Monday, May 17, 2010

Pt.2 Operant Conditioning, Dr's and Foundations

Let's get back to Operant Conditioning or Behaviourism.
Quick rehash. If you haven't been following along with the 'bouncing ball' then start here Judge Rotenberg Center investigated- then move along to Dr's BF Skinner, Mathew Israel and Operant Conditioning

At the Rotenberg Center whose founder Dr. Mathew Israel promotes and believes in Operant Conditioning, a theory espoused by Dr. BF Skinner. Both men attended Harvard, one man BF Skinner, wrote a book, about an alleged utopian society.Utopian for who, I am not sure? I suppose for those that controlled the people in the society? Skinner's book and his Operant Conditioning are clearly inspirations to Dr. Mathew Israel. So much so that Dr. Israel forms a cult after graduating from Harvard. Then starts the electro-shock promoting Rotenberg school afterwards.

I took some time in the second post to give you a brief bit of info on BF Skinner. Here is a bit more. Skinner did some work? Lots of work? Funded by the CIA. The CIA doled out money through 'foundations' to fund projects via academia. . You can read this declassified document and get an idea of how this worked.

One CIA funded 'foundation' that financed B.F. Skinners work was called "The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology", sounds harmless enough, right?

An aside, some other recepients of this funding.

Many prominent names were funded through The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, including Carl Rogers, Carolyn and Musafer Sherif, Margaret Mead, Charles Osgood, Hans Eysenck and Martin Orne.

So we have our man B.F. Skinner being funded by the CIA via at least one covert 'foundation'.
He concocts the theory of Operatant Conditioning or Behaviourism, writes a book about a so called Utopian world. This man creates the Heir Conditioner and proceeds to put his own child into it for years.

And this is the man that inspires Dr. Mathew Israel ?

So, after Dr. Israel graduates from Harvard he forms a Commune. Which is a cult. Yes, a cult?
A small, segregated, isolated group of people with some kind of guru leader, who is really manipulative.

Now, how many people do you know that want to and then do indeed go out and start a commune? (Cult)
Well, Jim Jones was one. Charles Manson another one with commune, cult aspirations.
In the case of Jim Jones, a very good case can be made that he was CIA connected and was engaging in a mind control experimentation, in the jungle.
Charles Manson, ditto! ( Mae Brussels 2 part talk. 1 hour to listen) Though conducted a little differently then the way Jim Jones taking care of business, but, mind control experimentation just the same.

Back to Dr Israel, who it appears has the same aspirations as Jim Jones and Charles Manson.
To start a commune (cult)! I find that odd.
Israel started a commune in 1967 in Arlington. He hoped to grow it into his utopia.
A Utopia! Jim Jones and Charles Manson were both on a mission to create a 'utopia'.
Dr Israel is in good company so far.......

But, just before he started the commune he did something else..

The previous year Israel had founded the Association for Social Design, whose objective was to "establish a network of associated experimental communities in cities throughout the world,"
Does this "Association for Social Design" moniker ring a familiar bell?
Makes you think of the "The Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology", does it not?

Therefore, prior to starting up his Utopian Commune (Cult), Dr Israel started a foundation? Which begs the question, did the 'Association for Social Design' get funding, from somewhere, like the CIA or some other intelligence agency, that enabled Dr. Israel to begin his commune. I really do wonder???


  1. Hi Penny: Good post on mind control. I'm of the opinion that there's no way the CIA has discontinued its mind-control experiments (like the ones it was involved in at McGill U. hospital for instance, and in our prisons).

    The video "Crazy Rulers of the World" reveals even more on that score.

    PS: I'm also here to ask you not to remove the link to the YayaCanada blog even though I've officially retired from it. A long-time reader has offered to take over the management of it, and she is looking for people who would like to contribute content.

  2. Hey YaYa!
    I will keep the link intact, and check in there, hopefully she will run the place as well as you did!?
    Big shoes to fill...

  3. pen, i noticed in the doc scan how it says right there funds are made under "ostensible" research purposes. it's all to look legit for the people back home.

    i would guess these associations and whatnot connect through the $6 billion dollar tavistock network of foundations, all of which no doubt sound perfectly benevolent.

  4. Exactly AP!

    Some caring foundation doing "good work' for some reason or another.

    Which really made the fact that the good Dr. Israel started some funky named foundation prior to his commune start up that much more, curious.

  5. Excellent work Penny, and great digging . . . would love to hear the great doctor Israel defend his commune, lol. Then we could count how many times he uses the term aversives again.

    I have no idea where you find the time, as it must be nearly a full time job to track all this down . . . but you are tireless, and we all appreciate it.

  6. Hey Slozo, with a bit more work, there will be a part 3.