Monday, May 17, 2010

Parents 'pimp' kids for swine flu trials

Parent's, you are supposed to be acting in the best interests of your kids, and that includes their LONG TERM health and welfare. Instead, according to this article you're acting like governments world wide during the latest pandemic. Governments world wide?
Yeah. Look at the behaviour of governments in numerous countries world wide and the UN, their pimping of humanity for profits ensured that many, many kids (and adults) were used as lab rats to be injected with experimental H1N1 flu vaccines.
I notice no one is condemning the governments of the world or the UN

PARENTS are enrolling children as young as nine months in drug trials in exchange for hundreds of dollars.

The cash payments, which could breach national ethical guidelines, will ignite debate over how much should be paid to cover "reasonable expenses" of trial participants.

An industry whistleblower alerted The Sunday Telegraph after some parents were netting $900 by enrolling three children at a time into an H1N1 flu vaccine trial.

"I think when you start offering money the whole altruistic thing goes out the window," the whistleblower said.

"You just get parents pimping out their children for a quick buck."

GPs are also being paid a fee, understood to be at least $200, to refer young patients to the drug-testing clinics.

But the whistleblower said children were effectively being used as lab rats.

"Parents are giving consent on their children's behalf," the source said.

"(The centres) were getting some families turn up with three or four kids, then you walk away with nearly a grand at the end of three visits."


  1. This is how the PTB turn the screws . . . they want to turn us into the basest of animals, scurrying around trying to make a quick buck while trusting the gov't and throwing caution to the wind.

    Money makes the rationalisation of not taking an active interest in anything pushed towards the kid so much easier . . . and it becomes so much easier to believe everything Big Brother tells you.

    So does not getting ridiculed.

    So on top of mechanisms of positive reward (money), there are the negative 'rewards' for going against the grain . . . public ridicule, potential ostracizing at school for your kid, possibly being excluded from some school events or from school completely (if not vaccinated - has happened in many places like California), etc etc. The people have been cowed into compliance . . . and like a farmer herding these cattle, you only need imaginary barriers, not even real ones, from truth and freedom.

    What the cows don't realise is that they are all big and strong enough to break through that wooden fence. That electric fence, if they run through it, will hardly be felt when their feet break it. And that farmer's field isn't the only one that has nice grass.

    Of course, that is if the article is to be totally believed . . . it could also simply be acting as an advertisement for other parents who don't realise they could be making good money out there, real easy.

    We must remember the first and most useful thing about the news is that it tells people what to do, what to think, and how to act.

  2. These "parents" are absolute soul-deprived scum, so afraid of engaging in these guinea pig operations themselves, that they instead see fit to make a joke profit at the expense of their own flesh and blood. I find no difference between these stinking, cowardly beasts than a twisted freak in Indonesia who sells his daughter to sex slavers.

    Here's the rub, children are individuals with inherent human, and de-facto legal rights and if you can jail parents for culpability in withholding medical care on religious grounds, then by merit of law, the same protection is expected to be extended to illegalities such as these. A child has no recognised personal consent and thus, needs a proper advocate to speak on behalf of their interests, represent their well-being and ensure they are duly protected from harm. It is known that these 'trials' do not have any dosage limits, side-effect ramifications, nor contraindicative interaction data based upon vaccine components and possible emergent allergic reactions. In short this is a vicious Russian Roulette game with accompanying sign-offs to limit corporate liabilities. The children failing to have an advocate to protect them from dangers known and unknown, should be shielded by the same laws that are in place to shield adults from wanton medical improprieties. In other words, when the mentally defective pimps masquerading as parents jeopardise their children for petty and selfish profit, the children need the same laws engaged that protect adults from experimentation enforced. This of course reveals that the law is not the law, but instead a subjective sham of "Let's Make a Deal" scaled in favour of the largest wallet or corporate/political interest.

    It's open season on children and now they're not even safe in their own homes with hell-bound freaks guising themselves as parents. Alleged caregivers willing to sell their progeny out to whatever or whomever predator with silver slithers along. Here's the killing joke, eventually the children will grow up and suss out what's transpired and connect it to sudden medical debilitations they contract as they mature. When that eventuality occurs, I would not find it unusual or out of sorts when they visit instant, violent justice upon the very ones who sold them down the river.

    At what bloody point did the Earth become a giant monster-factory infested with demoniac pseudo-humans?

  3. Spot on commentary Slozo, very well said indeed.

  4. well said both of you.

    I noticed it was 'bad parents' sell there kids out for money, but, what about the fact that states, governments had done the same thing on a massive scale?
    The spin there is completely different, it was necessary.

    People have been cowed, manipulated, bullied and worse into compliance.
    But for how long? And how much longer?

  5. I absolutely concur Penny, the governments are fully culpable and complicit as the architects of this bait in the first place. Social conditioning and the calculated engineering of desperate and exploitative conditions manifest this landscape.

  6. Hei Hu

    I am glad you agree with that.

    I just couldn't help but notice the double standard, these parents vs the acts of government and the UN.

    I do not agree with what the parents are doing, but, if we can condemn them we have to condemn governments and the UN who used the masses on a larger scale as guinea pigs.