Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alan Hart Interview with Michael Rivero

Got to hear this interesting interview, you can listen too, here

The interview is of Alan Hart, the interviewer is Micheal Rivero from WRH.
There was this one part of the interview, I just found stunning....

Alan Hart believes the course is set for a total ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.
He gives an interesting summary of zionism.
He makes note of the obvious symbiotic relationship between anti-semetism and zionism.
How zionism needs anti-semetism.
How anti-semetism is used as the justification for Israel's criminal behaviour.

The stunner, however, was his retelling of an interview with Golda Meir.
Where he asks Golda Meir when she was Prime Minister of Israel for clarification of a comment she made in their interview.
Alan Hart: "So your saying that in a doomsday situation Israel would be prepared to take the region and the world down with it"
Golda Meir answers "Yes, that is exactly what I am saying"
Mad dog policy!
Is this indicative of the collective insanity of the leadership of Israel? It would seem so.
This interview I am discussing is linked above.
Here is a link to check out his 3 volume book set. Zionism: The real enemy of the Jews
And Alan Hart's website


  1. Alan Hart believes the course is set for a total ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

    Yes, that's the main game and always has been. Every outrage, even if it reflects badly on israel, takes attention away from this most heinous crime that is ongoing in plain sight for everybody to see.

    How zionism needs anti-semetism.

    That is why they invented the term.The Zionists coined the term and for the very good reason that it reinforces the lie that 'the jews' are a race of people when they clearly are not and that they came from Palestine when, again, clearly they did not. So while ever anybody is arguing with these Kazars and Sephardim over whether something or somebody is 'anti-semitic', they are working for the lie that the Zionists have been perpetrating on the world for over a hundred years. It also paints the criticism as being against jews for who they are rather than what they do.

    Never use the terms or vocabulary set by the enemy.

    Golda Meir would say what she said whether she believed it or not. The thing, though, is for the world to take these psychopaths at their word and see them as a very real existential threat to everybody and deal with them accordingly.

  2. I was really taken back by this comment attributed to Golda Meir, I mean, insanity, was my first thought.

    This is the thinking of an extremist fanatic!

    I hope you did listen to the interview?
    I had not heard of this man until this interview.
    He was interesting, well spoken, not raving..

  3. I have tried the link but it just won't load for me, Penny. It might be my slow connection.

    The threat of involving the whole world in a nuclear holocaust by israel is known generally as their "Samson Option". Names after the biblical character, Samson (of Samson and Delicious fame), who pulled the temple down on himself and his enemies.

    I did find this a bit of a worry though from this link,
    One of my most treasured souvenirs from my television reporting days is a signed picture of Golda when she was prime minister. The inscription in her own hand is – “To a good friend, Alan Hart.” Because I am a goy (a non-Jew) that meant a lot to me.