disrupted by one protestor Bryan Jack

Mr. Jack, 32-years old who lives in Boise, held a large sign that read "Laura Where's My Paycheck?" He sued Silsby and a ruling came down in his favour.
Also- As Silsby sat in a Haitian jail, her husband sought sole custody of their 5-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son.

And this is interesting!

Idaho Pastor blames UNICEF workers for the arrest of Silsby and her conspirators

Pastor Paul Thompson of Twin Falls told us Wednesday that he believes a group of UNICEF workers played a role in their arrests.

Thompson says a number of people in UNICEF t-shirts showed up in the hours before their arrests. One of the people believed to work for UNICEF joined a meeting with Silsby and police. While in the waiting area the rest of the group began speaking to the children in Creole. He says cameras were rolling and when Thompson asked a policeman translator what was happening. This is what the translator told him.

“He told me that they were telling the children that we were kidnappers and that we were attempting to cross the border without permission, and we were going to do one of two to three things -- sell them into slavery, traffic them or sell their organs on the black market, so obviously any child in any nation would begin to cry,” said Thompson.

We received a statement from UNICEF. It reads…

"Mr. Thompson's account is mistaken. UNICEF played no role in the arrests of the Baptist group and UNICEF staff were not present at the arrests. UNICEF does not have the power to order arrests in Haiti or anywhere else. As for the t-shirts, we are aware that officials of at least two Haitian government child protection agencies often wear shirts with both their own and UNICEF's logos."

Pastor Thompson- I don't believe your story at all. It doesn't have a scintilla of truth to it.
I have had story after story here, on how the Haitian parents were lied to by the Baptists, how they cried for their children.... Unbelievable! You think this Pastor would be apologetic or humble. But then Laura Silsby wasn't never humble or expressing sorrow for her grave wrong doing.
Their is just so much wrong here.


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  2. Hey Penny, I know this is off topic, well except for the sliminess of both, but what's your thought about this nightmare unfolding in the Gulf?

  3. It is bad, really bad.
    I have been paying attention to it.
    It seems to me the gov in collusion with big oil are trying to cover it up, or downplay it as much as they can possibly downplay such a massive disaster.

    Oxymoronic, gov in collusion with big oil???
    I should just say, the gov taking their order from the pay masters, are aiding in the coverup.

    sick, very sick.

  4. To speak of Magdalena's question on the oil spill - you should really listen to the last two episodes from the Spaceman, Pen. He goes through the details pretty well, and comes up with his take on why BP is taking the public fall for it, and what BP has become a major investor in . . . (hint: it's not oil)

    I have to say, I really like how you doggedly follow up on every story . . . you are a real reporter, the likes of which the MSM hasn't gotten a sniff of in a very long time.

  5. I have listened to part of one from what I guess would be two shows ago now.

    Right now, I have been getting the garden in with the hubby... And the weather has been great for being outdoors..

    As for following stories, I do wish I had more time to follow more stuff.. but I can only do what I can fit into my spare time.

    I will catch the spaceman asap