Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tweedle Dum follows Tweedle Dee on Gaza flotilla inquiry

Updated June 03/10
check out YaYa Canada for pics from a protest in Ottawa. Scroll through this post
There is also news there of a protest being held in Montreal.
Protests in Toronto
In case Canadians were wondering......
Seriously though, what could we expect? Both the 'leaders'- Harper and Obama took a wait and see approach. And of course, they 'regretted the loss of lives'
Crocodile tears for the dead.

Ottawa, Washington say investigations can be led by Israel

Canada is backing the U.S. position that Israel can lead the investigation into the bloody raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

The United Nations Security Council issued a statement, watered down by U.S. objections, that calls for a credible, impartial investigation into the incident. But the Obama administration said later the investigation should be led by Israel.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper dodged questions in the Commons on whether he supports the Security Council resolution, but a senior government official said in diplomatic circles, Canada is backing the idea Israel should lead the investigation.

So letting the criminal cover up the crime is now the norm for the US and Canada, at least when it comes to Israel?

More of that perception management.

Like Israel keeping the activists in jail after kidnapping them, away from mass communications devices? Thereby ensuring only Israel's lie filled version of events inundates the mass media consciousness for the crucial first 24 hours after the event, after which the masses attention span has moved on to something else. Why would Israel need to do that? Unless, it had something to hide?


  1. absolutely pathetic. i thought i saw hillary's name associated with this suggestion someplace earlier today. figures.

  2. Sickenig isn`t it (question mark).

    Meanwhile, that bar of soap which caused such an uproar a few months back has turned out NOT to be made from Jewish remains.

    Surprised (question mark)

  3. Peasant- pathetic fits!


    sickening fits also!

    I saw the news story on the bar of soap, how disappointing that must have been to bnai brith.

  4. Sad really that it wasn't made from Jews. If it had been then I could have bought it and washed my hands of the whole God dam bunch.