Friday, June 25, 2010

Police get special arrest powers for the duration of the G-20

Ontario has quietly passed legislation that allows police to question and arrest not just people walking with the G20 security zone in Toronto, but even anyone walking within five metres of the fencing.

There are reports that a 32-year-old man has already been arrested under the new regulation, because he refused to show ID to police who questioned why he was inspecting fencing around the security perimeter.

Why did Ontario, Canada "quietly pass legislation" giving police ridiculous powers, beyond the scope of any real necesssity?

The 32 year old man arrested?- Was he "inspecting" or was he merely looking at the fence his tax dollars bought and paid for?

Did he "refuse to show ID"?- Or did he simply not have ID on him at the time that he casually stopped to look at the fence?

Really, the way this article is written- to create suspicion and justification for this obviously bad legislation. Why do I say bad legislation? Why would it be quietly passed if it was good for the citizens?

The regulations were passed earlier this month by provincial cabinet using what is known as a "covering" order-in-council. The changes were not debated in the Legislature.

Secret, secret....sounds very police state doesn't it?

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association said in a media statement that it "is obviously extremely concerned about the implications of this measure" and says it will seek to challenge the regulation.


  1. Yeah, I heard about this new edict today. I can't call it a law, because it was made in secret, and not decided by the people . . . it might as well have been an order from the queen herself or some other non-elected official.

    People talk in very cautious tones about this stuff, but don't seem to catch on that it is dramatic, fascist stuff . . . same as noise maker - what amounts to an indescriminate torture device for large amounts of people.

    If people were actually allowed to gather and not cowed into only the hard-core groups gathering for this event . . . I feel it would be shut down.

    And that would be the people's choice, thus, the will of the democracy.

    Instead, we get edicts and torture devices and fear tactics.

  2. edict is a very good description of the passing of the law.

    And it is very dramatic, by design.
    To the average clued out reader of the msm, it must seem very 'necessary' after all as they are repeatedly told, protests can run amok and become dangerous therefore special powers are needed

  3. Just a short while ago I was looking at a bunch of pictures of the TO riots. I noticed that all of the masked Black Bloc protesters as well as the most violent rock throwing protesters had two things in common, and that was that they were all wearing mismatched pairs of socks as well as the same brand of combat boots that the cops were wearing. Don't yu find that just a little strange?

  4. we had g-20 in pittsburgh last year, and it was a lot of the same stuff. we had cops from chicago with no identification. we had national guard quartered all over the city, which is against our constitution, etc.

    the difference though, between this year and last year, is the cities themselves. we all stayed home. they shut down the entire downtown, and everybody of their own free will stayed home. the only people out there protesting were college students or shipped in from the west coast.

    and we don't play that. if somebody would've set a car on fire in this city, it would've taken the entire national guard to keep the pittsburghers (we're called yinzers) from killing the protesters. in fact, during the largest protest march we had, which was all suburban college students or imports, locals were standing along the streets and on their porches threatening to kill these kids for messing up their neighborhood. the police were literally there to protect the protesters.

    and not only that, pittsburgh likes obama, so disrespecting his summit would be like disrespecting him.

  5. hey silv, noticed the boots and as you saw I mentioned it in the latest post...curious?