Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fertilizer purchase psy-op with new update

UPDATE for Today!
Despite the case being cracked, police were tight-lipped Thursday about the identity of the man who they say likely won’t be charged in the wake of the fertilizer scare.

The man is in Portugal but called police from there and directed them to the missing fertilizer, sources say.

(that should put the media off permanently!)

RCMP Sgt. Marc LaPorte refused to reveal the man’s identity, nationality or his present location
While police originally said the man may have provided a false name when he purchased the product, LaPorte said (the man) he told police he attended the store, placed his order, paid for the fertilizer and they loaded it for him.

This story stinks even more! Did the police unleash the scare tactic on the public, with knowledge the man was out of country? Knowing he was from the Toronto area, intentionally directing their investigation towards Niagara Region?

Because the initial investigation focused on the Niagara Region and canvassed that area, the man and his family didn’t know anyone was looking for them

Wait for it......

Government says fertilizer scare likely false alarm

Yup, that is what they say! After hundreds of news stories world wide, after the fear mongering, the vague and suspicion inducing reporting, the press conference and the multiple references to Timothy Mcveigh and the Oklahoma City bombing.
A false alarm!
All this air cleared after the RCMP had been called in. "The RCMP always get's their man"
Or so the myth goes.. Reality? Something else entirely.
The man, if he even exists, who made the purchase actually contacted the RCMP.
But, the man who was the cause of such concern and so many news stories world-wide is NOT BEING IDENTIFIED
You read that right, he is not being identified, because he is not being charged.
Don't get me wrong, I am glad he is not being charged, if he exists at all, innocent persons should not be charged with government psy-ops.
But, why not identify him? We have all seen those composites right?
So we know what he looks like anyway, right?

Maybe, maybe not?
Does this look like three different people to you?

Here are my issues with this scenario;
Problem 1:

This man who turned himself in, is not being identified, I can't find a picture of him, by that I mean an actual photo. So how do we know this man is actually THE man!
Ya know the one with the missing fingers?
Isn't the main stream media interested in that sensationalist aspect?

Problem 2:

Police say there is a language barrier, but despite the language barrier the police have ascertained there is no terrorist threat.
This language barrier should discourage the media from seeking him out? Impossible to interview, forget about it.
That is convenient for the police!

Problem 3:

He is a farmer, but, police are unsure of where his farm is located?
The police also claim the fertilizer was recovered in two locations.
This makes no sense, why would a farmer, who has a farm, bother taking the fertilizer to two seperate locations, why not take the one load he purchased and loaded at the coop to one destination? His farm?

Problem 4:
Language barrier, again. If the police claim this man's grasp of the English language is so poor that even they are having difficulty comprehending, why do they continue with this claim?

Police in southern Ontario are questioning why a Toronto man "falsely represented" himself as a worker for a local grower"
If he speaks poor English, why continue to claim he falsley represented himself ?
Perhaps the coop workers just couldn't understand him?

Problem 5:

Still on the language barrier. If you check the news reports when they were looking for this fertilizer purchaser, there was no mention of the person having an accent so think he was impossible to communicate with. Wouldn't that be relevant?

More here
Oh and the police are calling it a "gardening incident"
How clever?
This story stinks


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  2. I think they got called out on this one - from comments on various news sites that I have seen NO ONE believed it - not even some of the diehard fanatics.

    The PTB are getting really sloppy.

  3. Hey maggie, check out my revised version.
    I think it makes the points clearly and concisely, or at least I hope so, why this story stinks to high heaven.

    And I ain't talkin
    moo poo
    sheep shit

    as the gardeners would say
    and...glad you can leave comments!!