Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BlueStream II pipeline project may not be extended to Israel

Both Turkey and Russia say the Blue Stream II gas project may not be extended to Israel, but for different reasons. While Russian Prime Minister Putin cites decreased Israeli demand for the energy, Ankara was already threatening to suspend energy cooperation in the wake of Israel's raid on an aid flotilla last week

The proposed Blue Stream II natural-gas pipeline may no longer extend to Israel – originally envisioned as a key customer – Russia’s prime minister said Tuesday, citing economic rather than political concerns.

Vladimir Putin’s remarks came after Turkey said it would shelve all energy-cooperation deals with Israel unless the country apologizes for the attack on a Gaza-bound aid ship that killed eight Turks and one American of Turkish descent.

BlueStream Pipeline

The reason this makes me go hmm!

Putin also said this:

“Israel, according to the data available, has found natural gas on its own continental shelf."

But, has Israel really found natural gas on it's own continental shelf ?

Or is the gas being referred to, the natural gas that is Gaza's natural gas? An excellent article from this year, that you should read- British Gas and Israel eyeing Gaza's natural Gas
Yet not a single network exposed the other motive behind Israel’s attacks: Gaza’s natural gas reserves. According to British Gas Group (BG), in 2000 an estimated 40 billion cubic-meters of natural gas were discovered off the Gaza coast, stretching north-west of the Strip. By any way one measures it, these reserves legally belong to Palestine as they are directly located off the shore of the Gaza Strip, an illegally occupied territory by Israeli forces.

I have covered the Gazan gas issue previously

aha ! Palestinian natural gas coveted by Israel

Thou shalt not covet they neighbours goods...............

So, where am I going with this post?

Perhaps Putin believes that Israel will get a hold of Gaza's natural gas resources.
So, why spend the money to extend the pipeline?
Particularly if, as I wrote just last week NATO will occupy Gaza.
The end of the Gaza blockade, the beginning of NATO occupation?
With a blockade ended, lots of natural gas can be extracted, and pipelined out
Israel will get Gaza's natural gas, make alot of money for themselves, the Palestinians in Gaza can be further pushed from their land and homes.
And, maybe Turkey is putting on political theatrics?


  1. Interesting developments.

    - Aangirfan

  2. hey aangirfan, interesting indeed.

    Egypt keeping the border open is also an interesting and curious development.

    One, that I think, has a purpose.
    And, it is not really about getting supplies into gaza.

    Time will tell