Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two "terrorism" related arrests before G-20

Two G-20 arrests! A common- law couple from Toronto.
Let's take a look at this news.....
Both of the arrested hail from the affluent Forest Hill area of Toronto

Forest Hill is an affluent neighbourhood in central Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Along with Rosedale, and The Bridle Path, it is one of Toronto’s three wealthiest neighbourhoods.
The first arrest came yesterday, a male, who was charged with...... wait for it.....
he had "gathered the makings for volatile explosives".

Now, on to the arrest today of his spouse - Canada police make 2nd explosives arrest before G20

They said the 37-year-old woman was arrested on Wednesday and charged with possession of an explosive device and possession of a weapon for dangerous purposes.

That explosive is TATP. Or triacetone triperoxide. What is triacetone triperoxide?
Off the top of my head, I would say sounds like nail polish remover and peroxide.
Hang on, though while I gather info....
Flashback, Richard Reid the shoe bomber.

Ok, here we go

"hydrogen peroxide, acetone, and sulfuric acid"

The hydrogen peroxide has to be sufficiently concentrated for this to even come close to working. Acetone, nail polish remover or paint thinners. Sulfuric acid -drain cleaners.
Or? "A little hair dye, drain cleaner, and paint thinner"
So this man had common household cleaners and solvents, "gathered".
I will bet alot of people have "gathered" these ingredients.

Let's move on to another charge against this man?
Intimidating “justice system participants”
Intimidating justice sytem participants? What is this about?

Possibly this-
Mr. Sonne talking animatedly, and with the expertise of someone who knew his way around security systems, about his plans to listen in on security force’s radio chatter and broadcast it on Twitter.
The Toronto police started to encrypt their radio system this year, to make it more difficult for someone to listen in.

Had Mr Sonne found away to get around the encryption. Or is this arrest much ado about nothing? A total show? A way to justify the 1.2 billion dollar security expenditure?

From another article-
Sonne told a May meeting of activists and professors that he planned to monitor police chatter about the G-20 summit and post it on Twitter. He also said he would buy items online to attract police attention.

Why would he do that? Buy items online to attract police attention?

And, this is interesting

Sonne made two brief court appearances Wednesday. Sonne winked at the media as he left the courtroom in custody.

This should come as no surprise, there is a publication ban.
What should be surprising is that the publication ban was requested by Sonne's lawyer!
An automatic publication ban was placed on his case after his lawyer requested it.

If this man and his wife were being falsely accused or wrongly persecuted by law enforcement, how would a publication ban requested by his lawyer, serve the interests of his client. Unless things are not as they seem?

Byron Sonne living in Toronto, specializes in computer and network security and is a licensed private investigator.

A licensed private investigator? He would have worked with law enforcement previously. Is he working with them now?


  1. Hey Penny,...Sorry for my sporadic attendance here lately, I have been busy and now that the Robber Barons have over-thrown the elected Prime Minister of Australia in a bloodless Coup, I am busier than ever. Excellent reportage as usual, I don't mean to parrot my own praise, however; credit where it is due. It would appear that our nations are in pretty much similar shit. Depth, Degree of quality and consistency etc. So, power to you my sister of the revolution, like me I figure you are a child of the revolution; “...and you won’t fool, the children of the revolution, no you won’t fool, the children of the no no!”


    Your brother-at-arms...

  2. veritas, no apologies necessary. I have been busy, under the weather and not making the rounds either.

    Yah, I noticed that about Rudd the other day, I was surprised.

    I think all nations are in deep shit, all similar, to much oligarchy, not enough power of the people.

    Power to you also veritas!
    But, best of all peace.

  3. Then there was the poor guy with the poodle and camping gear!