Monday, June 28, 2010

G20 protests gone amok, or maybe not?

Yah, yah the G20 blah, blah, blah.....bear with me? Just a bit more.

Let's talk about the 'violent protest' that took place on Saturday. Perpetrated by so-called 'anarchists' also called the 'black bloc'. The names seem to be interchangeable, with the repeated mention of lots of black clothing confiscations. Because bad guys always wear black in the movies....... And, so do the police. Think about it?

Back to Saturday's protest.

To say it is odd, that the armed to the teeth police, with their sonic weapons, water cannons and special arrest powers stood aside while these so called 'anarchists' caused destruction would be an understatement. Odd just wouldn't cut it.

"Scenes of unopposed militants using so-called Black Bloc tactics to wreak havoc along trendy Queen Street West on Saturday were replaced on Sunday by swift and aggressive police tactics to shut down protests."

Unopposed, completely unopposed.

G20 police clamp down on protests a day after riots

Then, as if striken with a bolt of awareness on Sunday the many thousands of police, spring into action and arrest 100's and 100's of people. Yes, they vow the so called anarchists will be arrested. At some time, some point in time. But, they stood by and did nothing as the violence raged?
Worse then that, they may have enabled, encouraged and fortified the numbers of the so labelled anarchists!

With the heads of all the bandanna groups planning their next move, the way was opened as the police to the east retreated—why they did that we will never know, but it is suspicious considering it opened downtown Toronto to assault.

Why would the police open the way for the anarchists? Suspicious? It sure is suspicious!

At 2:20 p.m. the protesters surged east on Queen Street, destroying police cars guarded by single cops. At that time, an undercover cop pulled out a collapsible baton and began striking a protester who attacked the police cars. The undercover cop was quickly subdued.

For the next three hours the protesters were unopposed as the police presence disappeared.

I am not going to get into the subject of the black bloc/ anarchists, to deeply.
Just a superficial glance.
Do they exist or not? Are they a real group? I would think so.

Are they infiltrated by law enforcement? Almost certainly.

Could law enforcement have taken advantage of the protests, to justify the massive expenditures by creating or fomenting their own 'black bloc' style protests, having uniformed officers stand down, while law enforcement dressed in black ran amok?
Who is served by Saturday's stand down on the part of the police?
Law enforcement. The federal and provincial governments. The police state apparatus.

Let's take a look at some random news reports and pics, shall we?
And connect the dots.

First question- Could anarchist organizations be infiltrated by law enforcement?
From print edition of Toronto Star (pg.10) Sunday June 27/10:
Alleged ringleaders to make court appearance
Year long probe infiltrated anarchist group, police say
"Crown Attorney Vince Paris said their arrest was the result of a large scale investigation involving two undercover agents that began in April 2009 and is still ongoing.
The investigation was conducted by a joint intelligence group that included the RCMP, Ontario Provincial police, as well as Toronto, Peel, Waterloo, Ottawa, Guelph and Barrie Police Services"
Question answered!
Yes, anarchist organizations can be infiltrated by law enforcement! The infiltration of the group is reported here or here

Second Question- Could law enforcement take advantage of insider knowledge to foment dissent to their advantage?
Agent provocateurs!
Where have we seen this previously? In Canada?
Montebello, Quebec
See the Quebec police dressed as 'anarchists'? Fomenting trouble?

Fast forward to this week-end in Toronto

Look at this picture, thanks to the Globe and Mail
Check out the footwear, on the so called anarchists to the right.
Also the footwear on the window smasher.
Rather uniform and similar?

click on the pic, to get the whole image.
Are we looking at agent provocateurs?
It would seem quite possible. Quite probable.
It is a rather long used tactic.

Anarchist infiltration. Insider knowledge. Police stand down. What a show for the cameras!
Yah, the media was able to get great shots for the fear mongering news reports
All works well to justify the massive police state and security budget.


  1. I couldn't help but notice the head wear on the shithead with the lamp. The design is so Arabic, I thought that was a particularly nice touch.

  2. I noticed that too!
    I often wonder just how much of this stuff is?

  3. Hey Penny,.. Here in Rothschalia, the only terrorist bombing we have had; was under-cover pigs. The Biker violence we have experienced - all of it orchestrated and inspired by under-cover pigs posing as Bikers, etc etc etc. Agents provocateur and some. The quasi-country come colony here formerly known as Australia: Rothschalia - is totally succumbed to the tribe.

