Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Conservative & Liberal toadies bow to their Israeli lobby masters

PM Harper and the Liberals demand the resignation of Libby Davies.
Why? Because she has an opinion they disagree with, and she exercised her free speech rights!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has joined a growing list of people demanding Libby Davies resign her position as NDP deputy leader over comments made at an anti-Israeli government protest this month
Rae also said Davies erred in suggesting that this was "the longest occupation in the world," adding that it reflects a "complete disregard" for the facts.

Actually Boob Rae, your statement is completely disregarding facts.

Here are just a few facts
Israel never accepted their borders as laid out by the UN.
Israel has never formally acknowledged their borders.
Israel has been outside of the UN mandated borders pretty much since their inception.
Israel is occcupying another land, another people, another nation in what is pretty much a 60 year occupation.
And, if Libby Davies supports a boycott and divestment of Israel, she is well within her right.
How she spends her money and where she spends her money is her own business.

I remind both the Liberals and the Conservatives that Israel very nearly killed more then one Canadian in International Waters just recently..
Show some loyalty to your own country and your own citizens for a change!

Here is the video of Libby Davies

And one more thing a link to another video, with thanks to HHQ, for taking the time to bring it to my attention.

Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara

This is just the latest of many brutal and unjustified attacks the Israeli army has committed on peacekeepers, political activists and small children to name a few. Using live fire on the unarmed, white phosphorous on the young, bulldozing a young woman.
These indiscriminate attacks, a brutal occupations and collective punishments are what have raised the ire of decent people world wide. This is why Libby Davies is under attack at this moment in Canada.


  1. The quote shown in the video is from this article

    here it is entirely"

    "There is no starvation in Gaza," said Khalil Hamada, a senior official at Hamas's ministry of justice. "No-one has died of hunger.

    Even so, People have been forced to subsist rather than to live. There is no development.

    "It is an inhumane siege by any standards, even a brutal one, for it imposes collective punishment on an entire people, whether they support Hamas or not.

    Gosh Progressive blahdeblah, why did you not put the entire quote, that is is collective punishment.
    That people are merely subsisting.
    Wow, that sounds so great (facetious)
    Anyone have a You tube account?

  2. Penn My disgust for all things Jew has simply gone beyond words as there is simply nothing in the English vernacular that adequately describes how I feel. Not that I can find at any rate.

  3. Why the hell did Davies apologize for speaking the truth? Hasn't she heard of the Nakba? Sad that she crumpled so easily.

  4. Silverfish you have worded my feelings completely. Actually I usually say, my lip curls, my gut roils, my mind freezes because I can not feel anything any more their chutzpah has killed its ability to do so.

    I will do everything but hate, and this only because to do so is letting them win.

    Harper became subhuman ages ago. I watched him kiss Rothschild butt when he was the only one of his party in power and knew then I was seeing the fate of Canada being compromised beyond belief. Not that he was / is the first traitor to our country and people.

    I am bloody 11th generation Canadian and proud of this country and its people but our track record regarding Israel and Palestine has brought me to deep shame at times. When Avignor Lieberman called Canada "our best friend in the West" I cringed for days.

    And now Canada needs its own Helen. And she too should never have been so crucified... all she did was, with the voice of the wisdom of both age and decades of insight and observation at a level few of us are privy to, speak the honest truth. My only sorrow was that, like Libby, she apologized.

    Good grief! Mel Gibson was RIGHT!!!!

    That tape by Hamada is just one of many of Israel's desperate attempts to make idiots of the flotilla. Heck they showed people dining in a very expensive restaurant and let on that all Palestinians lived the good life. Only the observant noticed that the happy diners they featured were Abbas and members of the PA! Not your average "family".

    They showed a few stores before Eid which is the equivalent of Christmas in terms of Islamic celebrations and gift giving. Also a few "pre stuffed" shelves to make it look wealthy. The stuff may be there also, but no one can afford it even if it can be found. And often that stuff on the store shelves came via the tunnels NOT Israel.

    "No one has died of hunger" is not true. They have however died of various organ failures and illnesses due to malnutrition. Let's play Ziofascist newspeak why don't we?

    Israel is just a despicable place. And the people who run it are inhuman beasts who communicate with the other inhuman beasts who run our nations. They are currently terrified of the possibility that there is a potential shift of powers and allegiances in the Middle East. A shift America would do well to support if there is any chance for stabilizing the area.

    But no, instead, our honest elected leaders speak out and are chastised. It is time we the people spoke out more as well.

    We need to start writing to our newspapers instead of "just" our blogs. At this point we are primarily preaching to the choir in here.

  5. anarchore, I don't know why she apologized, she shouldn't have!

  6. Hello Noor!
    while I agree alot of preaching to the choir goes on here, and on-line,there is also much disagreement.

    Speaking for myself, I have taken my complaints beyond the blog on more then one occasion.

    Recently contacting that talking head from CBC show "connect"

    I also contacted mp's when George Galloway was refused entry to Canada.

    I agree wholeheartedly we need to take information to the press.

    What we also need to do, is not support these political parties, not one dime. No political donations. Hit them in the pocket book.
    That will be my next move.

  7. What we also need to do, is not support these political parties, not one dime. No political donations. Hit them in the pocket book.
    That will be my next move.

    What? You actually donated to poli-scums before?

    I would take it a step further and say don't even vote, and encourage others to not vote. Maybe municipal voting is different, but the Chambers of Commerce people are always scumbags, so I probably wouldn't even vote municipal unless I knew the candidate personally and if he was anti-status quo.

    Any vote for a candidate in Provincial or Federal elections is a vote for the system.

  8. anarchore: if you go a step further than Penny, I suggest an even further step . . .

    . . . don't vote, yes - it's worthless. Don't support any kind of political party that is currently existing (they are all co-opted). But the most important thing you are missing is the power the politicians and the fascist government have over you . . .

    . . . the power of taxes.

    Don't pay taxes, when you can, whenever you can choose to, don't. Support black market economies like home renovations, construction, mom and pop stores, etc. On top of that, when you have a choice, choose community and small business/enterprise over corporation and big business.

    Words don't do shit.

  9. anarchore:
    yes, I have. We have a decent representative, well liked etc.,

    I mean there are always some decent people within this machine.

    They never really get anywhere, no elevated status. No advancement.

    But, this is too much.

    The bottom line, I am proposing is vote with your dollar, because that is about all the whores in gov care about

  10. "On top of that, when you have a choice, choose community and small business/enterprise over corporation and big business."

    Agreed, local farmers markets, local restaurants, local stores, bakers, beekeepers, whatever.

    Stay away as much as possible from the multi-nationals