Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Using Stress to dumb you down and control population?

Often I blather on about mind control.
Possibly, it conjures up images of the mad scientist, electro-shock, mkultra and the Judge Rotenberg Center. All those subjects are part of the mind control package, indeed. As is advertising, main stream media news and the school curriculum.

Have you ever thought about stress as a form of mind control? As an intelligence reduction device? Or even as a tool of population control?

If you haven't, maybe it is time you do.
I recently heard an interview with an author of a book, he spoke at length about how detrimental stress is to brain functions. What caught my attention in the interview was the discussion on how stress causes us to only use our lowest brain level, and dulls the higher functions.

You can read briefly about the Triune Brain here

I will be honest, I can't do this topic justice. What I can hopefully do is get you thinking about stress and how it affects your brain. How it is detrimental to yourself and to society as a whole and let's face it, how stress is used against you, wielded like a weapon.

Thinking here about the constant state of stress, through fear, manufactured by the governments and other institutions that rule over the masses.

In the case of governments, world-wide who abuse us daily with stress inducing thoughts of terror, terrorism and even the war on terror. It is terror all the time with this bunch.

Or how about the WHO and their global pandemic scenario? Fear 24/7 for months on end.
H1N1, H5N1, Sars etc., something is going to get you!
If not terrorists, then viruses.

Or how about advertiser who use fear, our fear and insecurity to encourage us to buy?

This heaping on of fear is not accidental, in fact, I am of the opinion this is by design. Social design. The continuous use of fear causes humans to react and maintain a sort of permanent stress status.
This permanet state of stress is extremely detrimental to our well being, our creativity, or ability to think rationally.
In other words stress is really bad for our higher mind functions. It reduces us to an infantile reactionary state.

Here are a few articles you can dig into:
Short-term Stress Can Impact Memory & Learning

Psycho-social stress disrupts prefrontal processing and attentional control

A reactionary infantile mind is easier to control, easier to distract, easier to confuse, then a mind that is capable of some rational, creative thought processes.

How about stress as a population control device?
Particularly hard on male fetuses.
Stress can apparently cause miscarriages. There was news the other day indicating after the
'stress and terror of 9/11' saw women have more miscarriages and more of them were boys then girls.
Stress as a population control device? Interesting.
Stress as a means to dumb down and control the populace? Also interesting.
Stress as a social engineering device to make the masses more pliable?
Seems quite likely


  1. Penn just think back a bit to when you whacked your head. You were under a great deal of stress, stress that had little to do with the physical part of the injury but rather to do with the not knowing what the long term ramifications would be. Worry led to stress and stress led to more worry, you were confused, scared and generally exhausted. Ask any
    interrogator and they will tell you that the the most important elements in breaking down a persons resistance leading to compliance are to induce confusion, fear and physical
    exhaustion. You know first hand how serious these effects are whether real or imagined. It's the exact same method used by every military on the planet to break down raw recruits and make them follow orders mindlessly. This is not rocket science, this is established practice used by every government since the very beginning.

    It would be rather hard to rally a nation to go to war against
    another nation who was known to be incredibly weak and posed absolutely NO threat to the home
    country. So the method used is to
    vilify the enemy and make it much larger than life, to instill fear, anger, hatred and confusion. For one small example just look at the war with Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction that never existed. Or Afghanistan and Bin Laden who did NOT do the 911 thing. The list just goes on and on.

    Word verification persiver go figure.

  2. Hey Silv, just reading this takes me back to those days and I feel like crying, ok, I do cry a bit.

    The fear was overwhelming, along with an entire range of other emotions, but fear was probably right up there at the top.

    And worry, followed by confusion, exhaustion, frustration, not in any specific order.

    And, I do know first hand how serious the effects of all this stress are, wether it is real stress such as my tbi or the stress induced via mass manipulation by government's and ptb's.

    I am going to get rambling here so bear with me.

    It is because I have experienced such weirdness and perceptual difficulties and visual changes and panics, and spatial difficulties that I understand how the brain,due to an injury can so affect an individual.

    But, when I think about the ptb's be it government or UN (WHO) using manipulative measures to induce fear and stress on a mass level, it disturbs me.
    Precisely because it is so detrimental to one's health, well-being and mental state.

    Was talking last night about this post and why I put it up with the hubby.

    Chatting about the evolution of the brain, from this very basic survival organ, to a next level and then a next even higher level.

    How we as humans should continue evolving into even higher levels of intelligence and consciousness based on these past evolutions.

    Instead, what seems to me to be happening is an intentional campaign to regress, to devolve human kind. It is wrong, it is immoral, it is sinful and criminal and the worst of it all?!

    The vast majority of humankind is allowing it to be done to them.

    They are completely unaware.

    So I guess we come full circle to why I made this post.
    As always, to get people thinking.

    Thanks Silv, for getting it :)