    Good work as per...


  4. PART I

    Report from a person who was there (I am a regular poster but shall remain anonymous for the time being):

    1. The Compliance of Canadians Shocked me, as did the Brazen Fascist-Lite Behaviour of the Cops

    As I was stationed inside the yellow zone (not the super-tight red zone, but inside the controlled perimeter) I watched with curiosity as person after person was ordered by police to show ID, and state their reason for entering, and to prove it. First, they asked for the "special Id" - this huge card with your name and other ID stuff on it that people wore hanging around their neck . . . as if you were at a convention for the half-blind. People were so damn compliant it was unbelievable . . . not one person stated "no, I will not show you my ID" or asked "why do I have to show you ID? This is a public street!". No one asked what law gave the police the right to block off a road and basically ID you to death before letting you get in . . . and certainly no one dared raise their voice at the cops at their fascist behaviour in a supposedly free country.

    The lone complainant at the entry point I spent the most time at? A woman who was heading to work on Saturday being made to wait about 20 minutes while the cop put her aside and about three different security guards after some confusion finally ascertaining her ID and that she worked there. Her big protest? As she walked towards the building, now a hundred meters away from the cops, said loudly "and THIS is what we paid a BILLION DOLLARS FOR? For 7 guards to keep me waiting for 20 MINUTES?!? CHRIST!"

    The people were cowed and compliant to say the least.

    2. Most Level-Headed Cops Knew that it was Just the Black Bloc that were Causing the Trouble

    (Anyone notice the wording - "bloc", as in Bloc Quebecois? Always a reason for everything, hmm?)

    Despite what some may think (and you have every right to think it) not all cops are assholes . . . they just become them eventually. ha ha Anyways, most had obviously been briefed, knew that it was the Black Bloc that were the ones prone to violent unrest and all that . . . and it was them the cops were on the lookout for. However, tolerating a protest is only taken to a point . . . you know that free speech is only free in Canada if you don't slightly offend the sensibilities of the hundred or so cops surrounding you in intimidating and frightening full-on riot gear, sectioned away in an area from where the people you are protesting against are. All for your own security, mind you.

    So, if the cops knew very, very well about who the Black Bloc were and what they were about . . . how'd they let them burn 4 cars, and run rampant down Yonge Street (main artery of Toronto for you non-locals, and right adjacent to the G20 sectioned off area) you my ask? Good question.

  5. PART II

    3. My Suspicions Mirror those of Penny - Agents de Provocateurs!

    Looks like Penny might have even mined a bit of info from these links, but I provide them anyways:

    From Global Research . com:

    Another well spoken chap who talks about the agent provocateurs, and the former Montibello incident (all well covered in the media, of course!):

    Yeah, the boots are very circumstantial in this case . . . but the fact that in section of the city where cops outnumbered regular citizens, how not one of these guys was not arrested OUT IN PUBLIC where their MASKS WOULD BE TAKEN OFF is obviously . . . not possible. Only a brainwashed simpleton could believe that thousands of cops could somehow let between 50-100 masked thugs in easy to spot uniform get away . . . on foot . . . surrounded by cops . . . that outnumbered their group . . . 5 to 1. Yeah.

    My guess is, there are a lot of police scrtching their heads as to the incompetence of their leaders, and why they weren't allowed to stop them coming down Yonge, and why they were told to retreat from their burning vehicles for a fantastic photo op. It'll be blamed on politics and incompetence . . . boy, never heard that excuse weasel people out of accountability before, eh?

    4. The Media Suck Large, and are Basically an Extension of the Propaganda Lie Machine

    First off, the one key thing I have to report to you all today is the fact that I personally witnessed something that has not been reported on at all . . . and the funniest thing is, I saw many media people among those affected.

    You see, they used the Sound Cannon on Sat in the mid afternoon . . . when the peaceful protesters, largely infiltrated by the Black Bloc, began their march into the yellow zone.

    I knew the shit was going down when all the cops put on their riot gear . . . complete with gas masks (for the tear gas), and with full head shield and body armour. An army of about 350 or so cops (just in my view) marched in army formation westward across on Wellington and up Bay Street [I give these coordinates for locals] and then were somewhat out of my view, confronting the protesters just up Bay Street. [I was inside a large building at the time, looking through very thick glass walls] Following the cops was a large gaggle of 40 or 50 odd people and reporters . . . almost everyone had a camera, or cellphone or recording device pointed at what was happening . . . but note that this was inside the yellow zone.

