Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Times Square bombing poorly plotted

Thinking about the Times Square 'bomb' & John's comment:

" a very cheap looking Chinese alarm clock with wires attached and some fireworks.

Did they get this idea from watching an old episode of Mission Implausible?"

Perhaps the idea did come from TV, isn't that where most people unable to think for themselves, get their ideas from?

Some interesting commentary

"The attacks also revealed just how dumb some would-be terrorists are"
The SUV found in Times Square had been crammed with dozens of M-88 firecrackers, three gas- grill-like propane tanks (their on-off valves twisted shut), a pair of jugs filled with gasoline and a metal locker packed with the fertilizer. The contraption was wired to a pair of travel alarm clocks, designed to blow up the vehicle and anybody close to it in an immense fireball. But this feat of junior-high engineering left one question hanging: If this were al-Qaeda, wouldn't it have been easier to replace this Rube Goldberg apparatus with a single, devout suicide bomber.

If this was in fact a would be terrorist or Alquaeda?
Perhaps it was another disgruntled American?

* Shahzad worked for about three years as a junior financial analyst in the Norwalk, Connecticut, office of the Affinion Group, a marketing and consulting business, the company said. He left the company in June 2009. ( A laid off worker, victim of the recession?)

* JPMorgan Chase's mortgage unit sued Shahzad in September last year to foreclose on his three bedroom home in Shelton, Connecticut, court documents and county records show.

But, whatever this situation is really all about...the government is going to spin it to it's advantage. More war.


  1. If someone could check my link to Veritas6464, that would be much appreciated.

    I can't load the page???
    The link seems correct, so I may be having a glitch computer moment.

    Slozo: I have started listening to another Space man show, am using the archives about an hour in, on the project bluebeam.

  2. Yeah Pen - his latest is a real, real barn-burner . . . on the space station and potential events to come.

    This Times Square thing makes me scratch my head . . . the plots are such thinly veiled pieces of propaganda as to beggar belief that anyone could believe it wasn't a false flag.

    And yet, people just repeat what their masters on the television tell them. They make no observations of any value, unless it's offered by someone else.

    Everyone is in a fog, Pen. Mesmerised.

  3. The link to Veritas6464 works fine from here Penny, it looks interesting too, I'll have to stop by properly and have a read.

    It's handy that the NY bomber has an Arabic name but also interesting that the media has published such nice photos of him, usually the photos are awful.

    He looks like an attractive young man, almost like a glamorised image of a terrorist, it's nice casting. Maybe they want some of this glamour to rub off onto others. He worked in finance but couldn't google up any decent instructions, are such things difficult to find? Who knows eh?

  4. Thanks John, yesterday I was having such computer troubles, couldn't see pics, video etc.
    It was driving me bonkers!

    You know, I was thinking about this times square bomber, that even if it wasn't intended as a false flag, the government and media spin have turned it into one.

    Thinking that a false flag pretty much stands for an action being taken but the said action made to look as if someone else's agenda is being carried out.

    Like Israels many false flags that are always made to look as if done by Arabs.

    This bombing, for whatever reason, has been made to look like an intentional terror attack and the spin linking it to a very convenient Pakistan phony terror group certainly suits another agenda entirely.

    By all accounts it's a false flag, at least IMHO