Saturday, June 19, 2010

Doctors in the employ of the CIA who aid in torture.

Speaking of all things abusive. That is abuses heaped on humans. Doled out by government agencies.
Let's call it more of the same. Mkultra never went away. It just got a fancy new name, some nice clothes, an air of dignity, whatever, but underneath it is still the same ugly 'game'

Medical 'professionals' (debatable) involved in CIA interrogations of terrorism SUSPECTS engaged in forms of human research and experimentation in violation of medical ethics and domestic and international law, according to a new report from a human rights organization.

Doctors, psychologists and other professionals gathered and collected data on the impact of the interrogations on the detainees in order to refine those techniques and ensure that they stayed within the limits (this is such nonsense, what limits could be set around torture when people have died) established by the Bush administration’s lawyers, the report found.
But, by doing so, the medical professionals turned the detainees into research subjects. (Which surely was the intention)

The data collected by medical professionals from the interrogations of detainees allowed the C.I.A. to judge the emotional and physical impact of the techniques, helping the agency to “calibrate the level of pain experienced by detainees during interrogation"

Calibrating the level of pain. On suspects, not guilty persons, suspects.

Or how about this?

The so called 'professional' health care persons....
Recomending the use of saline solution for waterboarding vs water?

Their findings led to several changes, including a switch to saline solution as the near-drowning agent instead of water, ostensibly to protect the health of detainees who ingest large volumes of liquid but also, the group says, to allow repeated use of waterboarding on the same subject.

You see, since the saline solution was more sterile, the suspects could be waterboarded longer and more often. Nice right?

Or how about these medical observations?

From medical observations on 25 detainees that combining several techniques — say a face slap with water dousing or a stress kneeling position — caused no more pain than when the techniques were used individually. That was used to justify the application of multiple techniques at the same time.

What the hell? Based on medical observations, you can use multiple techniques instead of just one and it isn't causing more pain? How did these idiots gauge this?

Do no harm?


  1. Doubtless this sort of thing will be mediafied into some new Gaga video, perhaps the various 'doktors' will get on the credits. if they haven't already.

    For my money they play the dysfunctional videos of our new 'symbolic' music-video to completely dehumanise the torture victim- be that an individual or society in general

    The torture appears played out in 'our' cultural-pop icons

    The pop star wierdness subdues people by ever abshing them with degradation


  2. Torture is primarily concerned with putting information in to the victim not getting it out. That is what MKUltra is about. That is what Guantanamo Bay is all about and that is what all torture is about.

    Ultimately, all torture is about replacing God in the life of the victim with the torturer. The torturer wants to be God and this delusion leads them into madness and subsequent destruction in one form or another. This will effect these so called doctors as well. They, too, are playing God.

    Aferrismoon makes an extremely good point about how it is and will be sold to the public (through the medium of teevee which everyone willingly pays for and puts in their living room!) and that it will debase them.

    If a nation approves of torture, then it, too, is being led into madness and it's inevitable destructive consequences. No one escapes the diabolical effects of torture.

  3. "Allopaths in the employ of CIA..."

    If the CIA was born of operation "Paper Clip" (Hans Kissinger's "hunting down" the Nazi scientist's who experimented on human beings), can we be surprised. For example, if it were these same scientists who discovered that if you fluoridate the drinking water, those who drink it become much easier to manage and control. So now we fluoridate our public water supply ...

    Evidence of collective sleep-walking through life?

  4. aferrismoon;

    good observation, this kind of stuff has been on my mind, alot lately.
    It started with the laurel canyon stuff, realizing the mass manipulation of so called pop culture, by the ptb's to encourage the embrace of certain behaviours.....


  5. james, when I read your comment, that earlier you tube video I had put up, about that child that had been tortured by the police, and had actually broken down and admitted to a crime he did not commit.

    That video still disturbs me when I think about it.

    I think all nations and all people's are being led to destruction, by design.

  6. "Collective Sleep walking through life"

    I like it!

    As I read these comments yesterday, and had some time to think on them. I thought that summed it up the best.

    collective sleepwalking through life

    Isn't that what vast swathes of humanity are doing?

    Particularly in the western world?

    I am still on this brain thing here, thinking about how we evolved to have this higher brain, out of necessity, for survival.

    This amazing ability to recall and have emotions and think and comprehend, understand, learn, engage with ideas and other people....

    I made the comment yesterday, that we will devolve, eventually losing our higher brains, because if you don't use it, you lose it.

    And there are so many people all around, who never use there brains.

    They react, which is base instinct.
    They view. They are entertained.

    They do not think.
    They do not, do.
    (by that I mean are active) Since our bodies were built for motion, and most people concept of motion is getting in the car....

    Many people merely exist, that is it.