    2 minutes later, people were running away - south down Bay, then some went west - holding their ears, faces in contorted pain, yelling. I did hear a high, shrill noise, but as if from far away through the thick glass . . . but it was very clear that they were running from the sound cannon. I mean, I didn't ever see the sound cannon, but people weren't running away like that because someone used a bad word . . . and they were clearly covering their ears, everyone was in that group.

    Which all begs the question, of course: how come when I looked on Sunday, then today, for any wisp of a mention of the use of said sound cannons, none was to be found?

    Reporters indeed!

    And speaking of reporters . . . did anyone interview the Black Bloc? Ask them what their goals, raison'd'etre was, why they chose violence, and what they wanted from the G20 leaders? Did anyone think to ask them questions, get an interview, find out what kind of people they were?

    For that matter, other than probably planted mush-brains and retards, was anyone of clear mind and values asked about the G20 leaders from among the peaceful protesters? Anyone allowed to ask on tv about the sectioning off of public property, the illegal searches, the illegal harrassment and intimidation, the illegal arrests and illegal detentions, and the total loss of most human rights for anyone daring to raise a voice against the establishment?

    yeah, those are crickets.


    5. Another Series of Scares is Used to Ramp Up the Terror Factor, and Thus Make You All Compliant When Your Rights Are Taken Away

    Bikes were confiscated because they "might be used as weapons" (no joke, the police actually gave this reasoning); the subway was closed down during the main protest on Sat afternoon because of a "bomb scare" at Union Station (or was it King? I can't remember, this is from memory) which turned out to be a forgotten suitcase supposedly; helicopters constantly circled low overhead, giving the impression that terrorists were being chased across the city or that some dangerous dudes were around. Well, the list is longer than this, but that's where I'll end for now.

    Never saw any of the detention centers, and was not around when all the nice protestors got rounded up and arrested (that'll be a nice large deterrent for anyone who has second thoughts about protesting in the future, eh?) . . . so I'll leave my observations there for now, may comment again later.

    Overall, the experience for me was hugely depressing, and scary in terms of how well organised I view the entire paradigm of law enforcement and the way they are propagandised and taught to ignore all rights when they come upon someone they treat as the opposition . . . the divide and conquer tactic works so well on the micro, as it does on the macro level.


  7. Thanks Anon, very cool.

    Otherwise Pen, after that farcical episode in Montebello (is that the name of a place? Anyway they all had yellow stickers on the soles of their boots) after that I now just automatically assume that anyone dressed in black and smashing shit up is a cop.

    And if they ain't, they may as well be...

  8. veritas and nobody;

    what is up with Kevin Rudd there?

    Heard it reported that the new PM's boyfriend is an Israeli lobbyist?
    Or works for one?
    Connected to Israel?
    Either of you hear such news?

  9. Everybody that I know and everybody they tell me that they speak to can't understand why Rudd was overthrown. Everyone is in shock. Though, you won't read that in the news of course.
    So the whole thing is bullshit. Tere's rallies planned next week in support of Rudd!

    Tony Abbott (Ferret Head) is caught skiting a few days before hand to some in his party that he is going to win the next election. (It is almost unheard of for an new government to lose after only one electoral term here in Oz).
    Then Rudd is tipped out in a party coup and Julia Gillard is in and she is no where near as popular as Rudd.

    There's no way people would believe a rigged election result that put Ferret Head in winning over Rudd.
    So . . . they replace Rudd with Gillard and turn everyone off Labor and everybody will think that Ferret Face beat Gillard at the next election fair and square because she is a woman and a traitor. Too easy.

    And why do they want Rudd out? Because there's another financial crash coming next year and Rudd probably won't go along with it just like he didn't in 2008 and spared Oz from the financial shit storm most other countries went through.

    Too easy, again. Stupid Julia has just traded her political career for a few months at best as Prime Minister.

    That's my take on it anyway, Penny.

  10. thanks for that James!

    It really did seem to come out of nowhere.

    been enjoying a few family days, one has to do that to keep it real.

  11. So, I do not really suppose this is likely to work.