Monday, May 24, 2010

Spies in the Ointment: Israeli Espionage of Global Communications

This piece ties in quite nicely with yesterday's post on Facebook.
It was written by none other then the always articulate Hei Hu Quan.
I am going to borrow it, put up a few excerpts and encourage you to read it entirely.
It is good, very good.
An aside, check out the comments.

"Take a close look at this unusually suspicious excerpt from an article entitled: Research Bulletin 72 – The Impact of Globalization on the Boom and Crisis of Israel’s High-Tech Industry by B.A. Kipnis. Written in January of 2002, the statements by this D. Globerman are chilling"

“At the time of writing the war on global terror is under way and the economic media are busy speculating about the impact of that war, particularly about the effect of the horrible terror event of September 11, 2001 in the US on the world high-tech industry, the Israeli high-tech industry included. D. Globerman, conveyed the emerging stimulators for recovery in the high-tech industry, and the behavior by industry necessary to revive. He cited a ‘virtual’ pessimist as saying that the current high-tech crisis would not be over before 2003. The cited ‘virtual’ optimists, on the other hand, would assume that thanks to the vicious September 11 terror attack on the US, the crisis would be over soon because private and public agencies in the US and elsewhere would invest in anti-terror technologies. This might include the upgrading of their technological systems in order to avoid any future terror threat, and the upgrading of the technological capabilities of security agencies,! airports, and air companies as well as the military machine needed for the [electronic] war against global terror. These activities, fueled by the spending of many billions of dollars, will help the economy out of its crisis; they will be the main driving force behind the likely recovery of the high-tech industry. In addition, since the terror has minimized the risk differences between Israel and the rest of the of the developed world, and since there is no place that is 100% safe, investors, holding hot money will eventually look for promising places to invest, including in Israel.

In late September 2001 the Minister of Finance exempted foreign high-tech firms from local company income tax. This ruling is an addition to other grants offered to firms investing in Israel.” (Research Bulletin 72 – The Impact of Globalization on the Boom and Crisis of Israel’s High-Tech Industry by B.A. Kipnis) –

I was reading this excerpt, and thinking about all the Israeli security that is first and foremost at many large events, most recently at the Vancouver Olympics.
I was thinking about articles like this and this and this

Hei Hu Quan goes on to discuss Talpiot
(first time I have heard this name)


"Talpiot is the special army training program that puts the best high school graduates through a rigorous curriculum of computer science, physics, and math, then places them in key assignments in, say, intelligence units."

Since Talpiot’s inception, only a few hundred people have made it through the program. Their military handiwork is classified, although it is known to have touched everything from algorithm compression to antimissile systems.,17925,512689,00.html

“Graduates, along with those of other elite programs, are deployed throughout the armed services to do everything from reviving crashed computers to heading sophisticated military intelligence projects. Col. Albert Tregar’s IDF programming school gets to choose the best, train them, and quickly put them into the field, where they could very well wind up practicing various forms of technological warfare.” (Israeli Army Grads Lead Business Revolution by David Rosenberg) –

there is more, much more...


  1. Thanks once again Penny, quite a pleasant and unexpected surprise. It's funny but during the research for this piece, the more I found Israeli owners lurking beneath the rocks of front companies such as AmDocs, Comverse, Narus, etc., with their companies always found in the most strategic of sensitive areas, the more I found that they all had backgrounds from these Israeli intelligence training centres. I encourage all the readers and the earnestly inquisitive to investigate for themselves and they'll be well-shocked at what they find.


  2. This made me think as I wrote of how Israeli intelligence outfits were at the airports on Sept 11 or even the underwear bomber that airport had an Israeli security outfit in charge.

    It becomes frightfully obvious, or should be to anyone paying attention that the so called terrorists only made it through with some help from their friends in the intelligence business.