Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lord Rothschild gambled and lost ? Oil's upward pricing.

The elite's don't lose, they 'write off ' losses causing the working class to lose.
But, I digress....

Lord Rothschild took a £30m gamble on the offshore oil specialist Transocean just months before the explosion on its drilling platform

The stake is Lord Rothschild's third-largest in a quoted company, according to the accounts of his investment vehicle RIT Capital Partners, and was valued at £28.9m at March 31. Following the disaster on the Deepwater Horizon rig, which was being leased for BP, Transocean shares have almost halved, leaving RIT facing a £15m loss.

The investment in Transocean met RIT's strategy of increasing its exposure to the energy sector

Among that is a £60m pot that has been set aside for Agora, a fledgling North Sea oil and gas exploration company.

Mikael Breuer-Weil, RIT investment director, said he would consider selling the Transocean stake.

"If we can find other drilling assets that are compelling but carry less of a liability threat we would transfer," he said. "But it doesn't change our fundamental view that oil prices will be under upward pressure over time."

It doesn't change our fundamental view that oil prices will be under upward pressure.

After you have wiped your tears for Lord Rothschild's monetary loss.... let's talk about global warming.

For the believers in the man made global warming theory, the ones who seem to think that we will move away from oil, the use of oil, the need for oil, however you wish to think about it?

This will not be the case, and I believe that position has been mentioned here. On numerous occasions.

There will be no move away from oil. Anyone who believed that the oil companies were funding the debate of the naysayers is mistaken. As I have said the oil giants whether it is BP, Chevron, Exxon, it doesn't matter, benefit from the man made global warming theory.

How do they benefit? The 'need' to combat the scourge of co2 gases warming the earth will cause energy prices to move higher. Including oil. As Lord Rothschild's investment firm fundamentally believes oil is going higher in pricing. (Is it possible, they have the inside track?)

Therefore, the oil extraction companies have nothing to lose, not one red cent, by a move to a cap and trade or a carbon credit system. Despite what some green guru's may say!
The overall increase in all energy prices will do nothing but benefit the bottom line for big oil.


  1. Totally off topic Penny, but did you feel the earthquake??

    It was so totally cool!!!

  2. Sorry that was me, buffy

  3. Wow, Buffy!
    Impressive, but you probably should see a doctor about that, just the same.

  4. Any investment in stocks, bonds, futures, etc is not a loss until you sell it.

    So you never sell until you win.

    It's all just silly, idle chatter anyways from a family that can print their own money and control the supply . . . when you put it in that context, it makes it seem utterly inane and, well, total bullshit.

    Propoganda to make the public believe that Rothschild is a regular rich guy who can also lose money big time in "tough times", so that there'll be no egg throwing at revolution time.

    Fuck eggs, start sharpening pitchforks!

  5. Buffy made the earthquake? Wow. Who needs HAARP?

    Otherwise, Idiot Savant who frequents my place pointed me at something really interesting. Check this out.

  6. James and nobody - ha ha!!

    Took a sec, but now I see the humour.


    Very interesting link nobody, doesn't it also say something in revelations about the seas turning red?

    Have you seen the pics of the oil rain in Louisianna?

    Slozo - I hope prices do rise, purely for greedy reasons of my own.

    Buffy (sorry nobody - I've been selfless for so long now that I'm starting to think that I need to be bit more selfish, just for the sake of self-preservation - HA)

  7. hey buffy!
    yes I felt it, experienced it and actually got to wtf's in while it was happening.

  8. James and Nobody, buffy the earthmover, silly :)

    slozo: I got the impression that the article was supposed to appeal to the 'ordinary folk' I see you saw it the same way.
    What a load of crap. I was going to post a link to 2 wineries the Rothschild's have, upscale, very upscale.

    I can just imagine the price of the wine!

  9. Yep Pen,
    Exactly that - just propaganda, pure and simple. Sympathy for the rich. Make them seem human, somehow alike, in that they can lose money too - they can be affected by "tough times" too. That's why you get the 'public' face of the Rothschilds, especially that 'green' one whatshisface . . . Nathan I think. Buggers, manipulators, all of them. Part of an insiduous network of inbred puppeteers.

    But to your winery point - no need to be rich for that, nosir. I make my own wine myself, save about a 1000 bucks a year or more . . . and if you get ok at it, save even more money on gifts for others. It's win-win!